My Enigmatic Existence: An Email From Uganda From a Former Abu Dhabi Fixture; A Surprise, A Wonderful Gift; Definition of Blunder; An Example of One Made by Me; Here in Montreal at Another Airport Hotel; Emergency Resolved with Caffeine; Photograph of a Painting of Paris

There is no other way to describe it. It is a mystery to me, My life’s complexity, its strangeness, the comings and goings of people, places and things. I am blessed beyond belief but there is always hardship and sorrow there, right behind and in from of it.

Here is an example. Two or three days ago I received this email, (recited in part). It was from a man who lives far away from me, but once lived nearby in Abu Dhabi. He was, briefly, a man of some  significance. But no longer and we are months away from out last contact and now, thousands and thousands of miles away.
He: A good morning to you punctual, reliable, remarkable and resilient Hajjati Fatimah..
It’s a beautiful morning here the clouds are just amazing with the afro weather which I wish you should experience.. Hahahhahaa probably Uganda lol.
Hope you set up for your trip already, I wish you nothing but greatness and mercies!
Am (I’m) overwhelmed with including men in your vlogs or blogs whichever hahaha hope one day I will be an avid reader just like you and inspire generations and generations with zero intentions of making money and hopefully your followers can recall especially when you mentioned your name ‘in the sand’ hahaha great memories were created.

I did and do feel blessed receiving that email. It was most unexpected. Our relationship did not, shall we say, go very well at the end. Then there was a middle which also was a dismal failure. But he is, for some reason, making a reappearance. We shall see. He does delight. He proclaims , but has never proved, that he can recite the entire Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet in olde Shakespearian English. It would be so fascinating to hear his words. It would me most unusual as he is from Uganda, now living there again and is black. I think I would roar with laugher, but then weep with tears of joy to hear his recitation. Some day I may. I am not, at this time, going to Uganda. Uganda, he says, is the pearl of Africa. Not been to Africa as yet.

He is a fixture of my past life – the days in Abu Dhabi, November 2021 until my blessed escape on May 8, 2022. Blessed escape as it is ruled by despots and tyrants. I thought, desperately wished, that SheikhMohammed bin Zayhed al Nuyen was cut from a different cloth – but now know that he is not. He is the ruler of the UAE but he was comprised by another Sheikh when he ‘rescued’ Dubai from its folly. The capital from the oil from Abu Dhabi ‘bailed out’ Dubai who used ‘trade’ having no oil of its own. But along came the recession, the investments were worth nothing.  Abu Dhabi rescued Dubai – it may prove to be a fatal error.

But enough about that, and onto more encouraging matters closer to home. As usual I made a blunder, not a colossal blunder but a blunder nonetheless. A blunder is a stupid or careless mistake. There are indeed synonyms: mistake, error, gaffe, oversight, inaccuracy, botch; debacle, fiasco; faux pas; slip-up, boo-boo, howler, foul-up, fail; boob.

First the good news. Deciding that a a long flight should be proceeded in calm and peace I reserved a stay at the Wyndam Garden Hotel at the Edmonton International Airport. M.A.N. and W.O.M.A.N. volunteered to drive me to the destination, We had a delicious dinner at the restaurant. W.O.M.A.N. presented her Canadian mother with a gift. W.O.M.A.N. gave me a beautiful, absolutely beautiful black scarf to wear as a hijab. I think, for many reasons, that it was the greatest gift I have ever received. Wrote her a thank you note telling her so.
They left, I went to bed and then early next morning checked the flight schedule. I was not leaving on Monday but on Tuesday. I laughed at my stupidity.
Me:Well better a day early rather then a day late.
Alter Ego: That is so true. You have another day to relax as you are so tense.
Me: You are correct and I shall.

So I did and admitted my blooper on Instagram with a photograph of a painting of Paris found on the wall of the restaurant, with the following caption
Me: I am not in Paris. I went to an airport hotel in Edmonton so that it would be easy to catch flight. But I got the day wrong and I do not fly until Tuesday. This is art on the walls of the restaurant Buffet breakfast great, dinner with friends who drove me to the hotel yummy, Staff so courteous. Enjoying myself as usual

 W.O.M.A.N. gave me a beautiful, absolutely beautiful black scarf to wear as a hijab. I think, for many reasons, that it was the greatest gift I have ever received. Wrote her a thank you note telling her so. Her Canadian Mom is most grateful.

The day that I did not go anywhere was a free day. I caught the shuttle to the airport to arrange for a wheelchair – and then had a lunch, a vegetarian pizza. But also had an amazing experience. There was a large group of people, the women wearing hijabs.  I spoke to one woman, explaining that I was a Muslim. She and her entire family were so welcoming! I was wearing my gifted scarf around my neck – one of the woman fashioned it beautifully into a hijab. Two set of parents were going to a city near Dubai (of all places) to visit their son and everyone was at the airport- seeing them off. It was such a joyous gathering – the entire family with the small children. We spoke of the faith. The mother had been to Mecca and talked of how she wept, flooded with emotion. We promised to stay in touch when I return. I hope it happens. They live in West Edmonton.

I write from Montreal, the Doubletree at the airport. I had an ‘emergency’. I could not figure out how the coffee machine worked so I called in a sense of panic. I wonderful young man was sent and now I am enjoying my second cup. I was conversing with the man who shall serve as my guide at my destination. He has been fantastic – he was helping me with my visa. It was sent as a pdf so I am ready and can gain entry. I laughingly told him of my dilemma. He responded, also laughing, thoroughly understanding the absolute need for caffeine. He has the sexiest speaking voice. You will hear more about him and the trip I am making in the next blog – when I am on my way. I love keeping you all in suspense.

My plans for the day have not yet been formulated. I do think I will begin reading Gary Wills book on the Islamic faith. But who knows with me? Not me. There are often surprises in store, and you can see that they are usually great surprises.
Photograph is the Paris painting.

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