Planning to Speak of Profound Experience at Grand Mosque But Instead Am Diverted to Another Topic; Keep Safe the Motto of the Pandemic; I Will Keep You Safe Motto of All Who Surround Me in Abu Dhabi; Profound Defined; Safe Defined; Indifference Defined; Sheikha Fatimah Has Teeth Cleaned: A Total Win If You Throw In Mars; It is Never too Late; Photograph in Dental Chair

I was planning to speak of my profound experience at the Grand Mosque on March 10, 2022 but after waking, morning prayers and much reflection decided on another topic,

However, first of all, in anticipation of writing of Grand Mosque shall define and explore the word profound. Profound is a complex word, two definitions are applicable. 1) of a state, quality, or emotion) very great or intense and 2) at, from, or extending to a great depth; very deep. Then there is what is called a literary definition: the vast depth of the ocean or of the mind. The literary version used in a sentence: Not billowy surge disturbs the vast profound. It is also fascinating to look at the origins of the word: Middle English: from Old French profund, from Latin profundus ‘deep’, from Latin pro ‘before’ + fundus ‘bottom’. The word was used earliest in the sense ‘showing deep insight’.

All I can say is this, about that: it is no wonder that I am not ready to speak of something so deep, something showing deep insight and depth, conveying a very great and intense emotion felt at the Women’s Prayer Room on that fateful day. It is going to wait until I am thoroughly ready.

Instead my attention was drawn to the word safe, its usage during the intense Covid-19 days and the articulated promises of tens that surround me in Abu Dhabi.
They: We will keep you safe!
This was articulated in a prior blog. I have huge affection for the man in charge of Security at the Premier Inn. He often holds my hand and says:
He: I will keep you safe.
I finally summoned up the courage to ask him this.
Me: But keep me safe from what? People keep telling me they are going to keep me safe. But what is the danger out there that they are keeping me safe from?
He: I will keep you safe from anyone who tries to harm you with the last drop of my blood.
By the way his name is S.A.S.S. Security Awesome Sheikha Safety.
But what is safe? Again a trip to the Dictionary. The best and most applicable definition is: protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost. That definition used in a sentence: She felt safer with them than alone. But there is another definition which may be aimed at the Keep Safe of Covid-19 days. uninjured; with no harm done. That definition used in a sentence: Hopes of her safe return later fade. There is a phrase which is also defined: safe in the knowledge; used to indicate that one can do something without risk or worry on account of a specified fact.

The first definition applies to all those who promise to keep me safe. Its synonyms are protected from harm or danger, shielded, sheltered, guarded, defended, secure, safe and sound, out of harm’s way, all right. The antonyms are unsafe, insecure, at risk. I love that I am out of harm’s way and all right but also sheltered and guarded. It might be nice to know who is spending much time and energy trying to harm me, place me in danger etc etc. but who cares if you are free from them – totally free and I am. Do remember that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. I am most indifferent to scores of people. Allah will exact his revenge upon them in all due time – I simply must be patient. Patience is not one of my virtues but I am working on it. Indifference, by the way, has the greatest of synonyms: unconcern about, apathy about/toward, nonchalance about, lack of interest in, disregard for, obliviousness to, uninvolvement in/with; heedlessness of, mindlessness of, carelessness of, dismissiveness of; boredom with, weariness of, unresponsiveness to, lack of enthusiasm about; impassiveness, impassivity, dispassionateness, aloofness, insouciance, detachment, distance, coldness, coolness, unresponsiveness, passionlessness, emotionlessness, lack of feeling, lack of sympathy, callousness. It is SO much fun to be impassion ate from, aloof from, bored and weary with many – some of them Middle East Royalty. They who thrive on attention, would do almost anything to get it. Foolhardy stunts, bragging, misinforming, lying, making grandiose gestures. Alexis (aka Fatimah) is oblivious, apathetic and weary of your antics.

I am convinced that Allah will keep me safe but he can assign the task to mere mortals that are trustworthy. Allah has better things to do with his time. I am most respectful of His priorities.

But back to the Covid-19 Keeping Safe. It was rather difficult to do actually, particularly in the beginning but I did a magnificent job – no one in San Francisco was safer than me. Then, blessedly along came the vaccine and, by that time, living in Marin County with a huge rate of vaccination – second only to the United Arab Emeritus at one time. Then I moved to the safest place on earth – Abu Dhabi. Dubai not as safe as Expo 2020 was being promoted and that seemed to take precedence over everything in the eyes of the Ruler of Dubai – one of the Sheikh Mohammeds – he has different bins (which means son of, so a different father, not Zayed). I could not find a safer place to be than the Abu Dhabi Airport Premier Inn. There was a border crossing between Dubai and Abu Dhabi – not sure if it is still in effect.

But this is getting entirely too serious. Yesterday had my teeth cleaned. Yes, even Sheikha Fatimah must have a regular teeth cleaning. I was taken to a great place by S.A.D. It was the Smilerite Dental Care in Abu Dhabi. She did a magnificent job. I made a joke of course.
Me: I absolutely love the feeling of having clean teeth. It is better than sex, from what I can remember.
They: Well I hope you soon have something to compare clean teeth to.
Me: Thank you very much.
At the conclusion of the teeth cleaning.
She: I will see you in six months for your next cleaning.
Me: Can I come back in three months? I love you guys.
She: No one has said that before.
Me: And probably will not again. Hahaha
Anyway I usually get nitrous oxide with my teeth cleaning. She said not necessary.
Me: Okay. But next time? And can I have raspberry toothpaste instead of strawberry?
She: Of course.
Me: Okay, it is a deal!!

The following is an amusing conversation that went on by text last evening with a man.
Me: I have to go to sleep. You made me feel better so I can go to sleep. I so thank you!!!
He: That’s my mission. Wanna make you the happiest woman in the Middle East.
Me: The world. The happiest woman in the world. Then we have a deal!
He: Indeed! No doubts. Entire earth and some parts of Mars. Inshallah. Isn’t that a win?
Me: A total win particularly when you throw in Mars. LOL.

Then woke to this message.
He: A good morning my dear! Rise and Shine!
Me: I do so love shining. That is what a Fatimah is supposed to do actually, it is part of the definition of the name. You brought humor to my morning.

Now this guy would not be considered safe by Wise Man. But occasionally in life one can take a chance. And in some ways I never have. Perhaps it is never too late. Here is a great quote.” It is never too late nor are you too old to be better.” “It is never too late to be what might have been.” George Elliot. “It is never too late to do the right thing.” “It is never too late to be who you might have been.” George Elliot. “It is never too late to begin again.” This from Gandhi is inspiring: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The attached photograph is Alexis (aka Fatimah) in the dental chair surrounded by her professionals (and fans).

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