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Observant readers will notice that there is something new. A Different Banner, A Different SubHeading. It Announces: 

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Stats is the newest edition. Decided it needed to be there, to complete the picture then, everything would be here, present and accounted for. The past six years have found me  blithely handing out my blog card to strangers. Blithely, an adverb, means (in this instance) in a happy or carefree manner. 

Me: I am famous! Here is my blog card. I don’t care if you read it or not because I don’t make any money from it. 

They: So it is the blog that makes you famous. 

Me: Yes. It is read all over the world. 

But  there has never been anything, readily accessible, to prove the truth of that statement. Now there is, and it will continue to be modified. Never has there been an analysis of the popularity of the blog, this seems to be a beginning. I consider it all to be a phenomena.  

Two definitions of phenomena come into play. The first is true: a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question. The second definition is also accurate:a remarkable person, thing, or event. A synonym for the second definition is something to write home about. That is rather quirky. 

In spite of this, perhaps because of this, I did something yesterday morning that may have major implications for my life. Laughingly, I shall engage my alter ego in conversation. 


Me: I did something which seems major. I registered my interest in a program offered by Cambridge Muslim College. It is an Online Psychology Diploma program. I am most excited. 

Alter Ego: I thought you said that you were tired of going to school. After all you have more degrees than ex-husbands already. 

Me: I know I said that, and trust me, I am not undertaking this in order to acquire another husband  BUT 

Alter Ego: But what? 

Me: I have had a lifelong interest in psychology – wanted to become a therapist but instead became a lawyer. Taken many courses in psychology an, prior to becoming a lawyer worked as a social worker at in a psychiatric outpatient clinic and at Alberta Hospital. I have had years of therapy myself,  more than Woody Allen I used to joke. 

Alter Ego: But this is somehow different?  

Me: It is! It is a unique opportunity to combine the wisdoms offered by my recent Islamic faith with the knowledge I have of psychology. It is exciting!

Alter Ego: Are you going to think about it? It seems a big step. It will take lots of time. 

Me: I shall and it will.  The program does not begin until September. Application deadline is in March. It is encouraging that the faculty is extremely well qualified. I do love learning. 

Alter Ego: You do! It is one of you best traits. 

Me: That and my sense of humour, she said humbly. Hahahaha???

The program seems meant to be. This is what Google says about ‘meant to be’ “It seems certain to happen, if something is meant to be, usually because it has been decided by God or other forces that people believe cannot be controlled.” I just now looked up this definition but yesterday, upon receiving details about the program on my Instagram DM, further telling me I should register an interest form. I immediately responded to them. 

Me: I shall do so thank you!! It seems as if Allah (SWT) directed you to send this to me. I was considering it but need to commit to the idea. Thank you!!! 

They: ❤️

All of this is true, The whole truth and nothing but the truth. But back to my present day-to day life, not been talking about it recently.  There has been a lot going on and I have some catching up to do. Some things have been left unsaid and I did promise to provide details later.  

Spoke of the ATM located in the Legislative Cafeteria on January 28, 2023 including a photograph.  Quite routinely I visit the ATM conveniently located at my breakfast place and something akin to magic happens. I put a piece of plastic in the machine, type in a few numbers and out pops Canadian money. But this is the real magic – I request $400 (for example), get new bills (twenties of the funny Monopoly looking stuff Canadians call money). Then I get a receipt which tells me that I have only been charged $325 against my American bank account. So I make $75 every time I use the machine. This is much better than slot machines found in Las Vegas or in casinos. It is legal and reliable. I know the danger of addictions, so only use the machine when cash is needed – most of my transactions are by credit card or online banking, so this occurs only about once a week. . 

Needless to say I am in a good mood, who would not be? I am utterly blessed in every way. LOL not only posts the blog daily but he has also assumed the role of Administrative Assistant in many ways. Yesterday, visited with his mother, answering many basic computer questions, helped me hang Mixtiles on the wall AND established a SaveOn grocery delivery account. My first delivery is about to  happen. With regular grocery delivery to my door I never have to leave my apartment – except to have a manicure, a pedicure, a hair appointment, a dentist appointment, an appointment with my doctor or my banker. I can also treat myself to an occasional meal out. I found a perfect place, Brew and Bloom. A reel and a post of the experience is on Instagram. Woke up to a text message from Lucky. 

He: Oh! Are you excited for groceries tomorrow???

Me: I am indeed! I just hope they come before noon because I have a tour of the Legislative Building then, I forgot about the groceries when I made the reservation. 

By the way I do, pay LOL for his services. We have a contract which specifies his hourly rate. Then he knows what is expected of him and I know what I am supposed to do. He is only 15 which is awfully young to be an Administrate Assistant to an old woman. ??

Into every life some rain must fall and too much is falling on mine (as the song goes. (Google  to find a rendition by Ella Fitzgerald and the Inkspots).  I fear I do have some rather major problems but they are slowly getting resolved with the help of good people. I have learned (slowly) to be patient, not get angry and attempt to reach new solutions relying on the guidance of Allah (SWT). Here is a small example, the other issues are unfortunately major.  Earnestly been trying since September to get a framed photography order from Mixtiles. Send them photos and they deliver framed photos that are easily mounted on the wall. They were efficient but delivery by UPS proved impossible. The security of this building make deliveries difficult.  Decided it could wait until after Umrah – got home, reordered, got the parcel delivered to a nearby UPS store. It was delivered, on my way back from a great lunch at Brew and Bloom, had the taxi stop, and the parcel was mine. I am so happy – so happy that I ordered more. The new order,  photographs taken in Mecca ?, will be placed in my prayer room. It shall become the perfect sanctuary, with the precious prayer rug, my Mt. gifted picture of the cave where inspiration was received and often, a flower arrangement. It shall be my very own holy place. Women are not required to pray in a mosque, they are exempted from Friday prayers, can go to the mosque for Friday prayers but it is not a requirement. Women’s prayer rooms are often small and cramped – feeling or causing someone to feel uncomfortably confined or hemmed in by lack of space. This is certainly so at the Edmonton Al Rashid Mosque (despite the fact that it was originally founded by the efforts of a Lebanese woman). Small  cramped women’s prayer rooms in mosques can be seen as both a cause and an effect. Cause and effect means that things happen because something prompted them to happen. A cause is why something happens. An effect is what happened.

The cause is that women are not required to pray in a mosque and the effect is that the rooms are small. 

However, I am truly blessed. While living in Abu Dhabi I was able to enter (and pray in) the enormous Women’s Prayer Room of the Grand Mosque. Once for Friday prayers with other women and their children, playing as their mothers prayed. It was an amazing experience. One another visit I was allowed lone entry into the room and provided with a prayer mat. I had a religious experience that was transformative, which will remain private. 

It seems that I am blessed with the best of both worlds. 

My long life consists of many chapters – most disparate and unconnected. Born in Saskatchewan –  family move to Edmonton, U of A – marriage and San Francisco – divorce and Marin – law school, County Counsel, second marriage – divorce, West Marin days – third marriage, grandkids, travel, Ikebana – retirement, divorce, small apartment – London, school, Tate book, blog- Vancouver – SF, revert to Islamic faith- Corte Madera – persecution, the UAE – Edmonton again-Umrah and Saudi Arabia – Back home to Edmonton, shop at SaveMore. 

But here is how they strangely come together – integrate in the strangest of ways. SaveOn has frozen lox – I love lox with bagels and cream cheese and also with scrambled eggs and onions. The package shall be pictured. Smoked Coho Salmon. The second husband was Kenneth Coho. It is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

The second photo displays my hallway wall. I quilt block made by my mother, beautiful handiwork, the block pattern called Ship of Dreams. Alongside, a different form of handiwork. My left hand with henna applied by a young Muslim woman at the Muslim Heritage Festival, held this autumn in Churchill Square.  A rather unusual juxtaposition, that is for sure. 

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