Amazing Sight Seeing Leaves Appear On Trees Almost Overnight; My Cup Runneth Over from Psalms  23 of the Hebrew Bible; TMI Explored Extensively; Quran 6:65; The Scottish Stone of Destiny Transported to London for the Coronation; Photos of Trees 

There are photos to prove it, to be seen at the conclusion of this blog. Winter turned to spring (if not tropical summer) according to the temperatures of the last few days – occasioning severe weather alert, as well as brush fires in Entwhistle and Leduc. MyiPhone flashing alerts to residents of those areas to get out fast, helpfully supplying a telephone number if assistance was needed. There seemed no sign of spring out the window, just yellow grass with some green on the border. I sat at the breakfast table looking at the great out of doors and could not believe my eyes. A nearby tree, a healthy one, had sprouted leaves – greenery. It happened overnight it seemed. Of course, I grabbed my iPhone, took a picture or two. Therefore proof shall be yours. One was taken through  the open screened window, the other through a closed window. You, (unless you are blind) will be able to tell the difference. I had taken a photo from the same window of an evergreen tree laden with the first snow fall. I shall append it to the blog as well, if I can locate it. 

The seasons bring such joy – not lived in the four seasons for fifty-five years. My cup overfloweth – that is from Psalms 23 of the Hebrew Bible. I just knew that, did not have to Google it. Psalms 23 became my mantra, for some strange reason, during my pre Islamic Vancouver days (2017-2019). I still marvel at that and wonder. It is not difficult to memorize but it came to mind unbidden during those days. Just this very moment, did Google it with these results:” My cup runneth over” is a quotation from the Hebrew Bible (Psalms:23:5) and means “I have more than enough for my needs”, though interpretations and usage vary Wikipedia also speaks of it: “This phrase, in Hebrew כּוֹסִי רְוָיָה (kōsî rəwāyāh), is translated in the traditionally used King James Version as my cup runneth over. Newer translations of the phrase include “my cup overflows”[2] and “my cup is completely full”.[3] The 23rd psalm, in which this phrase appears, uses the image of God as a shepherd and the believer as a sheep well cared-for. Julian Morgenstern has suggested that the word translated as “cup” could contain a double meaning: both a “cup” in the normal sense of the word, and a shallow trough from which one would give water to a sheep.” As usual, Wikipedia is suffering from TMI which stands for Too Much Information or, in other words Information Overload. 

This rises to the level of hysterically funny, not slightly funny but hysterically funny. Wouldn’t you know,  Wikipedia also has a massive entry on Information Overload. Here it goes:” Information overload (also known as infobesity,[1][2] infoxication,[3] information anxiety,[4] and information explosion[5]) is the difficulty in understanding an issue and effectively making decisions when one has too much information (TMI) about that issue,[6] and is generally associated with the excessive quantity of daily information. The term “information overload” was first used as early as 1962 by scholars in management and information studies, including in Bertram Gross’ 1964 book, The Managing of Organizations,[7][8] and was further popularized by Alvin Toffler in his bestselling 1970 book Future Shock.[9] Speier et al. (1999) said that if input exceeds the processing capacity, information overload occurs, which is likely to reduce the quality of the decisions.[10] In a newer definition, Roetzel (2019) focuses on time and resources aspects. He states that when a decision-maker is given many sets of information, such as complexity, amount, and contradiction, the quality of its decision is decreased because of the individual’s limitation of scarce resources to process all the information and optimally make the best decision “ 

It does not stop here. Google it for yourself, it goes on and on and on and on, endlessly. Wikipedia is providing TMI about TMI. This world is a crazy place, there is no doubt about that. In tragic ways a crazy place – the ongoing atrocities in Palestine, the emerging atrocities in Sudan where mere mortal evil men fight for power and control, taking sides, other rulers interfering in the internal affairs of countries, not their own. 

A portion of my daily five prayer ‘ritual’ is the random reading of verses from the  from the Quran. I stumble upon most fascinating verses – usually hidden from the view of those who use their knowledge of Arabic and the Quran to ‘feather their nests.’ Some verses do nothing to further their nest feathering causes. (I cannot even imagine the wrath they have earned.) To feather your nest means to look after one’s own interests, especially material ones. Another meaning: If you say that someone is feathering their nest, you mean that they are getting a lot of money out of something, so that they can lead a comfortable life. Some self styled Islamic scholars take advantage of their position in order to get a lot of money. Their greed never seems to stop. Let the record reflect that (as lawyer’s say in court)  I make no money from this blog, supporting it, paying employees out of my hard earned lawyer retirement dollars. 

I have digressed, back to my discovery. Quran 6:65: “He has the power to serve punishment on you from above your heads or from beneath your feet, or to divide you into sects and make you taste one another’s violence.” 

Certain Middle East countries meddle in the affairs of other countries. Recent media revelations and leaks have revealed their identities. I shall not meddle and name them, thinking of one in particular. There is hope in sight:  if  Arab countries unify under the leadership of MBS, some Middle East domaine’s and their effects with be nullified. But that is none of my business. I am, after all, an old lady born in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan gets along well with its neighbors – Alberta and Manitoba. The North Saskatchewan River flows through the provinces emptying into Hudson’s Bay. More about that and the ‘plan’ to develop a direct passage way for our Alberta oil. 

But back to THE event – the coronation of King Charles III. A great deal of media attention – some focusing on the ‘stolen’ gems of crown some former colonized countries insisting on their reparation. But ‘my Scotland’ focused on another stone. The Stone of Destiny. A few days ago a very inspiring Instagram reel was posted. The Stone of Destiny was, with great ceremony, being taken from Scotland to London for the coronation. I have attached the link so that you will have the privilege of viewing it. I was so moved by the respect and honor shown the stone, that I responded not once but twice. 

Me: I love the ritual, the ceremony, the link to the past and the bagpipes. I also respect and love that women were honoured in carrying the Stone. That positive response has earned 51 Likes. It is most gratifying.  

This my second response:  

Me: Thank you for the history of this stone of destiny, From Jacob to now, with Scotland being its faithful Guardian, Makes me proud to be a Scot (ancestry) That positive response has earned 33 Likes. It is most gratifying.   

I am done for the day. This afternoon going to have a mani – not a pedi, just a mani.