Proud to Announce That I Have a New Family; Striking It Lucky: The Experience of Wearing a Niqab; A New Nickname ATOG Bestowed; An Exceptional Medina Guide Tells All Enthusiastically; I Listen and Learn; Photos of Fatimah Wearing a Niqab; Stunning Photographs of An Amazing Day

Indeed I have. My original family did not provide sisters. This one does, now I shall have nine. You know my basic philosophy: anything worth doing is worth over doing. This family is a biggie , and an intact family, completely unknown in the USA. There is a mother and a father, nine girls, 3 son in-laws and 6 grandchildren and one son.  They are the finest example of a Muslim family that could be imagined. Giving, kind, generous, funny, expressive and entertaining. They made me promise to visit them in Mecca at least once a year. Not sure of exactly what my role is within the family because my mother is three years younger than me. For some reason the family calls me Sheikha Fatimah, but I am sure they do not regard me as their queen. My sisters are warm hearted. accomplished, educated, two are doctors living in Egypt, one sister in France is raising her two children. Another sister is training to be a physical therapist. FAMED has the noble ambition of becoming a doctor as well.

So it seems that either 1) I struck it lucky or 2) Allah has spoken or 3) a combination of the two.
Here comes another definition: Struck it lucky: to suddenly have a lot of unexpected luck.  One synonym for strike it lucky is blessing. Therefore one could say that Allah gave me a blessing.

Yesterday my ‘mother’ gave me a niqab.  I wore it and received Mixed reactions.

Sent a photo via Whats App to ATOG (Aziz The Original)
He: Wow: I did not expect that. I am not kidding you really look like my mother Fatima
Me: How can you tell? You can only see my eyes. Hahaha And I am short
He: The way you wear your niqab in similar.
He: She is also short.
Me: What happened to you??
Then sent another photo of me attempting to drink a Pepsi
Me: Me drinking a Pepsi. It was difficult.
He: I always say when eating it is better to take it off, a bit difficult.
Me: A bit difficult, it is impossible
Me: And everyone still recognizes me. I know you Alexis I read your blog and all that sort of stuff. So why bother?

Of course I had to post a photo on Instagram. It had the following caption. When in Rome do as the Romans do. When you are in Saudi Arabia, do as the Saudi women do.  I feel like I am in disguise but one London woman said: I know it is you Alexis. I read your blogs and follow you on Instagram. Oh, the price of fame! Now at a HUGE modern train station traveling from Mecca to Medina. I suppose saying that let the fun begin would be a bit inappropriate,

So far I have had 17 responses. But wait until you hear this!! I made a reel showing the vast crowds at Mecca, titling it Mecca at Night.  I have had 109 likes and 7 comments. WOW!
Related to the vast crowds at Mecca, there was a recent Instagram which discussed in detail the power of peaceful prayer. Attempted to save it to pass on the link but no one (not even me) is perfect and I have no idea how you can find it.

The day finds me in Medina. eJourney has provided an amazing, absolutely amazing tour guide, that knows EVERYTHING about Medina. It is absolutely fascinating. I ask great questions and get great answers and everything has become clear. Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was in Medina for only eight years and in that time set up an economic system that is valued and copied by wise men, even today. Medina was perfectly situated to win a war, even when it was hopelessly outnumbered by its enemies. The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) observed the war and directed its operations but when things did not happen the way it was planned, Allah stepped in and saved the day. Today we will learn of the water supply. system that exists until this very day.  But all of this knowledge imparted by this man, led me to this knowledge, made possible by Allah. Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) could not read and write – he was not necessarily a brilliant man. How did he achieve such brilliance? Because he had a direct line to Allah – a private iPhone made possible by prayer and the Angel Gabriel. Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) prayed for guidance, listened and then followed Allah’s directions. But the beauty of this Islamic faith is that we can follow this as well, even though we are not worthy of being a Prophet. We pray for guidance, listen to Allah’s words, have faith in Allah, follow his words and the Straight Path – then we shall eventually be in Jannah. Someone eloquently said that the Straight Path is the road homeward, we began with Allah and if we take the Straight Path our lives will become the road that takes us home – home to Allah.

By the way, I have to thank ATOG for all of this knowledge as he translates, because the Medina Tour Guide speaks Arabic, I do not and could not understand a word the tour guide said without him.  I said it to him privately but now I say it publicly: Thank you ATOG!

Two of the photos attached are me – one looking most stern (I think, who can tell). The other of me trying to drink Pepsi. The other two are beautiful photos of an absolutely brilliant, beautiful day. All praise to Allah.

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