Now this is a true story – all of my stories are true stories, this one is not even exaggerated

Somehow, and I do not know how, I had this absolutely precious, treasured magazine which shall be pictured in my possession..  I went to Dubai (from the County of Marin where I lived at the time) in October of 2021 staying at the Marriott Marquess. (I had stayed there before in January of 2020). I was walking about, appropriately dressed because I had become a Muslim in the meantime, after my first visit to the hotel. (Which is a great hotel by the way).

I walked into one of the lounges and saw a man dressed in Arab clothes, the usual ones but with a coat of gauzy material (you will see in the photo). I walked up to him and this is the conversation as I remember it.
Me: Your Highness. I know from your attire that you must be Royalty

(A woman who was standing beside him responded, later I was to learn that she is/was Judge Shams of the United Nations Court) .
She: He is. He is a Sultan.

We chatted, She gave me her business card. I recall that we were to meet the next day but we did not and I have not been able to reach her – she does not respond to my messages, even to this day.

I did not understand, at that moment and in our conversation,  that he was a Sultan from Saudi Arabia – did not know at the time what which particular Arab country. Later I discovered it was Saudi Arabia. I saw him (without the woman that was his translator) in the public areas of the hotel later that evening.
I explained that I had a treasured magazine that I wanted to show him. Reluctantly he came to my room (contrary to Muslim rules). I ran into my room, found  the magazine and gave it to him.
He was able to convey to me that he was leaving the next morning.
Me: Please take it, read it and give it back to me before you leave.

Well he did not. I do not blame him. He probably did not understand.

I knew then, but I know now how important that magazine is and was and is.  It was the first time King Saud had allowed photographers into his country. The photographs are amazing. The dirt road that was the main street of Riyadh, photographs of Mecca at the time – tents not the massive hotels that greeted me on my arrival on December 1, 2022. Not been to Riyadh yet but I do understand that it has changed a bit as well. Hahaha

There were photos of the outside of the harem in the palace, images of the male members of the family, one showing women walking in their Saudi clothes (same as they wear today).
But one of the most significant entries was a statement by King Saud about the proposal of an independent state of Israel. His thinking was SO incredibly profound, so wise. If his words would have been heeded at the time there would be no problems at this time. The mess, terror and brutality inflicted by Israel on Palestine has cased so much friction, discord, deaths and war since its inception was allowed. Countries throughout the world support the atrocities through their support of Israel. The United Nations does absolutely nothing, not even enforce its own mandates. Shame on them, I wonder why? Could it be because the United Nations is in New York??

Anyway I want my magazine back. If anyone recognizes him let me know. I will find a way people can contact me and will let you know through this blog. I will be in Riyadh on Friday for about a week, I think.

Photos of the Sultan and I and the magazine cover are attached. Please, I beg of you. This may help solve this terrible situation.
So many, even Gulf countries support Israel.  The major Arab country that supports Israel is the UAE. I lived in Abu Dhabi for five months, escaping back to Canada on May 8, 2022. I was not held prisoner exactly because the Abu Dhabi Airport Premier Inn kept me safe. I was able to fly on Ethiad Air from Abu Dhabi to Toronto Pearson Airport. Now that was imprisonment. That airport is a horrible mess. This time I flew on Qatar Air through Montreal. I do learn from my mistakes. Hahaha

That is all I have a Medina museum to visit and I do have to get out of my pajamas. Hahaha
I will wear a dress under my abaya today and not pajamas. Do not know why. I could wear my pajamas.

I pray this will work out. Allah absolutely must have a hand in this. Too unlikely it is coincidental.

The Harem
Main Street in Riyadh

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