What a Difference a Year Makes; The Rather Accidental Discovery of the Alexis (aka Sheikha Fatimah) of a Year Ago; What a Difference a Day Makes, the Song and the Truth Behind it, Drivel Defined with Its Fabulous Synonyms; Quotes from January 1, 2022 Blog; True Circumstances Revealed; Hypocrite Defined and Illustrated: A Great Fish and Chip Meal at the Legislative Cafeteria. Photos of Food, Me and ATM machine 

Do admit that I took the title from that terribly romantic song: “What a Difference a Day Makes”. It is actually utter drivel  but it inspiring (if you lack education and credibility.) First,  we shall look at the word drivel. (Well that is what I am doing first, if you continue to read, that is what you are doing first. I am in charge here. It is my blog.)

Drivel is talking nonsense. The synonyms are the very best I have ever read, here are some of them. Drivel: twaddle, claptrap, balderdash, gibberish, mumbo jumbo; rubbish; tommyrot, poppycock, phooey, hot air, eyewash, piffle, garbage, tripe, bosh, bull, bunk, blah, hogwash, baloney; cobblers, codswallop, stuff and nonsense, tosh, rot, waffle; flapdoodle, blathers, wack, bushwa, applesauce; bunkum; bollocks, balls, crapola. 

I do admit to not mentioning some of the more vulgar ones – I would not like my blog to be x rated (what ever that might mean and the implications that might arise from that unknown) The antonym of drivel is sense. As in: “What sense does that make?”


Now onto the song. What a Difference A Day makes was written in 1991 (not really, it was written in Spanish by Maria Grever, a Mexican song writer in 1934 says Wikipedia, who fact checks so that is the truth) 

What a difference a day makes

24 little hours

Brought the sun and the flowers

Where there used to be rain

My yesterday was blue, dear

Today I’m a part of you, dear

My lonely nights are through, dear

Since you said you were mine

What a difference a day makes

There’s a rainbow before me

Skies above can’t be stormy

Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss

It’s heaven when you find romance on your menu

What a difference a day made

And the difference is you.

Can anyone actually, in this day and age, thinks that one person is going to change their life (in a good way) forever. Even Google recognizes that this is impossible: “The song is about boy-girl breakups and make-ups. To characterize the breakups, dark, stormy skies with heavy rain represent the apart times.”

I do admit that (in my typical fashion) I am totally and completely off topic. Just hoping this all might come together, but not sure that it shall. 

This very morning, searching about for a blog topic, looked at printed statistics according to country, but needed to know when, and where,  they had come from. So I typed statistics into my now functioning search engine of the blog and several popped up, including one from January 21, 2022 which is about a year ago.  All of the words were spoken in utter truth and sincerity, often with factual data to support the viewpoint. For example, the statistics which conveyed the fact that I had attracted 156 UAE viewers in one week. 

This is me about a year ago. “I thought it was the last month and told people from around here that it was one month in which I had attracted 156 UAE viewers. But as I prepared this blog realized that it was only one week. Absolutely WOW!!!

Awoke to a powerful video on Instagram prepared the Supreme Commander of the UAE Forces. It was so powerful. I commented as Alexis McTwit. I do not have my iPhone with me at the moment. I am having a flat white and a croissant breakfast in Costa at my home, the Premier Inn. I am clad in my robe, slippers but dressed underneath and have a head scarf. So I am clad according to the Qur’an – Allah says that both men and women should be dressed modestly. All those other rules, upon women, are imposed by men in the last 1400 years. I will just quote my Instagram words in tomorrow’s (or later today’s blog).

Therefore, I will now send this off spreading Glad Tidings Of Great Joy (I think that is a Christian Christmas Hymn) – That Shall Be Heard Amongst All Peoples. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed preaches tolerance and is building a monument to three religions on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. The site is next to the Louvre – where I was the very first 2022 member. I am increasingly feeling that I belong here, for oh so many reasons. Now if I would ONLY get my Emeritus ID. The faith teaches patience and for me, I am showing great patience. All praise to Allah.” 

Three words come to mind – flummoxed, yikes and huh?  I did say, and I quote: “I am increasingly feeling that I belong here, for oh so many reasons.” I DID NOT BELONG IN THE UAE. No one but a few Emeriti belong in the UAE and even some of them want out. 

This is what happened next. Twenty four days later, on February 14, 2022, I received a rejection notice that my application for a retirement visa was denied. I had applied in November 2021 but received no reply. (I was told by Immigration authorities in Dubai in October of 2021 that there would be no problem, if I gave them six months bank records, did so with the application.)  I was not at all happy at the time – now I see that it was the best possible  Valentine’s Day present that I have ever received. 

It was factual I did watch a powerful video featuring the now President of the UAE,  but the video was most probably based on lies. Hypocrites rule the UAE, hypocrites are mentioned 14 times in the Qur’an. Martin Lings book: “Muhammed: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources  on Muhammed”  explains it all. The Prophet (PBUH) fled Mecca for Medina because he was being tortured and ridiculed and followers were being killed. Many of Mecca fled with him; they were called the “Emigrants” . There were many Jews living in Medina who became “Helpers” Muslims of Medina but some of them did not really believe – they did so in order to gain and retain power as the power base had shifted. They were hypocrites, they lied. Allah (SWT) made the Prophet aware of the power of their duplicity, that is why hypocrite is mentioned 14 times in the Qur’an. One can be a faith hypocrite: lie pretending to be a Muslim or one can live their lives as a hypocrite.  Hypocrites have four qualities: 1. They lie 2.They break their promises 3. They break their covenants 4. They do not “fight fair” when they are resisted: loose their tempers, yell, swear and do even worse. I always tell the truth, it does not occur to me that others lie. So I am duped, fooled and used by hypocrites. But now I can spot them. They are no longer in my life. 

The President of the UAE and his government who preach tolerance – are tolerant towards Israel but not Palestine – they are always the first to welcome both new and old heads of  Israel. The monument to three faiths remains uncompleted, unbuilt after the passage of several years. Almost all construction the UAE can best be described as instantaneous – new buildings appear almost over night. So why not the three faiths monument. 

Enough of that. What happened to me yesterday?  It has been a most eventual year. Escaped from the UAE on May 8, 2022 and NOW I am where I belong. I am home, living in the land of my birth, surrounded by good people. Not a hypocrite amongst them. 

Yesterday was so much fun. It snowed – I made an Instagram reel at sunrise showing the incredibly efficient snow removal machines and people at work. Afterwards, read more of the book mentioned above. The Legislative cafeteria serves fish and chips on Fridays at lunch. It was rather slippery but thought the underground tunnels could take me there. But no, need to be an employee with a pass to get out of the tunnel into the Legislative Building. So I slowly and carefully walked outside, greeting others, laughing and talking. Got to the cafeteria, ordered my fish and chips which were absolutely delicious. I spoke to the Food and Beverage Manager, complimenting him on the food.

Me: I loved the fish and chips. The crust on the fish was perfect, the fish ideally cooked, moist and fresh. Even the cole slaw was delicious. The cabbage fresh, the dressing just the right amount of sweetness. 

A man was with him and we began chatting. During the course of the conversation told him of my many ex-husbands and my age.

He: You do not look 80. You look 50. 

Me: Thank you! If I wanted another husband, your attitude would make you a contender. 

Then I said to wonderful Pat, a trusty honest employee. 

Me: Who is that man? 

She: He is the boss. 

Me: Really??? Well,  that was nice of me, telling the truth about the food in front of him. 

She: It was very good. We are most grateful. 

Me: Thanks. It came naturally. Hahaha ? I was telling the truth. 

I had Pat’s colleague take a photo of me to send to my Nepal daughter. I was wearing the scarf that the daughter gave to her Canadian Mom when she went to Mecca. Wore it as a head scarf when in Saudi Arabia but wore it as a scarf when dining at the Alberta Legislative cafeteria. Later I laughed with Nepal daughter and LOL who posts this blog. It is a little cold today (minus 17) but I can stay in. It was always too hot in the UAE and I prefer cold over hot. 

The sun is shining, the air is clear. No sand storms like the UAE. I am happy, happy, happy. 

Photo is me, and other photos from the Alberta Legislative Cafeteria, including the rug which was probably there when Great Uncle William was doing the plaster work in 1911. Hahahah?There is a photo of the ATM machine, very funny story about it. It gives me money. Stay tuned      

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