First More Instagram Recognition; Then Another Strange Series of Events Leading to a Possible New and Different Role in Life;; Thoughts and Ideas on My Race for the Position of Canadian Prime Minister; Party Hardy and Teenage Crush Defined; Serious Motivations for Meeting RBS Revealed; Photo of the Arab News Article That Brought Inspiration  

I prefer the Likes I receive for the Instagram responses I made to the messages of others. They have greater meaning that the Likes I receive for my personal posts and messages. Some truths deserve universal recognition and it gives me pleasure that all sorts of strangers are agreeing with me. I shall provide two more examples. Instagram at its finest is a communication tool amongst people all over the world. I shall provide two recent examples.   . 

Truly loved racing 106 Likes to the following Response. 

Me: The Prophet (PBUH) is the best example. So strong, so caring. Look to the faith guys!!! 

This was in response to a reel that questioned on the difficulty Arab and Middle East. men have to be sensitive and opening up, instead of the cultural model of being the strong silent type. I was suggesting that the ultimate role model was the Prophet (PBUH0.  

Then example was more personal. I received 123 Likes to the following Response.,  

Me: My goodness. My Muslim name is Fatimah and I certainly am funny. Another reason to be proud of my Muslim name and of my recent reversion to the Muslim faith. 

It seems so strange and so perfect this being my Muslim name, bestowed upon my by the Zayhed Islamic Center in Abu Dhabi. Here is the the link to the reel, which is full of emotion and feeling:

Another Instagram post spoke of the intense grief suffered by Fatima’s husband upon her death. 

Me: I have not met my Ali as yet. Perhaps we will meet in Jannah then my Ali will never grieve for me because  we will be together endlessly. 

But back to my life and times. A myriad of coincidences resulted in my possessing and then reading The Arab News of  July 1, 2023.  I icluded the page on an Instagram post, receiving the an instant Instagram response. 

He:And I am sure you will do a magnificent job.

Me: Thank you. First of all I have to get the job though. But I will try to do my very best as usual. 

This is how it all happened. I had carelessly and stupidly left my sun glasses in the car of the Mother-Daughter,-Son team that were responsible for the ride on my private plane (as SOFTS calls it). The family’s driver was sent to return the sunglasses. I was eating at the Hilton’s fabulous breakfast buffet when I received the message that the sunglasses were on the on the way. I went to collect them in the lobby, stopped at the concierge desk, picking up a copy of Arab News, which I never ordinarily do. After retrieving the sunglasses went back to the breakfast buffet, glancing at the newspaper while I ate and drank A photograph on the second page caught my eye. A photograph of a woman and a Saudi man, with a caption that explained it all. You may see the photo at the conclusion of this blog. My Instagram post: 

Me: Look what appeared in today’s Arab News. Hmmm perhaps I shall call the Canadian Embassy. There might be a job opening. Who knows??? I have some good years left. Hahahah

The music paired with it is Come With Me. 

I also emailed the photo with its caption to SOFTS. She had the absolutely best response ever to be wished for. The subject line of the email was Scary Synchro 

She: Whoa interesting manifestation!  If Biden at 80 can be US President surely you can be the new Canadian Ambassador in Saudi at 80.  Also, you have more degrees then Biden and all your marbles and your own private plane. 

Me: You are SO funny. I do have my own private plane, come to think of it.  Good point! And goodness knows I am cuter and can form whole sentences. Hahaha At this moment I am busy writing the blog. Almost done. It is the story of the ride of a lifetime. That of yesterday. I do have my own private plane, come to think of it. Air Force One has nothing on my contraption. Your comments are going on the blog! 

She: You went from wanting to be MBS’s wife to Canadian MP to PM all within a week. You move fast Fatima Wonder Women

Me:. I am SO laughing. This too is going on the blog. MY changing ambitions shall serve as  ultimate ‘playing hard to get’ with MBS. Men always want what they cannot have. Hahaha

It is time for some seriousness, enough playfulness. Two matters are under consideration. 

First the Canadian Prime Minister, This possibility was  discussed with the three petroleum engineers when we chatted at the Hilton coffee shop a few days ago.  It may be incumbent upon me to form a new political party. Do not want to run as a Conservative (NEVER and no competition with that looser Pierre guy). Not the Liberal  party (for various reasons. When I left Canada in 1964 Pierre was my guy but Justin has proven a bit disappointing.) Maybe NDP. My party shall be called Party Hardy!! Party Hardy is an idiom speaking of the practice of enjoying a party enthusiastically, usually by drinking and dancing a lot. The eating and drinking will not be featured, just the enthusiasm. We shall be a happy ,upbeat group, successes not failures and, of course, cute. Perhaps the Conservatives will form a Soiree Party in competition. 

I shall dance across the vast lands of Canada bringing cheer. Subtly giving the royal finger to the USA. I am Muslim, so that will be helpful, I think. Alberta has a Muslim Lt. Governor originally from Uganda. I must make a courtesy call when I return to Edmonton. The legion of Party hardy followerss can call me either Sheikha Fatimah or Fatima Wonder Woman. Or Alexis. It all depends on their individual choice. I shall answer to all names. 

Now, the more serious matter of MBS. It is the truth, (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) that I want to meet him. That is for three reasons, none are related to marriage.  

  1. I want my magazine back. Go to Free Palestine on the menu of the blog to read about it. A man who was supposed to be a Sultan of Saudi Arabia, whom I met in Dubai, accidentally – has it. There is a photo of he and I taken at his request. But no one knows who he is. MBS is certain to know. 
  2. Canada and Saudi Arabia must work together – totally independent of the USA. Canada does not have a pipeline (although one was proposed). So we need to repair the rail line to Churchill and then we need about three or four icebreakers. They are expensive, so  a little financial assistance on both matters would be appreciated. I have the details, with me actually. 
  3. I had a prophetic dream about him, it concerned an assassination attempt. Unfortunately I am not joking. I had the dream about sixteen months ago. 

I do admit to having a “teenage crush” on MBS. It would be helpful to define teenage crush. I shall. “Teenage crushes are a normal experience during adolescence. There are generally two kinds of crushes – identity crushes and romantic crushes. In both cases, the teen is captivated by a person and wants their attention.” Teenage crush usually refers to the sort of intense but short-lived infatuation young people can feel for someone like a pop star, a teacher, or someone they know who’s very good-looking.” First of all Ido admit that I am not young., so the definition is not entirely applicable.  MBS is not a pop star but is Royalty and a world leader.

He is handsome . 

But that, by no means, describe the complexities of his personality nor of his role in the fractured world.  I am convinced he is the leader of the future and shall explain why in a subsequent blog. I am leaving for my Tabuk Archeological Tour but will try to blog before I leave, or during the trip ahead about the serious reasons why I think he is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing as determined by Allah(SWT). 

You should prepare yourself for my comments on The Line by reading the blog of June 25, 2023.  

Only one photo. The one that appeared on Instagram. Busy day as I have to get packed etc etc etc. Later.