Most Recent Staggering Statistics; What Do I Do with This Readership? Avoiding Negativity I Turn to Triviality’ Review of Spare; Photos of Happier, Positive Times 

Earlier this month of January asked Computer Guru Chris for my blog statistics. I do this every once in a while. I am not, as they say,  married to the numbers  because I make no money from my blog, and never intend to, btw.  I rather despise people who offer me advice about my blog – which is always unsolicited because I have  never and will never ask anyone but a proven expert for advice. It is successful enough for me (perhaps too successful, but that is a whole another story).

Chris summarized the situation: “I think the takeaway here is we’re not far from crossing the half million hits mark and similarly 150, 000 visitors, in a month perhaps!”

This is what was happening in the middle of January of 2023. Do not know about you, but I am most impressed and since I do not know who you are anyway – I do not care what you think. Hahaha (even LOL) Here they are – it is scientific, not bloating them in attempt to prove something or to impress anyone. 


What in the world am I doing with all this readership? What am I supposed to be doing with all of this?. That is the question. I, at times, feel that I want to make a difference in this world. But that might be sheer vanity. I was a successful blogger at the time of my reversion to the faith. My spiritual advisor thought that the blog was a blessing – saying he could only influence one class at a time and that my world wide influence could make a difference. But who knows? I try to be positive, but some negative things have been happening to me. I want to call out people who had harmed me. Leaking to the world new facts, new information recently discovered, which is not at all positive. But who ho wants to read and dwell in negativity?

But can there be something between being deadly serious and frivolously funny? Can I let go of some of my anger and just speak of something that is not very important as a way to calm down?

I made the following compromise with myself. I could speak of trivial matters. Matters of little importance, that I do not care about, nor do others car about. Put things into perspective.

Found the perfect platform. A man on Instagram, not a follower, who makes idiotic responses to my comments on Instagram  He is known for his negativity, and also his, shall be politely say, his lack of information.

There was a fantastic Instagram reel took place in a London Theatre. Dame Edna arrived in the Royal Box, speaking to Royalty assembled there.  The entire audience including King Charles III and Dame Edna were laughing in sheer delight. This guy took umbrage at this commenting: 

He: Such a shame the way he treated his wife, son and daughter in law.

This seemed a rather silly comment, so despite my usual good intentions, responded to him.

Me: Oh really???? Good vibes earn good vibes. It is proven to be so.

Five individuals liked my response.

But the guy appeared again.

He: Indeed, exactly. Harry’s book ‘Spare’ has certainly got good vibes, what with it being the fastest selling non fiction book ever, and all that. A real kick in the teeth to all at the palace. It was a lot easer in the old days to kick Edward and Mrs, Simpson under the bus.

Well that certainly earned a another response from me, one who knows history.

Me: But they deserved to be kicked under the bus. Have you no sense or knowledge about history? Clearly not. I do pity the Royal Family, trying earnestly to do a good ob and maintain dignity and respect. Harry did not even write the book and is functionally illiterate. He is not the hero in his own tale of woe but the villain.

I was knowledgable about the past, the treachery of Edward and Mrs Simpson and had read an excellent book review in The New Yorker.  There was a down side to this as this exchange and excellent book review prompted me to get back into the whole H&M scenario. Scenario used in this context has the following synonyms: course of events, chain of events, series of developments, situation.

I am now supplying the link to the review which is excellently reviewed, laden with facts and accurate pithy comments:

The review, written by Rachael Mead, has the following subtitle: “Electrified by outrage—and elevated by a gifted ghostwriter—his blockbuster memoir “Spare” exposes more than Harry’s enemies.” The review sounds absolutely juicy and it does deliver. And further: The Prince has suggested that he sees his book as an appeal for reconciliation, addressed to his father and brother.

I suggest you read the review – certainly not the book, but the review. Here are some salient points. Harry not only did not write it, paid someone else handsomely to do it. He could afford it because he reportedly received  a 20 million dollar advance. Poor Harry, is not exactly trying to rectify the past – instead he is cashing in on it, at everyone’s (except his wife’s) expense.  It is unimaginable that he would think that this is an appeal for reconciliation. I guess he did not read the book himself. That is rather laughable – but rather tragic. 

This is an example of ‘reconciliation’, found in the book. “King Charles, as he became upon the death of Queen Elizabeth, in September, will not find much to like in “Spare,” which may offer the most thoroughgoing scything of treacherous royals and their scheming courtiers since the Prince of Denmark’s bloody swath through the halls of Elsinore. Queen Camilla, formerly “the Other Woman” in Charles and Diana’s unhappy marriage, is, Harry judges, “dangerous,” having “sacrificed me on her personal PR altar.” William’s wife, Kate, now the Princess of Wales, is haughty and cool, brushing off Meghan’s homeopathic remedies” William himself is domineering and insecure, with a wealth of other deficits: “his familiar scowl, which had always been his default in dealings with me; his alarming baldness, more advanced than my own; his famous resemblance to Mummy, which was fading with time.”

King Charles is more sympathetically portrayed. Mead gives a rather ironic nod to the situation. “As painful as Charles must find the book’s revealing content, he might grudgingly approve of Harry’s Shakespearean flourishes in delivering it.” Harry never could share his father’s love of the bard but does offer an excuse in the book. “Harry at least gives a compelling excuse for his inability to discover what his father so valued, though it’s probably not one that he gave to his schoolmasters at Eton. “I tried to change,” he recalls. “I opened Hamlet. Hmm: Lonely prince, obsessed with dead parent, watches remaining parent fall in love with dead parent’s usurper . . . ? I slammed it shut. No, thank you.”

Mead does say that not only did Harry perhaps not read the book, but that he does not even know what a book is.

“It’s not clear that even now, having authored a book, Harry entirely understands what a book is; when challenged by Tom Bradby about his decision to reveal private conversations after having railed so forcefully about the invasive tactics of the press, Harry replied, “The level of planting and leaking from other members of the family means that in my mind they have written countless books—certainly, millions of words have been dedicated to trying to trash my wife and myself to the point of where I had to leave my country.”

I do love Mead’s conclusion. “ In moving to the paradisiacal climes of California, Harry has been spared a life he had no use for, which had no real use for him. The unlettered Prince has gained in life what Hamlet achieved only in death: his own story shaped on his own terms, thanks to the intervention of a skillful Horatio. You might almost call it Harry’s crowning achievement.”

It proved impossible to write another negative blog, dealing with the gloom and doom of the world. Nor did I want to launch an attack upon the scoundrels and crooks that are attempting to ruin my life and the life of other worthy people. Did not have the energy or nor the phoniness to be funny. Instead you got this. A celebration of my numbers coupled with a matter of not much importance. Whether to not Harry’s book is read makes little difference to me. I am sure that in anonymous Instagram negative man is not reading this to learn of history or exploring character traits. It was rather fun to be negative about a minor matter that deserved negativity. I cannot be attacked by such folk because of the wall originally constructed by Computer Guru Chris. You definitely can stop reading me but with my statistics I do not care and you cannot reach me through the blog.

The photographs portray  happier times. The two Saudi women who greeted me at the Jeddah airport (missing from yesterday’s blog).. My recent computer screen saver, a photo showing delight upon receiving a tray of treats from the manager of my Mecca hotel. Also a photo of the tray in its entirely, as well as a magnificent flower display.

I am so thankful for the blessings I have received in my life, and it is best that I remember them. But I will get to take aim and use social media in my defense. I pity the poor recipients. 

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