Bowed But Not Broken; Lying Hell and Hardship Experienced; The Prophet Isiah; Canada Provides Respite; An Umrah Pilgrimage Brings the Heroine to Saudi Arabia Where She is Shown the Truth; A Return Trip to Saudi Arabia Both Fun and Fruitful; Photos and Reels of the Fun

The last installment found me in Dubai, meeting the Sham Judge and the Sham Sultan, relinquishing the treasured magazine to the later.

For a period of time, the magazine was, admittedly. one of the last things on my mind.
The last thing on my mind is an idiom: Something that a person is not thinking about at all.

Terrible hardships were visited upon me. I make it a practice not to dwell in the negative but my life became a living hell, resulting in my return to live in UAE which also was a living hell. (The definition of a living hell is a situation or a place that is extremely unpleasant or that causes great suffering).  escaped, left Abu Dhabi for the chaos and horrendous hardship of the Toronto Pearson Airport, but then to Edmonton, Alberta. I had left there fifty-five years before, now returned to live. I emerged from the six months of travail Bowed But Not Broken. Bent but not broken is an expression used to describe strong people who, although encountering great hardship, manage to maintain their positivity, endurance and spirit. If a person says they are ‘bent but not broken ‘, they mean ‘ I am hurt but not hurt enough to stop going/ trying.
The Hebrew Bible quotes the Prophet Isaiah:

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice [victory].” (Isaiah 42:3)In this verse, the prophet gives us two metaphors of people who have been hurt by the cruelty and injustices of this world.The prophet Isaiah writes again, this time speaking of how God cared for Jesus:For He grew up before Him like a tender shoot,
And like a root out of parched ground;
He has no stately form or majesty
That we should look upon Him,
Nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him.  (Isaiah 53:2)

Isaiah is considered to be a prophet in the Islamic Faith; although he is not mentioned in the Quran. While doing extensive research found this succinct distinction between the New Testament and the Qur’an. “The New Testament gospels are certainly not a single book given to Jesus by God.”  More about those that deny the truth later, but now back to the interrupted quest.

My positivity, spirit and endurance returned when in the safety and security of Canada. I quite quickly found temporary respite – a safe, inexpensive apartment with a wonderful view from the sixteenth floor purchasing minimal necessary furniture. During this well-earned respite I I received an Instagram Umrah invitation from eJourney, am extremely flawed tour company. Knowing I would be returning to the possible situs of the treasured magazine and its thief I put out feelers on the blog.

At the conclusion of the flawed Umrah trip (Immediately following Mecca and Medina,) I was brought to Riyadh (under false pretenses actually). Met many Muslims at the Riyadh Hilton who attempted to assist – but no one recognized the Sham Sultan, searching through Google faces to find a resemblance. Temporarily gave up the search but the plans was for a Hilton Residence return for Ramadan. Therefore left my summer clothes, abayas and hijabs in the luggage room of the Hilton Riyadh. However, decided against the Riyadh Ramadan Return.  Logically (and probably with the input of Allah (SWT) determined that Ramadan was a time of seclusion and reflection. Would not find it there being the center of rapt attention accorded by the hotel staff, to say nothing of the great food. .

My decision to return to Riyadh at the end of June was made after careful consideration of many factors. 1)To rescue my summer attire, abayas, hijabs abandoned in December. 2) reconnect with people met on my prior visit 3) view NEOM, the Line which had totally captured my imagination. Last, but not least, the call of the quest sounded in my years. It was with renewed vigor that I returned.

The vigor for the return of the magazine was fueled by the continued horrific situation in Palestine. The world needed to see that the Saudi King had a solution at the time. The magazine documents that. The plight of the Palestinians became  a cause, became paramount – a blog ‘banner’ permanently proclaims Free Palestine. The more I learned about the reality of the situation it became clear that the freedom of Palestine could only be achieved by MBS. This was rather inexplicable as I once considered MBS as the enemy. In my defense must say my viewpoint was the byproduct of the lies of Western media. When I discovered the truth I became a strong advocate, shining the light of truth of Saudi Arabia, extinguishing the darkness of the cock and bull stories promulgated by the popular press. I learned the villainy and evil of Western media during my Umrah visit. The truth emerged victorious and glorious. I am inspired to learn more Saudi history and have the promised assistance of one of the finest libraries in the world.

My mission became twofold and in a sense, interconnected. Learn more truths about Saudi Arabia, tell the truth and find the magazine.

As usual hardships were encountered at the beginning of my Sadi Sojourn but from the hardships came blessings. The blessing came in the person of AK of Eish’Ha Tours, referred by the Tabuk Tour Guide. AK promptly met me at the Riyadh Hilton. The first day was the National Museum. Then along came the Fort. Side trips for the first horse ride my whole life, double humped Chinese camels, animals with the head of a giraffe and body of a camel (weird) and then to a Library – where I found my magazine. No Sham Sultan, no Sham Judge but there, encased in glass was the May 31, 1943 Life magazine of my dreams (and my nightmares). Nightmares came to me because I, obsessed with it. It seems from my life long desire for knowledge, truth and justice. Nevertheless, the sad truth is this; truth and justice is seldom, of ever intertwined. Look at the corruption of the United States Supreme Court as one ‘shining example of that.’ Not just Clarence Thomas but even Chief Justice Robert’s wife indulges in nefarious  activities. Larry Beinhart wrote in an Al Jazeera July 21, 2023 Opinion article.

“The Supreme Court of the United States is so corrupt that it makes corruption legal. It is so corrupt that it’s ruled that corruption is the way democracy is supposed to operate. The lawyers have warned me to say – to declaim! – that I am not calling any of the judges corrupt in the law as it is currently interpreted. That’s because they, themselves, have changed what can be charged as a crime so that it moves further and further from the kind of transgressions they and their class are likely to do. To continue:The Supreme Court is so corrupt that they think that other people can’t see their corruption.The Supreme Court is so corrupt that they can’t see corruption when it’s in their mirror.All of these should be absurd, comic, hyperbole. Like Chuck Norris jokes. Unfortunately, they’re not. “

 It is important to consider, the Constitution of the United States is not the Quran. Saudi Arabia’s Constitution is the Quran -therefore the Ruler of Saudi Arabia is answerable to Allah (SWT). (I wonder if Joe Biden might be, if so there would be a different outcome. I am not expecting to see Joe Biden, or Donald Trump in Jannah, let me put it that way).

Back to the Quran, spoken of in an entirely appropriate and respectful manner. Some of the obligatory prayers  require the recitation of Quran verses. Do admit that my search was for simple meaningful ones.
One of my Qurans recited this Introduction to 109 Al-Kufirun The Disbelievers. (It is reported that the pagan offered to worship God alone for one year, provided that the Prophet worshipped their multiple gods for a year. So this Mecca chapter was revealed, telling them that he will be dedicated only to the worship of God until the last breath of his life, which is the highlight of the next chapter.)
Quran 109 Those who Deny The Truth.
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

  1. Say, who deny the Truth
  2. I do not worship What your worship
  3. You do not worship what I worship
  4. I will never worship what you worship
  5. You will never worship what I worship
  6. You have your religion and I have mine.

A reel of me on what had to be the gentlest horse in the whole world. Another reel of double humped Chinese camels.. A photo or two of the giraffe and camel combo and the rather unattractive double humped Chinese camels. I am in the photos as well. I do hope you do not get us confused. Hahahaha

The July 12, 2023 blog shall be reposted It tells the story of finding the magazine in photos . The next narration will reveal the facts and tell the tale of he next chapter.