My Canadian Prayer Rug Takes Center Stage: Center Stage Defined; Limelight Defined:  It Label Speaks of the Beauty it Hopes to Spread to the World; Prayer Rug Sales Will Support Women; A Reel Found on Instagram and Embed Herein Speaks of Forgiveness; Embed/Imbed Defined; Photos of the Prayer Rug in Place and  Its Label

My Canadian prayer rug, praised in the August 28, 2022 blog, shall again take center stage. To take center stage means to be in a main or very important position. Used in a sentence: The issue is expected to take center stage in the upcoming election. Synonyms for this idiomatic expression are: celebrity, fame, attention, limelight, notoriety, public-eye, centre-stage and spotlight. The center stage effect has numerous applications in advertising, business and marketing. It use suggests that “by positioning a product that we wish to attract attention to (such as a new product, a more expensive item, etc.) in the centre, we can almost assure that it will be noticed favourably by customers.” The concept has become so important that it has become a new feature on iPhones. (I have an iPhone but you shall have to look elsewhere for advice on its use and function. )

Being center stage is somewhat similar to being In the limelight. Public attention or not thought of as a bright light that shines on someone. That concept used in a sentence: She is a very private woman who never sought the limelight, but when the new book caused an unexpected controversy, she was thrust into the limelight once again.

Now the precious prayer rug shall assume center stage and take the limelight.. A photograph of it ‘in use’ shall conclude this blog, in position facing east with the gifted new Quran in place. Also pictured shall be the label on the back of the prayer rug that speaks: The Canadian prayer rug is the project of the Green Room, a youth program under Islamic Family and Social Services (IFSSA). Shubinak, a Pakistani social enterprise was sought to produce the rug because of its commitment to making wholistic products that change people’s lives through education, culture and and commerce. Proceeds from this rug will go to supporting women, artisans employed by Shubinak, and IFSSA, an Edmonton based organization providing culturally and sensitive social services….We hope this prayer rug brings beauty to your prayers; so that your prayers may bring beauty to the world.” Learn more: CanadianPrayerRug.Ca. “

“We hope this prayer rug brings beauty to your prayers so that your prayers may bring beauty to the world” Is not that thought absolutely inspirational and beautiful? It is also blessed that the proceeds from rug sales will go to support women. Supporting and educating women is the focus of my life now and the focus of my charitable giving. In a small way I hope I am helping the cause by writing about the prayer rug on the blog. I also did a reel on Instagram which hopefully I can embed in this blog. If not just go to AlexisMcTwit on Instagram.
Back to definitions for a second. Imbed or embed incorporate (a video or other item of data) within the body of a web page or other document. Used in a sentence: You can embed the video into a blog post. We shall see about that, I leave it all to my Computer Guru Chris.

Something all rather fascinating occurred and this link which I can embed on my own, without the assistance of my Computer Guru. Instagram contained a profound and encouraging wisdom sent by one of my very favorite of men, Nouman Ali Khan. It had special meaning to me, as you will see. I forwarded it to several of my Instagram folk but have received no response from them. I shall now forward it to you expecting no response as no one can reach me through this blog. Here is the inspiration:

As all faithful readers know, I am constantly seeking knowledge. I am so curious that I hunger to know about more about the world, about the Islamic faith.  Such a relief to know that even fish will be perhaps praying for my forgiveness AND the angels lowering their wings. I do seek knowledge and spread it through this blog and Instagram, that cannot be denied.

This shall be a short blog as I am off to seek more knowledge. It is off to the Edmonton Art Gallery later today. Then to have a manicure.  My long fingernails are beautiful but getting in the way, so I shall get a shorter more utilitarian version with the help of the wonderful woman who does my nails.

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