Rose Colored Glasses Defined and Removed; Many Albertans Are Passive and Take Their Liberties and Freedom;  For Granted; Covid Rampant and Interfering with My Existence; Mohammed Prescribes Tasty Medicine; Borowitz Satire Amuses; News of Alberta Health Care Crisis; Photograph Illustrating Health Care Crisis with Instagram Caption

I am beginning to look at my surroundings with more realism – removing the rose colored glasses that have clouded my vision. The freedoms, the civility, the plight of the average individual here in Edmonton was in marked contrast to the oppression, the intolerance, and the misery of the  majority of  the UAE population. .

It is definition time, rose-colored glasses definition: a cheerful or optimistic view of things, usually without valid basis. It is usually meant as an insult, it is a way of saying that someone is a bit too innocent, that he or she sees the world with too much optimism. The intimation is Wke up and smell the coffee. What is the opposite? In Hebrew,”pink glasses” to mean optimistic observation, and “black glasses” for pessimism. Where did it come from? The phrase became a figure of speech in the 1840s. The first known publication of the phrase is from the novel “Tom Brown at Oxford,” written by Thomas Hughes in 1859

Removing my rose colored glasses  waking up and smelling the coffee enabled me to see the massive passivity amongst majority of the Alberta population. They, too lazy and not equipped with a sense of history, take for granted the vast privileges enjoyed by a majority of the population. The homeless are a caner, a plague in downtown Edmonton. It is not safe to be downtown as on is  accosted by people begging for money – almost certainly unvaccinated and maskless they pose a major health hazard. I am usually able to avoid the downtown but today shall be forced to put myself at risk because I have an appointment with my lawyer and need to make a personal transaction at my bank, located at City Center. The City Center is the City Center for the homeless, unfortunately. The vacancy rate in downtown buildings is huge reported the Edmonton Journal, vacancies at an all time high. It is no wonder,  but those in positions of authority and power seem unable to make the connection between the lack of civility the homeless impose and the simple conclusion that no one wants to be around them and therefore the downtown.

When my life is placed in greater order I shall attempt to find  some remedies but at the moment I am somewhat self absorbed and stymied. . It has proven difficult to get transact business as covid is causing offices to shut down and some of my professionals have been laid low by the disease that once was through to be under control. I havre lived with covid for over two years, never contracted it and knew very are people that had. Not so at this present time – it is rampant even amongst those who are vaccinated and voluntarily wear masks. Where I live is blessedly safe as there are practically no homeless around or about. I have spoken to my physician about what to expect if I get the disease and she was most reassuring. Isolate myself, treat it like the common cold with plenty of liquids and aspirin. If symptoms of bronchitis or infection appear call and get a prescription  for antibiotics. I do not at risk so she could not prescribe the drugs that can be administered to lessen the impacts of the disease. Although old I am too healthy for the limited supply of these drugs.

Word definition again: Stymied: prevent or hinder the progress of. Synonyms are: impede, interfere with, hamper, hinder, obstruct, inhibit, frustrate, thwart, foil, spoil, stall, shackle, fetter, stop, check, block, cripple, handicap, scotch; put the kibosh on, snooker throw a monkey wrench in the works of.

So office closures have thwarted, fettered, put the kibosh on and threw a monkey wrench in the works of my setting up an endowment fund at the University of Alberta. But it has just hindered the progress, not prevented it.

But now onto some humour. Spoke to Mohammed yesterday about the advisability of mixing  humor with seriousness, most recently employed in the blog about the awarding of a prize for a sexist and racist essay. I spoke in strong condemnation but used humour at the conclusion.
He: Yes. People need to take their medicine, if it tastes good it makes it easier to swallow.
Me: That is brilliant. I have not heard that before. I shall put it in the blog if that is okay with you.
He: Of course!

Mohammed, by the way, is not THE Mohammed. He, an employee of the Alberta government, comes from Kenya. One of the people from other cultures that Ms. Silver says we should fear.
I am attempting informal investigation – I think somebody else wrote the essay or influenced her in an evil way. I may never get to the truth but shall try. Do think the Alberta government should launch an investigation – but that is unlikely.

The humor of course shall come from Andy Borowitz, yet again. Both satires speak of Trump. What will the world do without Trump to make fun of? He may become a tragic figure. That aspect to be explored in a later blog.

The first Borowtiz satire speaks of the FBI search warrant. PALM BEACH (The Borowitz Report)—F.B.I. agents swarming over Donald J. Trump’s Florida estate reported that they have so far been unable to locate the health-care plan that he had promised to deliver while President.“Trump said that the plan was terrific and beautiful and far better than Obamacare,” Harland Dorrinson, the lead F.B.I. agent searching the estate, said. “If we could get our hands on it, that would be a game changer for our country.”

This is an excellent use of satire, it reminds us of Trump’s bravado and unfulfilled promises. The list continues. “Agents cracked open the former President’s safe but were frustrated in their attempts to find any documents with the words “health” or “care” in them. “It’s got to be around here somewhere,” one F.B.I. agent said. As of late Monday night, a Bureau spokesman indicated that the agents had also been unable to find a prescription-drug plan, an infrastructure plan, or the framework for a peace treaty with North Korea.”

Borowitz also reports on Trump’s performance at his deposition. NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—After pleading the Fifth Amendment more than four hundred times in his deposition to the New York State attorney general, Donald J. Trump boasted that Joe Biden could never take the Fifth as many times as he did.“I’d like to see Sleepy Joe sit in a chair for six hours and take the Fifth four hundred times,” he told reporters. “It’s not gonna happen.”

Then Borowitz uses Trump’s words to laud Biden’s performance. “Claiming that it takes “incredible stamina” to take the Fifth approximately seventy times an hour, Trump said, “I’m winning at the Fifth.” Calling Biden’s Presidency “a disaster,” he said, “What has Sleepy Joe been doing the past week? Passing a climate-change bill, killing that Al Qaeda guy. Meanwhile, how many times did he take the Fifth? A big fat zero. Joe Biden is a disgrace.”

Satire is a means of making the medicine tasty. I have not discovered anyone taking aim at the Canadian political scene using satire and their sword and shield. Perhaps I can try my hand at it.

Went on an excursion to the Alberta Legislature Visitor Center and when there happened upon a film crew publicizing an Alberta health care crisis. I took a photo and a short video, posting the photo on Instagram with the following caption. Came upon this at the Visitor Center. A filming of the crisis in medical care. The map shows the towns that will be deprived of emergency rooms. Without these people will die. What in the world is the Alberta government doing with its resources.? This is pathetic.

The thought has occurred that perhaps satire could be used to focus attention upon this serious matter. Moreover, an idea came to my mind. It will require research into certain aspects. For instance who makes budgetary decisions concerning health care? But I have at my disposal the means, the method and the opportunity to make inquiries. The Alberta Legislative Building is but a short walk, pass through security and the doors of the Legislative library will open unto me. Such fun!

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