Rubric Defined, It Became a Topic for the Blog; My Changing Instagram Presence with Examples of the New Me; The True Story of Meeting H.; Photos of New Friend Met at the Prophet’s Mosque; H and I Exchanging Hats

It is most unusual. Compelling even. A word comes to me, at times do not even know the meaning of it. I feel compelled to find the meaning of the word – then when the meaning of the word is known, then feel compelled to write about it.

I had just finished sending off the blog to Chris. It is morning, still in bed as that is where I write. It was there the word rubric came to me. Rubric has more than one meaning – the two that seemed applicable are:1) a statement of purpose or function 2) a category. However, amusingly actually, the other meaning is a heading on a document, and I have used it as such.

As an aside, Wikipedia, in its usual fashion provided too much information. It spoke of another definition – using red ink in early scriptures to denote the importance of certain words and objects.
“Around 1900, rubrication was incorporated into a Red letter edition of the King James Version of the Bible to distinguish the Dominical words, i. e., those spoken by Jesus Christ during His corporeal life on Earth, because that translation lacked quotation marks. Other versions of the Bible have since adopted the popular practice.”

That not exactly correct because no one knows the words spoken by Jesus Christ during his corporeal life. The New Testament was nor authored until one hundred years after his death, no one that wrote the chapters had ever met him. Corporeal means relating to a person’s body, especially as opposed to their spirit; it also means having a body. There is no denying, in either the Islamic or the Christian faith that Jesus existed – had a body. But the words he allegedly spoke were just alleged. Alleged: (of an incident or a person) said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality. Used in a sentence: There is no proof that 9/11 was the work of the alleged conspirators.

Was I supposed to be writing about this? Apparently, I was. . But onto another topic, I suppose I should type in another heading, another rubric, but I am too lazy for that.

My Instagram presence has changed. I do occasionally post but do not look to the numbers garnered by the posts or reels for any sense of meaning or self worth. Instead, I make comments on other’s contributions . Their contributions are meaningful to me and getting Likes to my responses are particularly meaningful. A very recent MBS reel caused this response.

Me: I believe him! I am convinced it will happen. Goodness knows it needs to. Unlike most people who might comment on this I have been to Saudi Arabia and seen the enormous progress made there. Where was the speech made?It is rather essential to know this.

So far I have received 111 Likes to that response. I do not know, however, where the speech was made. It could perhaps be the G20 gathering. All of the very important people in attendance stood in applause at the conclusion of his remarks. Here is the link so you can see it yourself.

This is another example of positive Instagram experiences. First you shall read my response to an inspiring reel.
Me: Yes!! I met a woman who lives in Mecca who does not speak English and we are SO connected. I do not speak Arabic. I am totally alienated from my nonMuslim family.
This has earned 45 Likes.
The reel was by Nouman Ali Khan, Story Night Rise Above. Here is the link:

The story of how I met H. Is absolutely amazing my finding H. the woman I spoke about in my Response to Ali Khan’s reel. It is totally, absolutely improbable that it should occur. We met at the Riyadh National Museum. She was there with her husband. I was there with AK (our first tour together) and this interloper, whose presence actually caused the meeting between H. and myself. That story was told on this very blog on July 26, 2023. Do go back and read it, should you choose.

The positive details concerning my meeting H. are not revealed. AK was off explaining things to Interloper Matt, which would have made me even MORE irritated if I knew Matt had lied and he was not paying for anything, instead sponging off me. I was sitting alone, sitting nearby was a beautifully dressed young woman wearing a gorgeous hat. She was dressed in Western clothes. I assumed she was English speaking.
Me: Where are you from? I love the way you are dressed and I love your hat.

It was revealed that she could not speak English. But she gave me her hat. The Interloper continued to interlope so I had more time with her. I persuaded her to take my hat. We were both so happy!! AK, the interloper and I were to go to lunch. Could not bear to be around the Interloper so I asked H. and her husband to join us – which they did. That became the start, the birth of a wonderful relationship. We are apart now – me in Canada, she in Mecca. She is learning English at a great rate and has a new English speaking friend. I am not doing very well with my Arabic – very slight progress. We have such fun together. Do wish I could figure out how to share our Whatsapp reels.

The hugest number of Likes received was from a Response was closer to home. 281 Likes to this response.
Me: An excellent speaker with his heartfelt faith. It made me proud to share his faith. I am a recent revert. Living in Canada. So much continued prejudice against Indigenous women.
Here is the link to this man’s eloquent words:

The following Instagram Message was most personal.
She: Hi there! I hope your doing great. This is Shazed. Fatemah’s cousin. She told me about Saudi Arabis. About your kindness, really respectable and so on. She sends her best regards. Best
A photograph of Fatemah and I was included.
Me: Mine to her!! I am returning to Saudi Arabia from Canada soon. So great to hear from her and from you.
She: Sounds great. Hope you are having a wonderful journey, Thanks for Texting me back. Take care dear Alexis.
Me: Thank you!! You too! Great to hear from you.

I met Fatemah one morning just inside the Women’s Gate of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. She put on ‘my hat’ and a photo was taken. ‘My hat’ is the one gifted to me from H. I truly feel blessed! Meeting H., receiving the hat, meeting Fatemah then hearing from from her cousin, (My Muslim name is Fatimah)

I now can clearly see that I was meant to be of the Islamic Faith since my birth, perhaps before my birth. It just took me a long time to get around to it. Well, better late than never.

Photos will be of the infamous hat exchange in the Riyadh National Museum. H.’s husband’s family has lived in Mecca for centuries.The photograph is him pointing to his ancestral home on one of the many historical photographs found in the Riyadh National Museum. Fatemah and I are pictured at the Medina Prophet’s Mosque.

Benjamin Aston gives a daily word of the day on Instagram. His word of the day is aplomb. I loved his sentence. It surely and certainly described me. Here is the link:

Aplomb is defined in the Dictionary as self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation: The origins of the word is most interesting. late 18th century (in the sense ‘perpendicularity, steadiness’): from French, from à plomb ‘according to a plumb line’.
I do LOVE some of the self-assurance, self-possession, self-confidence, composure, collectedness, presence of mind, level-headedness, sangfroid, equilibrium, equanimity, nerve, nonchalance; savoir vivre, unflappability. ANTONYMS gaucheness

You: What is your favorite?
Me: Unflappability But do enjoy the antonym.
You: What is that?
Me: Gaucheness. I would not mind being called Gauche. Most people do not know the meaning of it and it sounds rather sophisticated.