Happy Day; Questions Asked of Mrs. Claus not Mr. Claus from The New Yorker; An Image of Yogi Bear; Cartoons to Share: Fame Grows; Christmas Lights Out the Window

Today is Christmas but there is no real reason for Muslims to celebrate this holiday as factually Jesus was not born on Christmas Day and further, He is not the Son of God – a Prophet within the faith held in great reverence and the Prophet who will rescue us when the Great Tribulation arrives but not the son of God. Rules Police abound in the Islamic faith shouting that absolutely anything done on Christmas is forbidden, but that is just plain silly and restrictive. I am being obedient, spending the day alone in my Edmonton apartment. I did email my cousin, wishing she and her family a Happy Day. But practicing Muslims in Saudi take a more enlightened view – one amazing woman in a shop gave me a Christmas present last week.

My preset to all this Christmas Day is some humor, actually ‘lifted from The New Yorker. The hilarious title is Questions Reporters Ask Mrs. Claus That they Would Never Ask Mr. Claus.
Here are some examples:

“I’m thinking about all the little girls who look up to you. Are you setting the right example by shackling yourself to the patriarchal heteronormative institution of marriage?”
“Do you feel like you have the right kind of temperament to lead this rapidly growing organization?”
“How’s the love life with the big man? Are you on the ‘naughty list’ this year?”
“Is it true that you keep the ‘nice list’ on a private e-mail server?”
“Isn’t the greeting ‘ho ho ho’ a bit misogynistic?
“Is the stress of the holiday season getting to you, or are you just on your period?”
“What would you say to those who accuse you of spending too much time being holly-jolly, and too little time focussing on the issues that face hardworking North Polers?”
“How many chimneys did you shimmy down before hitching your wagon to Santa’s sleigh?

The link shall be provided at the conclusion of this blog.

Do I anticipate that this will bring down the wrath of Allah, this humour on this day.? No, because it is about Santa Claus, (there is no religious message) and the Islamic faith is to be one of ease – happiness is encouraged. The fourth reason is that when Allah gives you a gift you are supposed to use it. I have the gift of humour and I do share it – in person, on the blog and occasionally on Instagram. I also share my humor with people I know and meet.

This to the wonderful Air Canada employee who lent me her winter coat.
She: I never used that jacket before, hopefully it will be ok. It was that or my ling teddy jacket, would have you looking like Yogi Bear.
Me: An attractive look perhaps. Hahaha
Me: Shall put this text exchange on the blog. Photo of me in coat on Instagram. Perhaps the ling teddy jacket would have enjoyed the fame. Hahaha

The fame is getting strange and grows. As I said in the Happy Day email to my cousin.
“There are constant messages from my ‘fans’. Posted a photo of two Saudi women who greeted me after a stressful flight, welcoming me to the faith and giving me a chocolate bar.
There were 51 Likes. I am thoroughly amazed, one even from Middle East Royalty. And I was born in Saskatchewan. (It is a joke between us as she was too). Then there have been 268 likes of the nighttime reel made in Mecca showing the immense crowds. You have no idea how this feels.”

I went on to explain the impact it has had on me. “But feeling a bit overwhelmed. Looking forward to the simple life for a couple of months.”

Do admit that I am counting the days until my return to Saudi Arabia – 82. Also made a preliminary investigation. I can travel from Edmonton to Riyadh with only two stops – one in Montreal and the other in Qatar. I feel (and am) more loved by both men and woman in Saudi Arabia. But most importantly it is a country that reveres, preserves and protects the memory of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). It also reveres, preserves and protects his history to an extent unknown in Western civilizations. As General McArthur said: I shall return.

Other offerings of humour shall be cartoons from The New Yorker. Came home to a pile of them. Picked out some of my favorites. Then I shall go back to sleep, The sun is up

Jet lag is a horrible thing. Slept some but woke up in the middle of the night. Was awake for Fajr prayer, made a breakfast of yummy eggs. Took a photo of the Christmas lights decorating the buildings nearby which shall be attached to this blog. Planning to go back to sleep when this is off as Air prayer is not for hours. .

I shall now provide you with the link to the Ms. Claus article. https://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/questions-reporters-ask-mrs-claus-that-they-would-never-ask-mr-claus?utm_source=onsite-share&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=onsite-share&utm_brand=the-new-yorker.

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