Does this Ever Happen to You? Decision to Abandon Both Local and World Politics, But Back to a Final Smith Salvo: Do Not Count Your Chicken Before They are Hatched; Conscience Defined; Islamic Tawqa Explored; Another ‘Koran’ Found at Audrey’s Bookstore; Followers Defined and Counted; 2023 Inuit Wall Calendar Purchased: Major Announcement; Photos of Koran and Quran, Laughing with Trickster; Inuit Wall Art Pictured

Does this ever happen to you?  Turn on your computer, the ‘calendar ‘sends you a notice: Robert Jones Miller’s 47th Birthday is tomorrow. I have no idea whatsoever who Robert Jones Miller is, much less care if it is his birthday. I need to figure out a way to turn off notifications. Another one that jumps up is from the App Store telling me that that the UAEICP could not be downloaded. I do NOT want that App – did a year ago but not now. I feel relieved that I no longer live in the UAE – most relieved. By the way, lived there or five months without the App – did not need it in the first place, I guess. Not having it probably meant that those guys could not follow me for the purposes of extermination. So good news all around!! Hey, maybe I should download it and delete it. Tried it but no way to delete except did ask that it be hidden. We shall see. Some minor irritants in life are impossible to get rid of. They are called children but I did not have any. Hahaha ? I am laughing at my own joke.

I have decided to lighten up for awhile, both in real life and on the blog. It came to me that it would be a good idea. Cannot help myself, just may have to say one thing (or two) about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith but that is all. The reason why I spoke up (and to some extent must  continue to speak up)  is because there is no investigative journalism in this day and age particularly when the printed press is owned by Canadian conservative Post/Media which under Prime Minister Stephen Harper took over most Canadian newspapers.  For example Premier Anti-Vac Smith is vaccinated. Yes indeed she is. She (self righteously) went to Arizona to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, for some nonscientific reason or another. How did she justify this? It was to travel she said. How in the world did she get to Arizona from Canada in the first place? Did she grow wings and fly? I have a badge that says: I Got Vaccinated For My Community. She, the Premier of this province, got vaccinated to travel. Based on this alone I should be appointed Premier.

I have a secret which I shall now reveal (in part, not in whole). I shall not be in my Edmonton residence when the upcoming Legislative session begins on November 29, 2022. I will have departed on an Air Canada flight a few days in advance. I anticipate (and dearly hope and pray) the when I return from an extended trip (including a foreign locale) that she will not be around. it is my profound anticipation that she will not be around. We shall see. I am not going to count my chickens before they are hatched. Do you not love that proverb? Its meaning? Don’t be too confident in anticipating success or good fortune before it is certain. What were its origins?
First attested in English in Thomas Howell’s 1570 New Sonnets and Pretty Pamphlets in the couplet “Counte not thy Chickens that vnhatched be, / Waye wordes as winde, till thou finde certaintee”, possibly deriving from similar medieval and early modern Latin fables and maxims.

It will be a disaster if she is given any control over anything. But I did all that can be reasonably done under the circumstances. I studied her shenanigans, did investigation, spoke out both seriously and satirically on this blog. I shall board the airplane with a clear conscience. Wikipedia describes conscience: A conscience is a cognitive process that elicits emotion and rational associations based on an individual’s moral philosophy or value system. Conscience stands in contrast to elicited emotion or thought due to associations based on immediate sensory perceptions and reflexive responses, as in sympathetic central nervous system responses.

Wikipedia speaks of the role of conscious in the Islamic faith. “The Islamic concept of Taqwa is closely related to conscience.” This was discussed, but then more was provided: Qur’ān verse 49:13 states: “O humankind! We have created you out of male and female and constituted you into different groups and societies, so that you may come to know each other-the noblest of you, in the sight of God, are the ones possessing taqwā.” In Islam, according to eminent theologians such as Al-Ghazali, although events are ordained (and written by God in al-Lawh al-Mahfūz, the Preserved Tablet), humans possess free will to choose between wrong and right, and are thus responsible for their actions; the conscience being a dynamic personal connection to God enhanced by knowledge and practise of the Five Pillars of Islam, deeds of piety, repentance, self-discipline and prayer; and disintegrated and metaphorically covered in blackness through sinful acts.[23] Marshall Hodgson wrote the three-volume work: The Venture of Islam: Conscience and History in a World Civilization.”

There are many matters which must be attended to prior to my departure. Time is precious. I should reread the Quran before I leave.  Yesterday, I went to my favorite book store, Audrey’s on Jasper Avenue, to pick up my copy of Laughing with the Trickster. It shall be pictured. Inquired about books on the Islamic faith. Not many, actually only one. The Koran, caught my eye, never saw it spelled that way. Leafed through it, became entranced, therefore, bought it. I have eight.  Qurans (Korans). Three soft cover books and five down loaded on my iPad or iPhone. All are English translations, all slightly different from one another. This The Koran Interpreted is a translation by R.J. Arberry. The cover contains this. “Certainly the most beautiful English version, and among those by non-Muslim translators the one that comes closest to conveying the impression made on Muslims by the original” Wilfred Cantwell Smith, Harvard University.
I am, therefore, and of course, looking forward to this read.

At the time of this writing, I have begun my reading, simultaneously reading the Arberry and the Dr. Mustafa Khattab translation given to me at the Muslim Heritage Festival a couple of months ago. The Arberry translation is more poetic but the Khattab translation is simpler, more understandable. They dovetail one another, it is an interesting journey. The covers of both of these books shall be pictured.

This is my top priority, all other matters are secondary. Instagram shall not see as much of me. Too bad, so sad sayeth my 883 followers ?   A follower is an adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity.  These are the synonyms I enjoy: fan, enthusiast, admirer, devotee, supporter, groupie, hanger-on, booster. It is most amusing to consider having 883 groupies.

My fascination with Indigenous culture continues. Audrey’s also had a collection of 2023 wall calendars. Imagine my delight at finding an Inuit Art calendar! Of course, I purchased it. I have a 2021 Inuit Art calendar. Two pages from that calendar have been framed and grace my living room wall. You can see for yourself as I will include a photograph with this blog.

An announcement is about to be made. My local computer guru, fifteen year old LOLL was able to extract from my old iPad two MacBooks written years ago. This young man is a genius. I shall forward them in pdf version to Computer Guru Chris who shall format them, photos and all – they shall be serialized on the blog taking the place of my daily writing. This will serve two functions. I have grown weary of writing of the miserable state of world affairs and would like to remind readers that there are other things to life – not just television and the morbid fascination with the Trumps of the world. Travel is of vital interest to people, it provides hope and anticipation. As you will see I definitely had fun during two adventures. The first you shall see, and follow,  is Trollie Times, a fascinating Norway fjord trip. The second ‘recovered’ book is set in Paris. I was incredibly fortunate, traveling to Paris on a yearly basis, staying in the apartment of a California friend for an entire month. As I recall this privilege was offered (and accepted) for six years. Needless to say, I know Paris. I was not a casual visitor. My appreciation of the city was enhanced by taking a graduate course at Dominican University, Paris, the City of Light. The course work, taught by a Dominican nun, was fascinating. As well, I did a class presentation, on the famed Père Lachaise Cemetery. No idea where that can be found but you can enjoy my adventures at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. This is a preview – I expose Julia Child as a slave master of Western women.
So goodbye for awhile. Just think of me fondly (I would hope), reading the Quran (or Koran) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Some of my daily exploits will continue to be chronicled on Instagram.

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