Positivity Is The Only Way; King Charles III Extends Condolences; Meeting and Quoting Lethbridge MLA Candidate Shannon Phillips; Americans Shocked By Liars Not Getting Away With it: Imaginary Shingles Vaccination Conversation; Many Definitions: Happy Barren By Choice Day 

Began my morning with many positive comments on Instagram coupled with a lecture from Stanford University. The topic was the 99 names of Allah, it held my attention and I learned a great deal. One of my Ramadan Intentions was to memorize the 99 names, perhaps singing them in the manner of some magnificent ‘choirs.’ Did not fulfill that intention in the manner I prescribed for myself. Instead found a better way. Instead understanding and relating to the names in a more meaningful fashion. More about that later. 

Then opened my daily AB Today. Negativity abounds as their is much negativity to report upon with Premier Smith (and her hand-picked candidates) but there was a positive message which I shall now convey.. 

“Through Gov. Gen. Mary Simon’s office, King Charles III extended his condolences to those reeling from the aftermath of the fires, with the sovereign thanking first responders and volunteers helping to contain the disasters. “We hold many fond memories of our visits to Western Canada and know that those affected will rise to this challenge with customary Canadian strength, resilience and determination,” he added in a statement.”

Those comments, made through the proper channels, conveyed empathy and understanding. His Majesty remembered his visits to Western Canada and remembered and encouraged our customary Canadian strength, resilience and determination. 

To be thoroughly honest I fear  that the King is not remembering my personal Canadian qualities as I was not living in Canada at the time of his visits. I was wasting my strength, resilience and determination in the (Un) (Dis) United States of America. However, I am back here now, contributing. 

There were other positive entries in the Friday edition of AB Today. This from Shannon Phillips, the NDP candidate for Lethbridge in response to the Lethbridge UCP candidate’s statement that people are misusing Emergency Rooms and should be charged before admittance to these crowded facilities.  

“NDP Lethbridge-West candidate Shannon Phillips said people  because they don’t have a family doctor and there is limited access to clinics. “If it is 10 o’clock at night and your four year old has a fever and this beginning to evidence symptoms of strep  throat you go to the emergency room room, Phillips said. There is no where else to get  that prescription that needs to be filled urgently – because there are no walk in clinics. Phillips pledged to create at least one family walk-in clinic to take the pressure off emergency departments, as well as recruit care workers and fund post-secondary for health care workers.”  

This is yet again, both honest and unbelievable. I met Shannon Phillips. 

Alter Ego: How did you manage that Alexis, he is the NDP candidate for Lethbridge and you scarcely know where Lethbridge is? 

Me: It was super easy. I climbed on board the residence elevator of my apartment building. He has an apartment, a couple of floors down from my aerie. 

Alter Ego: Really? 

Me: Yes really! I do have knowledge of the apartments that have a view of the Legislative Building, though I have never actually viewed one. He does have an extra bedroom, an extra bathroom and the view of the Legislative Building

Alter Ego; So are you jealous? 

Me: . Nope and I am not complaining or feeling sorry for myself because my apartment is less expensive, higher up and is adequate for my needs. That is because I do not have a husband and do not want one at the present time.  

Alter Ego: It is blessed to be happy with what you have been blessed with and not be jealous of others. 

Me: That is SO true. The Islamic Faith teaches us that jealousy is born of ingratitude. If you are grateful for what Allah (SWT) has given you – you are not jealous. It is actually profound, one of the hundreds of reasons that the Islamic Faith is my faith. It was not always so, but it is now.That is for sure! 

As much as I eschew the USA I cannot help loving Any Borowitz and his satires are often applicable to the Canadian political scene. This is from May 10, 2023. Americans Socked By Spectacle of Liars Not Getting Away With It. 

“WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a history-defying whirlwind of events, the American people have been left flabbergasted by the surreal spectacle of liars not getting away with it In barely more than two weeks, the nation has witnessed an unprecedented wave of accountability crash over a leading cable-TV host, a former President, and a man who claimed that he worked for Morgan Stanley but denied that he was a drag performer in Rio. 

Do have to admit that I do not know who the guy was that denied he was a drag performer in Rio, but the story is still funny – we all know the identity of the former President and the cable-TV host. Borowitz in his fine style continues wittily. 

“In Washington, the ominous possibility that lies have consequences has sent a chill down the corridors of power.“If this trend continues, I’ll lose my majority,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly told colleagues.”

McCarthy will loose his majority because his majority consists of some of the biggest (and best) of liars.

Alter Ego: How does this apply to Canadian politics? 

Me: Cannot you see the analogy? PDS’ majority consists of liars, has been revealed in the Lethbridge-West race for MLA. 

It is clearly time to define a few words. Well, it is clear to me anyway and I am the person writing the blog. 

Ingratitude has a few telling synonyms:ungratefulness, thanklessness, unthankfulness, lack of gratitude, lack of appreciation, nonrecognition. Used in a sentence. Harry was fuming at her ingratitude. (Could this be Prince Harry speaking of his current wife?)  

Eschew (as in my eschewing US political discussions) means deliberately avoid using; abstain from:. Many ‘get away from me’ synonyms: refrain from, give up, forgo, forswear, shun, renounce, swear off, steer clear of, have nothing to do with, give a wide berth to, fight shy of, relinquish, reject, dispense with, disavow, abandon, gainsay, disclaim, repudiate, renege on, spurn, abnegate, abdicate, wash one’s hands of, drop kick, jack in, pack in. 

Alter Ego: What are your favorites? 

Me: I thought you would never ask!They are give a wide birth to, shun, forswear, abdicate and drop kick. 

Alter Ego: Good choice! Good job! 


Do admit that I did not exactly shun, forswear, or swear off the American political scene, because (I do have to admit) I learned that one of my heroes Senator Diane Feinstein, 89,  has returned to work after several months. She, a pivotal player in the Judiciary Committee, has been sorely missed. Her absence occasioned by shingles  she has not fully recovered as yet. This my imaginary conversation with her. 

Me: Senator Feinstein, why did you not get a shingles vaccine? I know you can afford it, it cost me only $192.15 (Canadian)

She: Well, my doctor recommended the vaccine but it was not available. 

Me: Actually the same thing happened to me when I as living in California. I had to come to Canada, have my doctor recommend it and have the cash to pay for it. I am SO relieved, knowing I will not have to go through the pain and suffering you endured. 

She: The cash to pay for it? What if you were old and did not have the money?

Me: Rachael Notley the NDP candidate has pledged government funding for  seniors and those in care facilities.

She: The opposition, what about her? 

Me: When pigs fly! She has a platform of anti vaccination, anti science and wants to charge people (who can ill afford it) for emergency room visits even when there are no alternatives. By the way, she was covid vaccinated – saying that it was necessary because she travels. She travelled to the US to get the vaccination. 

She: Why? Couldn’t she just get a vaccination in Alberta. 

Me: One would think so. God works in mysterious ways I guess. 

It is definition time, yet again. Definition of when pigs fly. It’s impossible for pigs to fly, so when someone says this, they are saying that something will (most likely) never happen. An example:  “I might wake up early to clean my room…” “Yeah right, you’ll do that when pigs fly. Is it an idiom or a proverb? “When pigs fly” idiom is a form of adynaton, which is a type of hyperbole. The word adynaton comes from the Greek word adunaton, which means impossible. Adynaton is a figure of speech involving the use of a phrase that represents something that is impossible or highly improbable.

God works in mysterious ways is a saying Perhaps from a poem by William Cowper (who lived 1731–1800), whose first stanza reads, “God moves in a mysterious way / His wonders to perform; / He plants His footsteps in the sea / And rides upon the storm.”

  The saying also has Hebrew Bible origins: Psalms 9:10 Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you. The moment you arrive, you relax; you’re never sorry you knocked. 10 Those who know Your name trust in You because You have not abandoned those who seek You, Lord.

I write on the morn of Mother’s Day. Yesterday Buddy delivered my Save-On groceries. We laughed, amusing one another in our usual style. 

He: Hey! My favorite person! 

Me: What are you doing working today? 

He: I am working today so that I can be with my wife and kids on Mother’s Day. 

Me: What a good guy you are! I am not a mother, my mother is dead so I shall not celebrate Mother’s Day, 

He: I know. So I did not wish you Happy Mother’s Day. 

Me: Well, you could wish me Happy Barren by Choice Day. Hahaha

Barren has some awful sounding synonyms. The best, (I guess) is unproductive. The others:  infertile, unfruitful, sterile, arid, desert, waste, desolate, uncultivable; impoverished. I guess uncultivable is moderately acceptable. There have been many attempts to cultivate me in the past, none were successful. Hahaha, 

I always say that I chose not to have children but I am so happy that my parents decided to have them – well have me anyway. Never been that happy about my two brothers. A photo of me as a child and a photo of my two brothers, If I can find them amongst my multiple photos. 

I had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday and the day before. Perhaps I might have to get back to my ordinary practice of blogging every day – you are missing out on some incredibly fun moments.