Oops I am Land Locked.; Another Wonderful Recalled Experience That Happened in Abu Dhabi; My Nine Close Friends on Instagram: Conversations with Texas Women Coming to Visit; Cannot Pick Your Family But Can Pick Your Friends; A Blessed Message From a Wonderful Instagram Man; Why I Became a Muslim Shall Be Permanent Topic on Blog; Persona Exhaustively Explored; Photo of Last Night’s Clouds

I had the following conversation with myself this morning.
Me: It is amazing but when my phone predicts rain, it rains on time. When it says it is going to be sunny, it is sunny.
Alter Ego: That is because Edmonton is inland. Disruptions occur over oceans making weather more unpredictable.
Me: Oh yes. Now I remember that! My goodness I am land locked! Not been landlocked in years and years and years. San Francisco, Marin, London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Marin, Abu Dhabi. But now no ocean for miles and miles and miles.
Alter Ego: Yes. 55 years by the sea and now you can see no sea.
Me: Oh well! At least I know what the weather will be like. Very cold in the winter as the ocean is a moderating factor.

I am not panicked even though all of my winter clothes are in storage in California. But I do remember that all one needs is a very good winter coat, boots, mittens etc. One wears the winter coat for about eight or nine months out of the year.

I did, at one time, feel sorry for poor people slaving in Abu Dhabi in the horribly hot weather. They did complain a lot but then I just realized that if they lived here in Edmonton they would just complain about the cold. And trust me, it is a really long flight between Abu Dhabi and Toronto. (14 hours) and then there is the absolute horror of the Pearson Airport. Then another flight to Edmonton. Thinking that the people in Abu Dhabi should just stay there.

Trying to remember and treasure the good things that happened in Abu Dhabi. Such a good time was had by all one lunch. I was lunching at the fabulous French restaurant at the Abu Dhabi Louvre, with a gorgeous view of Abu Dhabi and an incredible menu and the very best wait staff, There was a group of American women having a truly great time, so I went over, talked to them and we’ve  been corresponding ever since. They live in Texas, amazingly  adventurous women – getting their MBAs. Well – they are coming to visit me in Edmonton. We are SO looking forward to it. One of them posted a photograph of Lite beers.
Me: Lite beers? I thought you were heavy drinkers.
She: Perhaps equal opportunity drinks lol
Me: But how many beers do you have to drink to get a buzz on??? You would be bloated beyond belief. Must blog this conversation
She: Heart emojis.

A prior thread began in this manner. Pictured on Instagram was a table of drinks with the caption:  Last day of class.
Me: Good excuse to drink, If you need an excuse to drink,
She: We just finished. We need to visit soon.
Me: You absolutely must. It is not far actually. Could be a long weekend trip. Apartment sort of furnished.
She: We are coming!
Me: I am absolutely joyous. We shall paint this city red and pink and all colors of the rainbow
She: Yes!! I just can’t wait!!
Me: Me neither. Yippee!!

So, if I were not in Abu Dhabi I would have never met the Texas ladies. Or the man from Oman. Or about five people on Instagram that I routinely and constantly converse with. Today went to the Close Friends section on my Instagram. . Much to my surprise there were nine people, who had signed up to be my Close Friend.. Five of the nine were Abu Dhabi contacts and they constantly stay in touch. The others, a British woman met in Iceland in 2018, another the (then) Vancouver travel agent who arranged the Iceland trip, one a dear young girl from my Marin days and another my favorite San Francisco SeeSawSeen eye glass place. No family members actively involved as a Close Friend, I had checked Close Friends once before to find a cousin listed there. But she had been totally non responsive, never liked anything, never posted. That is not a Close Friend, friends, perhaps not family, require work and dedication, not only on Instagram. I blocked her, as her silence caused so much pain. People who are non-responsive can read my blogs – they cannot reach me through the blog. My computer guru Chris screens them out.
It is said that you can not pick your family but you can pick your friend. Everyone know you cannot choose your family but you can choose your friends. One man said on Instagram that a person must rid their lives of people who have no time for you.
Google tells us that a therapist said: “Dealing with family members who have toxic behaviors is stressful and emotionally taxing,” she says. “Be sure to take good care of yourself physically and emotionally.” Your physical safety is key.” This too: “American researchers now say friendship is more important than family. Their new study suggests that friends may be more important than family members, especially as we age. The study comes from researchers at Michigan State University.”

I am therefore comfortable with my decision to not associate with my birth family. The Islamic faith also encourages separation from family members not of the faith. I will speak of this in a later blog.

I am rewarded for isolating myself from the pain of heedless people instead embracing (in a way) others. Here is my reward. Yesterday found this addressed to Alexis McTwit, my Instagram persona.
He: So blessed to come across this page of yours. I can tell right away that your are a blessed soul whom Allah has chosen among a millions of people. If you do not mind me asking when and why did you revert to Islam.
Me: 10/20/2020. The reason is complicated and I am planning to tell the whole story on my blog. But, briefly, I learned how much Allah values women. Their special role so unrecognized in the West. Also, of course, the Prophet’ first wife is the cornerstone of the Islamic faith. I am honored by your words. All praise to Allah.

Interestingly, actually fascinatingly, I had emailed my computer guru Chris.
Me: I am thinking of adding something new to the menu.  Why I Became a Muslim – is that a possibility? I also need to refresh About Me.I am curtailing myself to blogging every second day, I think. I am sure you are cheering at that! People constantly ask me about why I became a Muslim and it is a rather long and unbelievable story. Now that I am out of the UAE it can be told. Does that not sound dramatic??? I am now sitting on top of the mattress without bedcovers on my newly constructed bed. The hot water bottle leaked – honest. I did not pea the bed.

 By the way persona is the the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others. But also this: (in Jungian psychology) the outer or assumed aspect of character. Often contrasted with anima. More knowledge persona and anima switch roles and merge in slow, smooth ways.
Synonyms of persona are:face, public face, character, personality, identity, self, front, facade, mask, guise, exterior, role, part, image.
Wikipedi has more to say (as usual). “According to Carl Jung and the Jungian psychology, the persona is also the mask or appearance one presents to the world.[3] It may appear in dreams under various guises. People may choose to wear a social mask or use a persona to make themselves appear more socially desirable. This is used to impress potential partners or to make new friends.  People can have multiple personas that they use in various situations; this can include work, being with friends, at home, etc. Depending on the individual’s circumstance, a persona which they consider stronger within their specific social situation can be created because they put a higher emphasis on social interactions. Carl Jung warned about using personas too much, fearing that one might lose their own individuality to their persona. A study has shown that this can be true to an extent, when taking a private self-rating test, there is a high correlation between how a person rates themselves and how they present themselves in public. It is difficult to tell if people are accurately filling out the test or answering what they find desirable. In a study written by Danielle Jackson, she argues that a person’s persona can range in healthiness. The more healthy a persona is, the more socially acceptable and consistent that person remains. However, once a person starts to believe they are their persona, it can have adverse effects on their personality. James Hillman believed that once a person loses their identity to a persona, they become an archetypal figure. By losing their “ego”, their persona becomes their personality in an archetypal form. However, when this occurs, the person becomes unstable and they are unable to act outside their formed persona.”

Now to define anima: In Jungian psychology, the feminine part of a man’s personality. Often contrasted with animus. It is also the part of the psyche that is directed inward, in touch with the subconscious. Often contrasted with persona. There is a historical philosophical definition – it is the soul, especially the irrational part of the soul as distinguished from the rational mind. connection.
What about me? What about Alexis McBride’s persona and the rest of her. Well, my persona is most social, funny, great to be around. But there is another side of me, serious, thoughtful, spiritual. I keep the serious, spiritual, serious side of me to myself and this blog (at times). My Instagram persona is social and funny and great to be around. But slowly integrating the Islamic faith into my Instagram persona. So I am not becoming “unstable and I am able to act outside my formed persona.
The photo is of the magnificent cloud formation of last night spied from my roof top window. The photograph does not do the the clouds justice – they are unbelievable and cumulous clouds are new to me. What a gift! A gift from Allah.

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