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I received the highest of all compliments this morning, via Instagram.. Halaprofessor pinned a comment I made to his reel. It was a reel entitled Islam in Albania showing hundreds of men at prayer. I had written

Me: Thank you for bringing this to us. We may not be uniform but we are united in our faith.

Halaprofessor posts many wise and valuable words and actions. I urge Instagram followers to read and heed his posts. As all of you who follow me on Instagram will know my posts are seldom wise and valuable. My response to other’s wisdoms do seem to be my major contribution. But I do have 1000 followers so I do get some respect for that. ( I guess, but respect for that and five dollars get you a latte at Starbucks (maybe) 

But earlier this Sunday morning I received encouragement. A quote from the Quran.

He: (in Arabic but then translated); Oh humanity. First bring peace!

I was inspired and responded saying that I hoped I was doing so in making public the wise 1943 words of King Saud (of Saudi Arabia of course). They are now on the blog under the heading called Palestine but shall be repeated on this particular blog.

I marvel at the vast number of coincidences, coupled with the cooperation of oh so many that makes it hopefully possible that the world can actually see for themselves what was going on at the time of the wrongful creation of Israel on the land of  Palestine. The results of that terrible decision has caused havoc and death world wide – not only in Palestine, but worldwide. Havoc describes it,  and describes it well. It has two meanings, both unfortunately appropriate.

Havoc is widespread destruction; also great confusion or disorder. Think back at the world since the creation of Israel. 

The definition of Israel is found in Dictionary nestled in my Apple computer.” A country in the Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea; population 8,100,000 (estimated 2015); capital (not recognized as such by the United Nations), Jerusalem; languages, Hebrew (official), English, and Arabic.”

Dictionary continues to spell out the facts, seemingly forgotten in this day and age. “The modern state of Israel was established as a Jewish homeland in 1948, on land that was at that time part of the British mandated territory of Palestine. Israel was immediately attacked by the surrounding Arab states, which it defeated. The continuing conflict with the neighbouring Arabs, mainly over the rights of the Palestinians displaced from their homes or living under Israeli rule, has caused continual tension and intermittent terrorist and military activity. Further wars occurred in 1956, 1967, and 1973, which resulted in Israeli occupation of eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights. In 1993 Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization signed an agreement for limited Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but this proved unsuccessful in bringing about an end to conflict.”

Parenthetically, (I did not recall that Israel was attacked by the surrounding Arab states in the beginning. I thought it was the other way around. Hmmmm.)

The creation of Israel was wrongful in the beginning. King Saud told the world this, using a USA magazine Life which I found in my possession in May of 2021. After considerable effort and cooperation from the unlikely sources to bring this to your attention;  this is what King Saud said:

The Wise Words of King Saud Spoken on

March 21,1943 

Interview of His Majesty the King with LIFE Magazine’s Representative, Mr. Busch Read, March 21, 1943

What is your Majesty’s opinion concerning the Palestine problem?

I have withheld my opinion concerning the Palestine problem from the Arabs in order to avoid placing them in an embarrassing with the Allies. But because you are one of our friends, I wish to acquaint you with my opinion so that it can be known to the friendly American people so that they may understand the truth of the matter.

First I know nothing of that justifies the Jewish claims in Palestine. Centuries before the birth of Mohammed Palestine belonged to the Jews. But the Romans prevailed over them, killed some and dispersed the rest. No trace of their rule remained. Then the Arabs seized Palestine from the Romans, more than thirteen hundred years ago and it has remained ever since in the possession of the Moslems. This shows that the Jews have no right to their claim, since all the countries saw the succession of different people who conquered them. Those countries became their undisputed homelands. Were we to follow the Jewish theory, it would become necessary to for many peoples of the world, including those of Palestine, to move out of the lands that they settled.

Secondly, I am not afraid of the Jews or of the possibility of their ever having a state or a power, either in the land of the Arabs or elsewhere. This is in accordance with what onto us through the mouth of his Prophet in his Holy Book. Thus I hold the demand of the Jews upon this land an error, first because it is an injustice against the Arabs, and the Moslems in general, and secondly because it causes dissensions and disturbances between Moslems and its friends the Allies; and in this I fail to see anything good. Furthermore, if the Jews are impelled to seek a place to live , Europe and America as well as other lands are larger and more fertile than Palestine, and more suitable to their welfare and interests. This would constitute justice, and there is no need to involve the Allies and the Moslems in a problem void of good.

As to the native population in Palestine, I suggest that the Arabs agree with their friends the Allies to safeguard the interests of those Jews, provided the Jews take no action that would lead to strife and dissension, which would not be in the general interest and provided the Jews give a guarantee, endorsed by the Allies, that they would not strive to buy Arab property, and would refrain from using their great financial power for that purpose. Such effort would only bring to the people of Palestine loss and injury, and poverty and every decay to their doors, such efforts would inevitably lead to more trouble.

On the other hand the Arabs would recognize the rights of Jews and would promise to safeguard them.

What does your Highness think of Arab unity?

There are no differences between the Arabs and I believe, with Allied aid, they will be united after the war.

(Signed) Head of the Royal Cabinet

The last of the totally improbable events that happened to bring this to you was the presence of two young men, both born in Nepal, in my Edmonton apartment on January 12, 2023. By young, I do mean young. LOL is 15, his older brother BOLOL is 18. They are both computer geniuses. LOL now posts for me. Because my computer skills are somewhat deficient.

Why is this unlikely, almost beyond belief? I left Edmonton fifty-five years ago, returning to live in May of 2022. Stumbled upon a dream apartment managed by MAN, the father of these two young men. Then WOMAN entered my life, I ‘gifted’ her with an iPhone purchased in the UAE (where I lived for five months). Through the transitioning of the device I became acquainted with the technical skills of LOL and he became my helpmate and employee. His brother accompanied he and his mother on January 12, 2023. His brothers more advanced skills were needed. I could not print the photograph of the magazine page. It was necessary so that I could decipher the small print. Somehow they both were able to print it and I was able, the very next day to type his words. I then sent the words to Computer Guru Chris in the UK as I decided that the words should be in a prominent and permanent place on the blog. This, to my considerable relief was done quickly and thoroughly. Palestine became a permanent heading on Friday the thirteenth of 2023. May it bring back luck to Israel. I pray to Allah that justice be done on this earth. 

Many of the 99 names of Allah reveal that the Creator is the only one who can make this happen: Al-Mu’min, Al-Aziz, Al-Jabbar, Al-Qahhar, Al-Qabid.

Four names most favorable: l- Hasib (The Bringer of Judgment); Al-Hkam: The Judge,(The Arbitrator); Al-Qadir (The Powerful, He Who is able to do Everything); Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger.)

Another absolutely essential condition precedent to the shining of light upon King Saud’s Wise Words, in retrospect, was my trip to Saudi Arabia. More about that is an upcoming blog.

Condition precedent is a legal term. In a contract, a condition precedent is an event that must occur before the parties are obligated to perform.

It is a rather clever use of the term, I do have to admit. Before I could perform the placing of the words on a blog that has achieved world wide attention, I had to go to Saudi Arabia. I travelled on Qatar Airlines on December 1, 2022;  returning to Edmonton on December 24, 2022. I travelled on Qatar Airlines for many reasons. The major incentive is because its Canadian terminus was Montreal, not the mess of the Pearson Airport in Toronto. I was forced to upgrade at the last minute but it was worth every cent of my hard earned money. Economy inconvenience would have resulted in my being asleep and/or in pain for my entire Umrah pilgrimage.

Faithful readers will know that I write from my bed which is located in the living room. The wall to the right of the bed will be pictured. It Is an unlikely combination of two items. One is a yearly calendar purchased from King’s printers, located in this building. The days are marked off as they pass. Circled is the first day of Ramadan, also circled my 80th birthday.

The other is the outer box of a small wall hanging gifted to me while in Saudi Arabia. It is a photo of the cave where Muhammed (SWT) received the revelation of the Angel Gabriel that began it all. Wikipedia informs: “Muhammed’s first revelation was an event described in Islamic tradition as taking place in AD 610, during which the Islamic prophet Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel, who revealed to him the beginnings of what would later become the Qur’an. The event took place in a cave called Hira, located on the mountain Jabal an-Nour near Mecca.” 

A larger wall hanging of the cave of Hira was purchased at the same time. It is now, improbably, in the luggage room of the Hilton Hotel in Riyadh. I definitely must return to retrieve it. Why the wall hanging was left behind is another interesting tale, to be told. 

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