Too Much Going On; Blogging Daily Becoming a Sheer Necessity in Order Keep Readers Abreast of Current Affairs; Thoughts on Sunsets; Glorify Defined: May 26, 2023 A Most Magnificent Day; Visiting My Mother’s Resting Place First on the Agenda; Exercising My Franchise; More Blog Cards at Staples; Sushi at Mikado; Fabulous Physiotherapist; Me Showing Progress; Photos of Flower at Resting Place; Advanced Voting Sight and Former Charles Camsel Hospital Site   

This blog will concentrate on yesterday, May 26, 2023, so much happened that it may be necessary to spill over to another blog. We shall see what happens. As I write it is May 27, 2023, almost sunset in these northern climes. I write sitting on  the chaise lounge in the prayer room, It is possible to the sun sink in the west. It is, as usual a beautiful sunset but not a spectacular one tonight. If every sunset was spectacular one would not appreciate them to their fullest. . Some are mediocre, some non existent and then, lo and behold, along comes a spectacular one. On those special occasions you glorify its beauty. 

Glorify is a word with two quite separate meanings. The first and most important is to praise and worship (God): acknowledging and revealing the majesty and splendor o (God) by one’s actions. The other in stark contrast is to describe or represent as admirable, especially unsuitably. The first definition is the one I was referring to in paragraph one. Other words that can be used; give praise to,, extol, exalt, worship, revere, reverence, venerate, pay homage/ to, give thanks to, bless. 

There is a new cast of characters who made May 26, 2023 possible. As per usual nicknames are used, to protect the innocent. (Hahaha). The man that made it possible is SAD II. It stands for Sheikha Awesome Driver. There was a driver in Abu Dhabi so named – so the Edmonton one therefore becomes 2. You shall hear more about him as time goes on. He drives a vehicle more suitable for a Sheikha – a black limo. He was/is hired for the day, making so many people, places and things possible. A list was prepared – D Day was launched with less precision. 

The first stop was Mother’s Resting Place. She was cremated in 2009 – had visited about a year ago upon first arriving in Edmonton. This was my second visit. I was not grief stricken, rather jovial actually. 

Me: I have come to visit my mother. I saw her about a year ago but I am positive she has not gone anywhere. Not moved. 

She: I will be happy to help you find her. 

There was some confusion with her first name but eventually she was located. The sensitive, caring employee whose first name is Patti drove us in a golf cart, locating the outside vault without too much trouble The us consisted of Patti, SAD 2 and me. I brought flowers and paraphernalia to decorate but found there was not much room. A photo was emailed to a cousin with the subject line. My flower and her resting place. 

Me: Only one flower as not much room. The problem with cremation. I cannot be cremated because of the Islamic Faith. Oh well. More room for flowers I guess. Hahaha. I am not sure if flowers are allowed, however but my Muslim family will know. 

The three of us had a rather unusual golf course conversation, we were conversing about my life and times. 

Me: Well something very strange and unusual happened to me on October 20, 2020, you will not believe it. I became a Muslim

She: Actually I find it easy to believe. My daughter did the same thing. 

Me: Oh my goodness, what is the likelihood of that. You drive the golf cart, I tell you this rather strange happening and you can totally identify with it. 

We had the best of time together. As I was leaving said:

Me: I think I will come back just to see and talk to you. We have such great conversations. 

She: I would love to see you again. nPlease return. I am always here. 

Then, as we were about to leave a hearse arrived, driven slowly with a procession of people, led by a priest in a cassock. 

Me: I wonder what religion they are. 

SAD 2: Christian. You can tell by the priest’s cassock. 

Me: Yes! And when I waved in acknowledgment and respect he smiled and acknowledged me. 

We both put on our thinking caps, deducing that these were people from the Philippines. 

Me: It is so inspiring seeing people honoring the dead. It is an affirmation of life actually 

Patty: Yes! People think that it would be depressing working here. But it is the opposite. There is such an affirmation and hope amongst the living survivors. 

What was next on the agenda?  I went to cast my vote at an advance poll. This was SO unbelievable. Somehow we drove past my high school – Ross Sheppard. I graduated in 1961. 

Me: This is amazing to see. I am totally surprised. I looked out the window and there was my high school. It was rather surprising. But what a pleasant surprise. I went to the 50th reunion of the school a few years ago but it seems like it has grown immensely since then.  It was so much fun to go and see the guys I had a crush on – during my high school days. I told one of them. He was so sweet. “You should have told me, back then. I would have loved to go out with you. That was immensely flattering, of course. 

You shall see a photo of the advanced voting sign. The volunteers were so helpful, cheerful and happy. 

Me: I am here to exercise my franchise. Some people forget that women died so that we women today can vote. Many do not appreciate that fact! 

But it was a joyous occasion. I had everyone laughing, telling them about my fame and my blog. I do not know if they are going to check in, they promised they would – but who knows?

And who cares actually as I make no money from it and only sporadically have my statistics done. 

The next stop was rather unusual. The  former Charles Camsel  Hospital sight. It was a hospital which housed Indigenous tuberculosis patients. There was much controversy in 2021 when it was reported that bones were found, that it was a mass grave sight. But news of that has faded, apartments have been built. I took photos of the adjoining field with old bricks and debris. I, very recently, became interested in this controversy. Went to the Alberta Legislative Library to do research and was assisted by their helpful, able staff. They found an old book in storage about the hospital and I was able to check it out of the library, taking it home to read and understand. Also a fairly recent update. You will hear more of that later. 

Then it was to Staples to pick up my recent order of new blog cards. I keep giving them out and having to get a reprint, again and again. It has become a joke with the helpful staff. 

Then to Mikado Japanese Restaurant for fresh, tasty sushi. I do love sushi. SAD 2 rather bravely had the Benito Box. He prefers either Indian food or hamburger and French fries but he said he enjoyed the cooked chicken and fish. 

The last stop was the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic at the Kaye Medical Building by the University of Alberta Hospital. I have an absolutely amazing physiotherapist who is attempting to make me totally mobile by the end of June. More about him, and my progress in a subsequent blog. 

My life is certainly interesting. I am SO happy to be back home. Everything is beginning to mesh, to work out perfectly. I am now surrounded by the greatest of all people. I am truly blessed. 

Photos of my mother’s resting place, the advanced polling sight and the Charles Camsel Hospital site will follow.