The Early Bird Gets the Worm; I am an Early Bird; Proverb Explained with You Tube Video Attainable: Groggy Morning Prayers; List of Tasks Some Completed; Leons Messed Up, Still No Bed To Sleep In; Prince Fazza Wants to Marry Me; Canadian Police Found to Violate Rights of Canadians; Finally An Apology for the Murder of Indigenous Children in Residential Schools; Dressed to Kill Label Revealed; Sparkly Fingers and Toes

This proverb comes to mind: the early bird gets the worm. Of course, I Google it. Cambridge University has the following definition: the person who arrives first is the one who is successful: Another definition: The early bird gets the worm is a proverb which emphasizes the importance of starting something early to maximize the potential outcome. Another one: Arriving early to something can help a person seize an opportunity that they might otherwise miss out on. If you are lazy go to YouTubes Appuseries and there is a one minute video explaining it to children.

Well, as I awaken for morning prayers I am an early bird. My chiming iPhone awakened me at 5:00. Allah does not catch me at my best as I am most groggy at that time. It is possible to have an informal relationship with Allah as well as a formal one, so I politely said:
Me: Allah. I will catch you later and pray more earnestly when I am wide awake.
Women in the faith have a great advantage over men, as they are encouraged to seek Allah in their own time and place. That way Allah keeps women safe – mosques are quite often in neighborhoods that are not safe for women. For example in the San Francisco Bay Area the mosque is in Richmond. I do not think so! Parts of Richmond are not safe for man or beast, much less women.

It is now nine and I have gotten a lot done. When one is retired and lives alone there is no structure to my life. So I make a list of things to be accomplished then have the satisfaction of cross things off my list when completed. The lists always begin with: 1) Make list. 2) Take pills.
So right away there is instant satisfaction as swallowing my remeasured pills takes no effort at all and the list is already made.

I do not want to think of the day as a major snag was encountered yesterday. I ordered a bed and furniture from Leon’s and was most pleased with the selection, the price and the availability. It was delivered last Friday but assemblage waited until yesterday.. Stan arrived, a great guy, and he set to work. HOWEVER, the screws for the headboard were missing and the task cannot be completed and I have to call Leon’s and get the missing screws here so the bed can be assembled. As the expression goes: I am not a happy camper at this point. Leon’s is miles away, I do not have a car and it was their mistake not mine. I will start out nice but believe me, if a solution is not quickly found – I have already thought of a remedy. It does pay to be a lawyer sometimes.

The third item on my list of the morning was Instagram. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Instagram, but love is winning out as I have weeded out all news of the Middle East (which are lies and propaganda posted by robots and fans of Royalty) and guys who want to pretend they are having a relationship with someone (they are commonly known as catfish). I am haunted constantly and since 2017 by a man who most recently called himself Prince Fazza. This correspondence has been going on for days with me calling him a Robot. This was today’s salvo.
He: I want to marry you.
Me: Why? Do you have bad taste in women? Please laugh! We would make an utterly bizarre couple but I could therefore legitimately be Sheikha Fatimah – they called me that in the UAE. Fatimah is my Muslim name. You could escape your country for a legitimate reason – to be with the woman you love. Who knows it just might work! I am laughing. Got to get back to blog writing and go to bank to get my blog master his payment. A mere pittance for two months worth of work. Alexis aka Fatimah

As you can see I am not taking him seriously. I shall keep you up to date about what is going on. Believe me it is nothing but I guess sort of fun if you do not take it seriously. Unfortunately heard from a reliable source in the UAE that many woman have taken all of this seriously to their determent and even suicides have resulted from his come ons and brush offs.
It is unfortunate, but only the victims can stop him by stop being victims and they are most probably incapable of doing this.

More about the role Instagram plays in my present life in a subsequent blog.

I am rejoicing these days thinking that Canada is THE perfect place to live. But scratched the surface, so to speak, and found this: The title oof the Toronto Star article: “Unchartered: Police are violating people’s rights with blaming frequency. A Torstar Investigation has been ongoing and has uncovered massive violations of the basic rights of Canadian citizens, “Not only if there a problem in Canada with the police and their violation of the rights of the people they arrest but it exists in Edmonton as wells reported this morning in the Toronto Star. “In Edmonton, police violated the Charter rights of 13 per cent of people arrested by detaining them for more than 24 hours, a judge found. In Toronto, police routinely conducted illegal strip searches, and only years after numbers court rulings, a spokesperson says their protocol has changed. Due to chronic Charter violations by the RCMP, a judge was forced to acquit a suspect of murder charges. A Torstar investigation has identified nine police services across Canada that have systematically violated Charter rights —repeatedly, and not by mistake, despite judges condemning their conduct.”

But I do find some comfort in the fact that there is an investigation, there seems to be a process to remedy the situation although it has not been recognized by at least nine police departments – including the department in this fair city.

But to balance it out there is heartening news. Having a mani and pedi (more about that later. I do so love Jennie, who is absolutely great and has given me sparkly fingers and toes) television on. I do not watch television so this was, for me, an oddity. There was a sudden announcement. Finally, an official apology from the Canadian government for the atrocities committed upon the indigenous children in the Residential Schools. It is about time Trudeau got around to this, but he did get around to it. I am convinced that his necessary affiliation with the NDP party, led by a Sikh, has resulted in greater resolve and back bone, so needed by Prime Minister Trudeau. My Telus installer was a Sikh, we briefly discussed his faith, told him that my knowledge of the faith came from the research done writing this blog.  It is the truth.

Now something funny about Instagram. Yesterday something hilarious happened. Stan arrived and commented on my sweater which was being worn inside out and backwards. The label was showing – it said: Dressed to Kill. Honest and it was totally accidental. So I posted a reel on Instagram and so far have received scores of likes. It has this caption. “Honest to goodness my backwards inside out sweater says Dressed to Kill on the label. I almost died laughing when it was pointed out to me. I lead a strange and blessed life.”  I am Alexis McTwit on Instagram and have at this moment 758 followers – not bad for an old woman born in Saskatchewan. Photograph is my sparkly fingers and toes.

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