Taking a Break From Updating About Me; Bringing You More Timely News From Alberta; Two , Examples of From the World of Mismanagement; Repeat Performance, Spoof, Breathing Room and Anecdote Defined: Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right; Followed by a Series of Cartoons Preceded by Anecdotes

It is definitely time to update About Me, found in the Menu of this blog. I make claims to be a  Born Again Canadian in the current edition. However, at  this moment in time, I am planning to leave Edmonton yet again. My previous departure occurred in 1967 – returning some 55 years later. It is highly unlikely, in fact downright impossible, that I shall do a repeat performance – returning fifty-five years hence. My math skills are a bit rudimentary but I would be 135. That would be a world record I suppose but I have no urge to be that particular world’s record. I am not leaving for good at the end of August 2023 as such a move is most complicated and must be done in stages. I have shed my Canadian identity in preparation for my new life, therefore About Me must be updated.

A repeat performance is an occurrence in which something happens or is done again. This is how it was used recently on the web. Yet a repeat performance is unlikely, presaging increasingly tough decisions for Putin.(Julia Horowitz, CNN, 22 Feb. 2023

Rewriting About Me has proven a bit daunting, along with all of the other rather burdensome tasks requiring my attention. Therefore, I am taking a break and allowing you some breathing room as well.

Breathing room is a period of rest in order to increase strength or give you more time to think about what to do next: A related meaning is to allow one a sufficient buffer of time, money, etc., that provides some relief from a given source of pressure or stress.

I have the pressure and stress of this, but you can have some relief as well. I am such a nice person. (Hahahaha)

Humour always provides the best relief from stresses and strains. Some came from an unexpected source, Alberta politics. AB Today (Not Andy Borowitz) provided this.

• A freedom of information request by The Tyee found the premier’s chief of staff Marshall Smith mismanaged addiction treatment facilities in British Columbia

• Prior to entering Alberta politics, Smith was executive director of the Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community near Prince George, starting in 2008.

• An internal report from 2011 found the recovery community did not conform with licensing standards for clinical practice, health and safety, human resources and business practices.
• The report showed numerous reports of medication errors, a lack of transparency and accountability, no discharge plans, lack of medical support on site and lack of support for individual life skills.

Why do I find this funny? Marshall Smith is Premier Smith’s Chief of Staff. He is certainly mismanaging her as well, no doubt about that. There is no transparency and accountability and there is a lack of support for individual life skills. It appears to be a repeat performance on the part of Marshall Smit. (Please see above definition).

Also I do LOVE being right. Do recall Tombe’s article about politician’s sabotaging investment opportunities (Blog of 8/14 2023).
This moratorium reports AB Today  was called Insouciance. The definition of that word is casual lack of concern; indifference. This also reported in the same edition of AB Today
“ In fact, we are leading in renewable energy development in Canada, but that has been put in jeopardy by the six-month ban imposed by Danielle Smith and the UCP on new projects,” she said. “This decision could put more than 91 projects and $25 billion in investment at risk.”

I rest my case, as lawyers say. Marshall Smith is indeed mismanaging Premier Danielle Smith. Two wrongs do not make a right, it is said. I say: Two Smiths do not make an Einstein. (I am funny, move over Andy Borowiitz)

The cartoons are soon to make their appearance. Each has shall be presented with an anecdote which is either: a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person OR an account regarded as unreliable or hearsay. You can take your pick.

The first, laughs at the lure of Instagram Likes reminding us of the utter meaninglessness of it all.

The second laughs at the emphasis of appearance, particularly relevant to the constant debate as to how Muslim women should dress, while total ignoring the attire of men.

The third laughs at our preoccupation with social media and such technology.

The fourth a spoof based on the two-by-two designation necessary for boarding onto Noah’s ark. Couple’s therapy is a total waste of time and money. By the time a couple get around to repairing their relationship it is past the point of no return. The only factor which keeps a couple together; they cannot afford to live apart. Couple’s therapy can be effective (so to speak) if it keeps them on the brink of financial disaster.

I just, rather inadvertently,  used the word spoof. It can be either:a humorous imitation of something OR a trick played on someone as a joke. A rather unusual collection of synonyms: parody, pastiche, hoax, leg-pulls, con, dido, sendup, take the (urine) out of. Urine is a substituted word – the ‘real’ one began with a p.

The last one, a farewell scene, is particularly poignant as I prepare to travel half-way around the world.

I hope the cartoons appear in order. If not, the reason is, as we all know, good help is hard to find in these troubled times. Even the Premier of Affluent Alberta hired a Mismanagement Specialist.