King Faisal’s Speech Before the United Nations; His Prominent Wife Queen Iffat Founded Universities; Welfare Societies and THE Jeddah School, Off to Jeddah Next; News of Palestine, Some Encouraging; Photos of Sushi and a Dua for Forgiveness

Saudi Arabian King Faisal, in his speech on 22 September 1947 to the United Nations, said:

“But today the Arabs wish to repel the aggression of a political minority group, namely, the Zionists. It is a group which does not represent world Jewry. It is a group which is more political than religious, a group whose ways and methods are not different from those of the Nazis.”

But the United Nations did not listen to him, no one heeded his words. It has been subsequently proven, beyond a reasonable doubt.  that the Zionists are more political than religious, their ways and methods are not different from those of the Nazis, their ways and methods are even worse than those of the Nazis. should that be possible. They are the instigators and perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks in New York – no doubt about that. None at all. This is not widely known because the Zionists are in control of the Western media. The so-called ‘free press’. 

My interest peaked began learning more of King Faisal, his assassination was a terrible blow to his country. My attention turned to his most prominent wife, (as she is described). She played an active role, was an incredibly strong Turkish woman. She promotes causes not on his agenda, women and education. Effective and humane leaders require such women, they are necessary for support, encouragement, more importantly providing what is known as ‘reality checks’, so needed as strong leaders are often surrounded by ‘yes men’. Knew I had spoken of it, used the search engine typing in ‘toe holder’, finding several blogs. This paragraph from the July 16, 2018 summarizes the concept best. . 

“But I need empathy and unfortunately, powerful and rich men either do not have empathy or will lose if when they achieve power. This concept is extensively explored in my January 6, 2018 blog, mentioned in my June 8, 2018 blog. Empathy  remains if the man has a ‘toe holder”. Winston Churchill had his wife, she kept him human. She sassed him, boy can I sass. I can sass and I can shun, Fortunately I have retirement income which allows me to do both. So there! So there! So there!”

Reread the January 6, 2018 blog, clever thinking and research – if I must say so myself (and I must). At the moment Palestinian related matters must take precedence. 

Back to King Fasail’s wife. She was given the informal title, Queen Iffat  because of her beloved status in Saudi Arabia. (1916- 2000). Iffat began making public appearances in 1967 but prior to that she was working behind the scenes. 

Wikipedia tells us: 

“She was honorary president of the “Saudi Arabian Renaissance Society” — a woman’s society in Riyadh to teach women skills in crafts, and to assist needy families — in the organization’s fifth anniversary.[19] Her “Saudi Renaissance Movement” sponsored free clinics and literary classes for women.[20]Her comprehensive philanthropic activities included social welfare for women. During the 1960s, she established the first two social agencies in Saudi Arabia — Women’s Welfare Association in Jeddah and Al Nahdah Women’s Welfare Association in Riyadh. These programs are still available today. She was at the forefront of education. In 1955, she initiated Saudi Arabia’s first private school for women in Jeddah — the Dar Al Hanan (literally “House of Affection”).[18][21] One of her younger daughters attended Dar Al Hanan.[21] Its starting class had 15 students.[2] In 1956, she donated money and land to build an orphanage for girls where they would also be educated.[13] She also founded the first college for girls in Riyadh, called Kulliyat ul Banat or the Girls’ College.” 

My jaw dropped , was in utter amazement I read that Queen Iffat had founded the Dar Al Hanan School. Faithful readers will recall that I met the General Manger of the school two days ago at the breakfast buffet at my Hotel Olerio. She invited me to visit if ever I was in Jannah. 

This is the good news I promised to convey in yesterday’s blog, It shall be revealed by quoting a conversation AK and myself. 

Me: Met two amazing sisters from Jeddah after breakfast. Will write about them on tomorrow’s blog. Maybe Jeddah after Mecca?? ?? One sister,                                                                                                                               Wafa Ahmed Alqadi is the general manger of a girl’s school. You will see the name on the blog. . 

He: That’s awesome. Yessss Jeddah after Mecca sounds perfect. 

Me: I am so excited and happy that you say Jeddah is perfect. 

Sent him a GIF of cheering crowd, captioning it That Happy. He responded with clapping hand emojis. 

AK of E. Is the best travel guide in the whole world. I met him during my July Saudi Sojourn – went the very best places, had the very best times. Found my May 31, Life 1943 magazine (twice) with his assistance. Super great man, no  idea what I would do without him, his colleagues, his family.  He will find me a great place to stay in Jeddah, make all the arrangements etc. His tour company is Eish’ha Tours. PHEW  

I am aware of what is going on in the world around me, the import of it, the tragedy of these times. I will therefore, speak again of Palestine. 

A knowledge of history is so fundamentally important. This shall be discussed in a later blog. However, to some people, learning about history can be utterly and completely boring.  Here is the good news: there can be easier and fun ways to learn about history. This from Instagram, watch it. It is actually enjoyable. I command you to watch it.

I command you to watch it actually. I do not have high hopes for that, as I have limited (if any) authority. 

High hopes is a strong feeling that something good will happen or be true. Some synonyms are hope, joy, expectancy, and contemplation. In these times it is most difficult to entertain high hopes. There is the song, listening to it might help. 

There was encouraging news from the UK. Thousands upon thousands of people in London were shown on an Instagram reel to be demonstrating their support of Palestine. It was so gratifying.  

Then this UK news. Scotland, my ancestral home, is unfortunately, part of the UK. I want it to be independent, once painted my face like the Scottish flag in support of the referendum.. My gesture not sufficient impetus. It is most unlikely that King Charles will allow their independence. As the Prince of Wales he spoke of Palestinian freedom. Not hearing a peep out of him notwthat he is King Charles. He perhaps should look to history – he does not want to meet the same fate as the Kind Charles the First, who was beheaded to the delight of crowds. 

Oops distressed again. Here is what I was about to say. 

“Humza Yousaf, is the Scottish First Minister. He  called for the international community to “step up” its efforts to ensure a ceasefire in Gaza, and for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to allow supplies into the enclave and to allow people to leave.Yousaf was speaking after his mother-in-law Elizabeth El-Nakla this week urged support from the international community for the Palestinian people via video from Gaza, where she is trapped with her husband Maged.Also this week, Yousaf wrote a letter to UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly asking him to request the Israeli government to allow civilians to flee through the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.” 

You see there can be high hopes in the midst of this. The world is populated by many good and humane people. They are not Zionist but please remember this: Allah (SWT) promises that good always prevails over evil. Sometimes it takes a long time, patience is required. 

I am loving this Olerio Hotel, found with the help of AK as his mother, by the way. More about why in a latter blog. Photos of last evening’s sushi with a special tree, just for me. The Sushi Chef is superb.  

Then, another page from my Children’s Book of Supplication. Allah (SWT) is Merciful and Compassionate, forgiving of sins if the person makes supplication. One page supplies the Dua for Seeking Forgiveness. The words are supplied in both English and Arabic. The English: 

Oh, Allah. You are my Lord. There is none worthy of worship but You. You created me and I am your slave. I keep my covenant as my promise to you as best I can. I seek refuge in You from the evil I did. I recognize your blessings upon me, and I recognize my misdeeds. Forgive me for none can forgive sins but you.  

We must all ask forgiveness for our sins. Zionists cannot, will not. On Judgment Day it will be a little too little a little too late. They shall taste True Oppression. Perhaps so shall Canada. USA and Europe countries siding with Israel. The Palestinians shall be free of oppression in Jannah.