UAE (Back But To Be Repudiated); Islamic Insights Shall Be a New Feature; Conversations with Computer Guru on Many Topics Including “Have a Nice Day” 279 Islamic Faith Blogs Found in the Search Engine; The Last One Turns Into Being a Real Shocker; Photo of an Omelet Which Caused At Least One Man to Salivate.  

Faithful readers will note that the UAE is back, but shall be repudiated. Immediately following my May 8, 2022 escape from the UAE, thoughtful Computer Guru Chris revolved it from the title of the blog. At the time I was grateful and praised him. But today almost marks my seven month anniversary of freedom from that oppressive, evil country. A decision was made and conveyed to Computer Guru Chris via a pdf email. 

Me:  I think I want UAE back in the title as the months that I spent there were formative. I learned what really goes on there – one has to live there and have everyone speak to you to learn of the manifest evil. Everyone trusted and spoke to me.  I learned much from the folks at the Yas Mall Apple Store. It actually might be a good place for you guys to live in the UK does not work out (what with inflation and all) Living there is cheap – there are no income taxes, housing is inexpensive as (especially Dubai) is vastly overbuilt.  Apple employees are well compensated and your passport is not taken from you so you should be able to exit the place (unlike people with few skills and unreliable employees). However, there might be a problem with the dog. I did see a few, when living in the Abu Dhabi St. Regis there were people in the Residences who would walk their dogs. However, the St. Regis Abu Dhabi Residences might be expensive to live in. Check it out first. I did not check anything out before I went to live in Abu Dhabi as I was fleeing persecution from Marin County California for being a Muslim woman. One tends not to make informed decisions when you are fleeing for your life (it did seem). I digress as I always do. I am thinking that we also need a subcategory which would contain all of my Islamic writings.

He: I did it! Both are there, present and accounted for. 

Me: That is fantastic. I will write an Introduction and collect all of my previous Islamic writings in one place. I am inspired. Thanks. 

I had concluded one of my emails in the following way. 

Me: Have a nice day – do you not hate that banal phrase? 

He: Chris (have a nice day !!! (it is awfully banal, I catch myself saying it to supermarket girls and kick myself each time! )

Me: Just a fast response. Supermarket girls probably get no better, and therefore appreciate Have a Nice Day. It is better than nothing or “Move Over”. Hahaha 

Thanks for your fast response. Cannot read it at the moment as it is prayer time. This being a Muslim is a full time occupation. Say HI to the dog and love to you and Clare. Please tell the dog to have a nice day. Hahahaha Alexis

He: Agreed re the checkout girls! Dog says hi (woof!)

Me: Woof back and this conversation is going on the blog. Why not? It is amusing and people read me because I am amusing, not for the other stuff most probably. 

I typed Islamic faith into the search engine and what did suddenly appear before my eyes?? 279 blogs. Knew I was wordy but this is downright amazing. I was and continue to be not only surprised, but downright shocked, to see the vast number. They are most topical, a fast read reveals. Needless to say I have got a lot of work to do. But do sincerely feel that this is my job, my chosen task and it does add meaning to my life. 

Some people,(parasites actually)  have asked me, using Instagram DMs put their (rather banal) stories on my blog. 

Me: I use my blog to tell my story. If you want to tell your story, go right ahead and write your own blog. 

He: I never thought of that,  I will do it. 

Well, chances are, he will not. I have been blogging for almost six years, practically everyday. It takes hours. I do not get paid for it – do not wish, want or need to. I write for myself – it centers me and motivates me to research and explore the world. I do not actually care if people read me or not. Get statistics done rarely and am constantly surprised. It is impossible to reach me through the blog and I intend to keep it that way. There is a wall, maintained by Computer Guru Chris, which is rarely impregnated. 

Impregnate is a word with interesting synonyms, they might just tickle your fancy. Here they are: get pregnant, inseminate, fertilize; put in the family way; put in the club, get up the spout, knock up; get into trouble. 

Tickle your fancy is an informal idiom. If something tickles your fancy, you like it and want to have it. It is attracting and tempting Used in a sentence: Does anything on the menu tickle your fancy? It has an interesting history that is bound to offend. Here it comes. “After World War II, British English speakers began using it in a rhyming slang expression that associated a Nancy (a male homosexual) with tickling your fancy (arousing you sexually or performing sexual acts with you). An alternate version is found in strike your fancy.” I said it might be offensive to some but it is apparently the truth. The truth can often be offensive – unlike the word correct – as in politically correct (which is practically never the truth). 

This is about to be an unusual ending. By the way, when looking through the Islamic faith blogs I read the March 9, 2020 posting.  It practically curled my absolutely straight hair. I have an appointment with Tammy my fabulous hair stylist, on January 17, 2023. My bangs are so long I can barely see out. May have to resort of self help. I have an update to the March 9,2020 blog which is actually guaranteed to curl your hair (except if you are bald or black – if you are bald it is impossible and if you are black, it is curled already). 

You can look it up but. Caveat emptor may apply. Strictly speaking caveat emptor means buyer beware. It is a legal term but if the seller obtains the consent of the buyer through fraud it will not apply. Also seller if conceals any material defects of the goods which are later discovered on closer examination then again the buyer will not be responsible. 

It is a complicated principle but this is a complicated situation. I speak glowingly and praise fully of Dubai and its Covid control. Closer examination of Dubai and of its covid control revealed fraud. Once people came flocking to Expo 2020 Dubai standards relaxed. It became impossible to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi without a totally up to date pcr test. Abu Dhabi maintained the strictest of standards making it totally safe for me to live there in the Abu Dhabi Airport Premier Inn. Why was a living in a hotel for so long? Without an Emerati ID one cannot rent an apartment (or do anything – even get a fourth booster when there is a stock pile of millions of booster shots). Why was I unable to get a Emerati ID? Because my retirement funds were managed by the County of Marin Retirement Association and could not be transferred to the banks in the UAE which are owned at controlled by the Royal Families. Is this unique in the world? Entirely, the Windsors do not own the Bank of England for example. 

What else is false, although not intentional on my part. I mention the restrictions imposed upon me by a Princess of the Royal Family of Dubai. CPI questioned the advisability of following her instructions, saying she was telling me what to do and not do but not telling me of any benefit. It ended up that she was not a Princess of the Royal Family of Dubai but a Princess of the Royal Family of Qatar. When CPI later informed me of this I was greatly relieved. Why? March 5, 2020 aired the finding of the Family Court in Great Britain. The Ruler of Dubai was found to have kidnapped and abducted two of his daughters and egregiously mistreated his sixth wife. I feared for her!!! 

But that was not my Princess’ father. Her father was the Father Emir of Qatar. But there is continuing truth found within the blog. I did meet the Crown Prince of Dubai in the lobby of a humble hotel in London. That story, strange but true, continues in its remarkable, puzzling and mystifying manner even until this day. You shall hear more about it in the days and weeks to com, 

This is starting to sound like a bizarre soap opera. It isn’t it is my life. Why me? I guess I am Chosen. Been told so. Sometimes it is not easy being chosen. 

But I am safe in my humble apartment in Edmonton. I made myself a delicious omelet this morning and pictured it on Instagram. I am Alexis McTwit – if you do not follow me, DO. I have almost 1000 followers, push me over the top.  But so far only 10 Likes. I simply cannot figure our Instagram. 10 to a thousand – not good odds. This man got a response from me.   

Me: Thank you for liking my omelet. It was SO good.

He: I had one this morning. I was salivating when I saw yours. 

Me: Thank you. It is like me – it is as good as it looks. Hahahaha 

Realize this is not very Islamic but I am multi faceted. One can be a Muslim woman and still be interesting. It is difficult but definitely worth doing. 

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