More Palestine News: Some Good Because Al Jazeera is Doing A Good Job Reporting the News; The Western Media is Not To Be Trusted; Abby Martin’s Documentary   

It is more than just interesting, but indeed fascinating, that Al Jazeera has created a new ‘category’ of news. It is called Isreal-Palestine conflict. In my humble opinion this is absolutely necessary as no other major news media source speaks about what is going on there. 

So that is going to have to serve as good news – in this blog section that promised good news. So, at least Israel’s dirty laundry will be shown and seen by the world, instead of being totally suppressed. 

On June 14,2023 Al Jazeera Al Harb reported: T

The United States will address the death of elderly American citizen Omar Assad, who was killed by Israeli forces last year, “directly” with Israel after the country’s military announced that it will not pursue criminal charges in the case. Early in 2022, Assad, who was 80 years old, suffered a stress-induced heart attack after he was arbitrarily detained, bound, blindfolded and gagged by Israeli forces, and then left out unresponsive on the ground at a cold construction site in the occupied West Bank.

It is again fascinating to see that the death occurred “early in 2022”. One wonders why the delayed reaction and what forced the overdue accountability. 

The Israeli army said on Tuesday that it found no “causal link” between the way its soldiers treated Assad and the American citizen’s death.The US Department of State, which often reiterates that the safety of Americans abroad is its top priority, said on Wednesday that it was looking into the Israeli findings.“We’re aware of the conclusion of the investigation, and we’re at this time seeking more information from the Israeli government about it,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters. “We’re going to talk to them directly about it.”Miller said Washington expected “full accountability” in the case early on.

May I suggest Miller that the time for ‘full accountability early on” has indeed passed. But it is extremely gratifying to observe that something MIGHT be happening. 

“We have been clear about our deep concern on the circumstances surrounding Omar Assad’s death and the need for such accountability,” he added.

There is more atrocities to be reported in this article. Leahy LawAssad was one of two US citizens killed by Israel last year – the other, Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, was fatally shot by Israeli forces while covering a raid in Jenin in the occupied West Bank. Israeli authorities rarely ever prosecute abuses by their forces against Palestinians, but the US vehemently opposes Palestinians’ efforts to seek accountability at the International Criminal Court, including in the case of Abu Akleh.Israel, accused of imposing a system of apartheid by leading human rights organisations like Amnesty International, receives at least $3.8bn of US aid annually.President Joe Biden and his top aides often stress Washington’s “ironclad” commitment to Israel.

How hypocritical of Israel talking about US aid to Amnesty International considering thee massive aid Israel receives from the coffers of the United States (which includes, unfortunately, my tax dollars.) 

There is more news about Leahy Law. 

Adam Shapiro, director of advocacy for Israel-Palestine at Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), a US-based rights group, called for meaningful accountability for the killing of Assad.He said the Biden administration should apply the Leahy Law, which bans American aid to foreign forces engaged in gross violations of human rights, to Israel’s Netzah Yehuda unit that was involved in the killing of Assad.Shapiro added that the State Department has been looking at the case from the perspective of the Leahy Law after DAWN submitted a referral to the US government last October, which underscored that the blindfolding of Assad violated Israeli regulations. “We believe that that process should not only continue, but that this closure of the Israeli investigation requires the State Department to now apply Leahy Law sanctions to the unit,” Shapiro told Al Jazeera.

Shapiro strengthened his case concerning the application of Leahy Law. 

He added that by blindfolding Assad, Israeli soldiers “took an action that was deliberate and intentional that was a violation of their own rules”. He said the Palestinian autopsy report on the death of Assad noted that the gagging and blindfolding of the elderly US citizen contributed to his heart attack.“We have a direct line of causation from the deliberate illegal actions by the Israeli soldiers to the death of Assad,” Shapiro said.

But will Shapiro’s comments be used in the Western popular press? My new and favorite saying shall not come into play: When Pigs Fly. It is important to laugh in the face of adversity. 

Of course, it is not helpful that Biden and his top aides are saying they have an ‘ironclad’ commitment to Israel. Any fool (even me) can see that this is directly related to the upcoming election. Biden, a typical politician, is more concerned about his re-election, not the country he is pledged to serve. Democrats are always shooting themselves in the foot – interesting analogy considering the trouble his sons facing. 

Me: Get me out of here! 

Alter Ego: Alexis, you do not live in the United States. And may I remind you, you leave for Saudi Arabia in days. 

Me: Thank you for your calming effect, Alter Ego. 

The same message was expressed by the executive director of AMP. 

Abuirshaid said that if the Biden administration does not impose consequences on Israel for killing Assad, it would be abdicating its responsibility to protect US citizens. “Our problem is not only with Israel and its mistreatment of American citizens, but our problem is mainly with our own administration – with our own government here – that allows Israel to continue its mistreatment of American citizens,” Abuirshaid said, also citing the killing of Abu Akleh.

There is even more gloom and doom taking place here on the Homefront (as I now call Canada)

This is a recent conversation with SOFTS, a fellow Canadian. (I live in Canada, bur only recently – I call myself a Born Again Canadian. 

She: Read ur new Free Palestine post, frightening NY article – also frightening that we never heard about all this in the Canada main stream news. Have you heard of US journalist Abby Marin? She has been reporting on crimes against Palestine for a long time. Here is her website if you have the time. The Empire Times  (the empire

Me” You are, as usual, so insightful and add so much to my knowledge as I am utterly clueless about Canada. I refuse to be blamed for this however. Canada needs a better press secretary or a better website – or something. 

She: Is there ever going to be a solution? 

Me” The only solution to the problem, as I see it, is MBS. I guess I could request an audience with him when I am in Saudi Arabia – not sure how to do that. There is another problem – he is not there. He is in France. The idea of MBS as the solution came to me during prayer. You saw me in action with that obnoxious taxi driver, perhaps he was just training material for a bigger and better challenge. Hahaha I am beginning to feel like Joan of Arc – the only problem being I cannot ride a horse and it is too late in life to learn. I was thinking I could do side saddle a couple years ago, but that did not work out. 

She: I looked up Abby Martin on Wikipedia. She made a documentary title Gaza Fights for Freedom – it is released on YouTube for free. Gaza Fights For Freedom (2019) | Full Documentary


YouTube › 

Me: You are absolutely amazing!!! So much happening.

Hatred toward Israel is justifiably growing. The brutality is senseless. The atrocities are not being reported in main stream western media. Al Jazzers, a responsible, accurate and informative news source, did speak to his on June 15,2023. It was called Collective Punishment. 

Israel has a policy of destroying the homes of Palestinians accused of carrying out attacks against Israelis, even if the family is renting the home from someone else. Anyone nearby is in danger of being shot, as happened with two journalists, who were reporting on a home demolition raid on Saturday in Ramallah when they were wounded.

So that is all for today. It is possible that preparation for my trip to Saudi Arabia may take precedence over this. But with me, who knows? Not even me.