Truth and At Times No Consequences; Finally Going to Expo 2020 With Grandson; The Joy of Constant Covid Tests; Proof That Freedom of Press in the USA is a Travesty; Definitions of Travesty; Do Not Get Mad Get Even: Philandering Defined as It Applies to JFK; Photo of A Grandson and His Grandmother

I always tell the truth as I say and do. Well I exaggerate sometimes I say laughingly but not lie. And very rarely do I exaggerate. My life is SO unbelievable that it is unnecessary to exaggerate. Trust me it is as you shall see.

First of all, let me establish this! I not only tell the truth I keep my word. Faithful readers will know that I came to Dubai on October 12, 2021 (or there about) saying that I was traveling fifteen hours to go to Expo 2020. But then I did not go, for various reasons. One being that it was too hot and I am from Canada. So perspiration and crowds were not my idea of fun. I did say that I would go to Expo when the weather was better. At the moment it is so cold here I wish that I would have brought my winter clothes rather than leave them in storage in the USA. But I will bundle up under my abaya and all will be fine.

Allah has given me another incredible gift. I shall be escorted to Expo 2020 by Grandson who has moved heaven and hell (I am sure) to take his Grandmother to Expo. I told him that I needed to go but needed him to hold my hand the whole time. Why you may ask? I do not lie but neither do I tell the whole truth – some things are unnecessary for you to know AND I am the Judge and Jury of that. He will arrive to collect his Granny, in the Muslim tradition I shall not affectionately greet him in public. We will be off on an adventure. We will laugh all of the time, well except for the moments I cry, but not tears of sorrow but tears of joy. He can do the Dubai to Abu Dhabi trip because he can prove that he is fully vaccinated and regularly, routinely and often has somebody stick some swab down his nose. This is what I say to the nose pokers, as I call them,
Me: This is a pain but I respect what you are doing and how this makes me and those around me safe.
They: Thank you. If everyone was like you and show appreciate for what we do.
Me: They are narrow minded and do not see the whole picture. But you know what?
They: What?
Me: I am SO old that I remember the old days when it was cocaine that I shoved up my nose, voluntarily. And the after affects were fun, as I remember.
They: You are so funny.
Me: Well and honest. Maybe I did cocaine three times but it does make a good story.

Obviously did not get caught and the Statute of Limitations has definitely run. That is legal talk but trust me, no drug czar is going to get me now. I am safe and it is funny. I spent some time in a drug induced culture as I lived with (for a short period of time) with Dr. James Edgar who apparently lives in Tampa Florida, last time I checked. He got in a great deal of trouble I read on Google. One does not mess with me. Do remember dnefwmmcb. I am forgiving but not really. I sometimes save up – one does not get mad one gets even. And revenge is a dish best served cold. That Dr. James Edgar was SO cruel to me, unspeakably. Now he is being exposed on social media. Social media did not exist back then; when he unspeakably harmed me.

By the way, do not get mad even means that if someone harms you, you should not waste your energy on being angry, but you should concentrate on harming them in return. But you know who said that? You do not! if even I did not, you do not! It was Robert Kennedy – yes indeed, brother of JFK – most overlooked during his short lifetime. More honest, more committed, much more a family man than his philandering brother, the dead President JFK. Philander is (of a man) a guy who readily or frequently enter into casual sexual relationships with women. Synonyms are: womanize, have affairs/an affair, flirt, trifle/toy/dally with someone’s affections; play around, carry on, play the field, sleep around; fool around; screw around. So JKF eulogized but his brother ignored in history to a great extent. But here is the ultimate joke. I am convinced that JFK was not very good at sex – a wham, bang, thank you Ma’am kind of guy. He had two children, Look at the brood of Ethel and Robert Kennedy.
Go to the search engine of the blog, type King Said and you will see that I did say the same thing about him – the Wham Bang Thank You Ma’am. However, he had a harem and protected the many women he went to bed with – JFK did not. Who was the more moral man? What is moral? It is concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. It is also concerned with or derived from the code of interpersonal behavior that is considered right or acceptable in a particular society. I would add at a particular time. JFK was a Harvey Weinstein, protected by the USA press, they knew what he was doing But they covered it up. Free speech in the USA is a travesty. Travesty is a a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something. It is a distortion, perversion, corruption, poor imitation, poor substitute, mockery, parody, caricature; farce, charade, pantomime, sham; apology for, excuse for. .

You shall learn in subsequent blogs how they misrepresented facts in Afghanistan – they distorted, made a mockery and a charade of an honorable country.

I discovered the truth, about the USA’s farce, and sham reporting of the situation in Afghanistan.

Tell the truth and it shall make you free. The USA ‘freedom of speech’ shall never be free, because they do not tell the truth. And never shall. I am SO disillusioned. Even the formerly beloved The New Yorker because they persist in a cover-up of the real truth in the Middle East. I wonder why? I know. They do not lie – they do not admit to the truth. Is not that the same thing in the long run.

Photograph is of Alexis (aka Sheikha Fatimah) and her Expo Escort. The Instagram caption:
He is pointing at his Great Grandmother. Well I am his Grandmother and I am great.

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