Taking a Hiatus After Closing A Door; Hiatus Defined; Door to Immigration Assistance Closed; Andy Borowitz Delivers Humor About Recent US  Supreme Court Decision; Back in the Saddle Defined; Instagram Negativity Ignored, Reward for Positivity on the Site; Photo of Grand Mosque Enlargement and a Wall Calendar

I took a hiatus from blog writing, did not write for four days. This hiatus was granted because Computer Guru is switching servers (whatever that may mean) and there was to be some down time.  He suggested that I take a vacation, and it was done.

First of all, what is a hiatus? It is a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process. Some synonyms are: pause. break, interval, interruption, suspension, intermission, interlude, gap, lacuna, lull, rest, respite, breathing space, time out.  So I had a time out, a lacuna, had a breathing space from the self-imposed chore of blog writing. It was well deserved, I earned it, it was great.

The last blog to be posted addressed the issue of immigration to Canada – explaining that it was not a good idea at this time unless there were special circumstances. It was my way of closing a door, the door to my existence in the UAE and my ‘connections’ in the UAE. There was the expectation, shared my me, that I could help certain individuals who were being harmed by the employment practices in the UAE. Many were, and are but I cannot be expected to change or alter those practices as I am only one person. My first ‘line of attack’ was to give up on trying to reform the country but instead take people with me, rescue them from oppression. But, once I got to Canada and observed the scene learned that these people would be exchanging one form of oppression for another. Decided to convey this information en masse, to save my time but also to make it less personal, not as rejecting to each as a person. So the blog became my tool, my communication tool. It is done, people have been alerted  to the blog’s existence. My job is done, thus for me, the door is closed.

There is a great quote:  When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. Defeat is nothing but education; it is the first step towards something better. —Alexander Graham Bell.

Then also inspiration from Anne Frank. “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” “I’ve found that there is always some beauty left — in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you.” “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

I have recently received texts from a young man who was planning to come to Canada – he has definitely forgiven me – sent me the sweetest message imaginable. I am truly blessed. So the door is closed to being an immigration resource but not to having him in my life. Well no exactly in contact as I am in Edmonton and he in Abu Dhabi. But connections can form over distances as long as there is some initial contact and both get something from the relationship.

But back to the hiatus. It occurred at a momentous moment – the US Supreme Court decision came down (that is lawyer speak but does convey the horror of it all). I spent the weekend on Instagram with friends and strangers bemoaning the folly, the ridiculousness of it all. I did occasionally attempt to cheer – although there was nothing to laugh about. However in true fashion Andy Borowitz came to the rescue. Thank goodness for the man. It shall make you laugh, I promise.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Millions of American women and girls have declared themselves corporations in order to force the United States Supreme Court to grant them rights as people, legal observers have reported. Attorneys across the nation indicated that they have been swamped by requests from clients seeking to incorporate as soon as possible.
Is not that priceless – does it not capture the ridiculousness of the situation? A corporation has more rights than a woman. Instagram showed a woman holding a sign: A gun has more rights than a woman. That says it all also.

Andy continues, in rare form. “The Supreme Court decided in 2010 that corporations are people, so all we want is to be treated like corporations, ” Carol Foyler, who now goes by the corporate name FoylerCo L.L.C., said. The decision by millions of women to incorporate sent shock waves through the Court’s conservative majority, who reportedly scoured the Constitution in vain for a means to circumvent the ingenious tactic. Even the normally taciturn Clarence Thomas was moved to issue a rare public statement. “It’s a sad day in America when the nation’s highest court is forced to treat women like people,” he wrote.

How seditious n s is that Andy. He nailed Clarence Thomas to the wall – made him look absolutely  insidious and troubled, a diatribe against the man would just leave people bored and inattentive. IIt brought mind (well mine anyway) the his confirmation hearings, years ago. Anita Hill accurately testified that he was a man who did  not treat her as a person, she was and went on to be a respected lawyer and educator. I am also reminded of Clarence’s wife – who constantly interferes with the workings of the United States Supreme Court. She has no respect for the highest court in the land, and neither does her husband (by the way).  But humor brought me to these insights – one does not have to be staid and boring and use big words to reveal a man’s character. Nor to make the point that corporations are given more rights in the United States than women.

During my hiatus did spend a great deal of time with my friends and buddies on Instagram. My efforts brought a huge compliment. . A reel was posted announcing:
He: Allah will not forget the eye which was always about to cry but you made it laugh.
My public response:
Me: That is so comforting as I am always making people laugh. It is a gift given me by Allah, my ability to make people laugh and be happy.
He: Alhamdulillah
Later received notification that my comment was pinned to the reel. I wrote back.
Me: What an honor it is to be pinned to this message. I will put it on my blog.

I am, it is great to get feedback that is positive, not so great if it is negative. See frequently on Instagram that individuals get so caught up in dialogue with negative people that they loose their message. One woman, another Revert, covers herself completely even wearing a long face mask so only her eyes show. She is the center of attention, no doubt about that. But she no longer speaks of the Islamic faith, she seems lost. I can pay attention to the Islamic faith and the world around me as my Computer Guru has built a wall around me. This wall was built at the blog’s inception at my suggestion. I have never regretted that decision. Only twice it was breeched – there were negative consequences both personal and global. I am accessible on Instagram but do attempt to stay our of the fray. Fray is a situation of intense activity typically incorporating an element of aggression or competition. So I very rarely send off negative comments, only positive ones supporting the person’s viewpoint. However, If someone sending a kind and positive message is by one of the numerous negative people who send ugly comments I defend the purveyor of the message. But do not get lost in a negative public argument with someone who is negative and insecure. Often receive gratitude from from the person making the original contribution. That is gratifying, the negative people do not listen and never will, wasting my words on them in a complete waste of time.

So I am back in the saddle, so to speak. Back in the saddle again is a song by Gene Autry – you can listen to it on YouTube. This is its meaning. To get back in the saddle means to return to something after an absence; to make another attempt after suffering a failure; to return to something that is familiar. The expression get back in the saddle came into use in the 1800s.
I did not suffer a failure – the absence was caused because the sheer volume of the blogs required a server with more capacity. I am instead returning to something familiar, but hopefully have learned something from this hiatus. I have learned that I need a rest, more time to myself.
Hopefully shall limit myself to blogging every second day, not every day. This move back to Edmonton IS a new beginning and time needs to be spent cultivating this, my new garden. I do not want to become one dimensional, like the woman who covers herself from head to toe with only her eyes showing. She is expanding her reach, her public, to a pod cast. I have considered that in the past and even recorded an introductory sample, which was quite successful. But, for various reasons, never got off the ground. So I shall see – I am still in the throes of settling in to my new beginning, my new life. Back in the saddle means being in control of. Used in a sentence: The Supreme Court, the right to lifers, the headliners and the Republicans are now going to be in the saddle. However, they are not going to be in charge of me as I do not need an abortion at this moment in time, moreover I no longer live in the USA.

One photograph is of an image of the Grand Mosque which I had enlarged by Edmonton Canvas prints, it graces my wall and at sunset light is reflected and it comes even more beautiful. The other photograph must be explained. I, definitely and desperately, needed a wall calendar so I can figure out what day it is – a problem when one is retired and out of the 9-5, Monday to Friday routine. Wall calendars are impossible to find after January of the year ahead as art galleries have sold out as people buy them early, in anticipation of the next year. This one, not perfect was found by accident. I googled Queen’s Printers wondering what they did. They are the official printer of Alberta government laws. Further study of their website revealed that they had a wall calendar. So I called first to see if they had any in stock, went to their offices gave them 3 loonies and got a calendar. I am going to cross out the days so I can wake up and tell what day it is. It is located to the right of my bed, where I sleep and write. It is in the so-called living room of my fantastic apartment.

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