I No Longer Reside in a Democracy But is Democracy in the USA Really Working?; Very Thoughtful Article From The New Yorker; Parliamentary System of Government the Model Not USA Version: Diabolical Defined: Back on Track Defined; Writing Blog From Pool Ineffective: Photo of Muslim Me and Handsome Young Man

I am no longer living in a country governed by a democratic government. But is democracy in the USA really working? Is it threatened in any way.? It is threatened to its core says a New Yorker article, which examined Bannon’s disgraceful behavior which appears to have left him with massive power. The in its entirety can be found at: https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/how-big-a-threat-is-steve-bannon?utm_source=onsite-share&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=onsite-share&utm_brand=the-new-yorker

The author. David Rhode, begins in this manner: “On Monday afternoon, Steve Bannon confidently strolled out of a federal courthouse, in Washington, D.C., after surrendering to face charges of contempt of Congress. Released on his own recognizance, he was accompanied by an entourage that live-streamed his every move on Gettr, a social-media platform created by Donald Trump’s supporters. Immediately surrounded by two dozen reporters and camera crews, Bannon declared himself a victim of the “illegitimate Biden regime”; called for the fall of the Chinese Communist Party; predicted that congressional investigators would fail, as Hillary Clinton had in 2016; and said that, in refusing to speak to the House select committee investigating the events of January 6th, he was fighting for “free speech.” Bannon also invoked a conspiracy theory that career civil servants in Washington secretly plot against him, Trump, and other Republican officials, saying, “If the administrative state wants to take me on, bring it on. We’re here to fight this. We’re going to go on offense.”

Rhode ends in this manner: ‘One of Bannon’s first statements after he left the courthouse on Monday seemed to be directed to supporters watching his live stream. “Don’t ever let them take you off message,” he said. As Bannon’s case plays out in the months ahead, Americans will have to decide whether his theatrics are a threat to democracy, performative branding, or a mix of both. Laufman, the former federal prosecutor, said that there is a “substantial federal interest” in Bannon’s case proceeding as quickly as possible. He asked, “What can be of greater interest than an attack on the heart of democracy in the United States?”

While sifting through the myriad of my possessions for my trek to the Middle Ease I came across notes made upon my first trek from the United to the civilizations of London, England in 2014. It was an angry distribute directed against the United States. I do not recalll writing it, do to know have it in my possession, so this is from memory. It began by pointing out that no other democracy,, existing in the world of today uses the USA form of democracy as its model. Instead, all democracies use the parliamentary system – most countries have more than just two political parties so the electorate has more choice, more leeway, more opportunities to have a vote that reflects their values and needs. I was speaking to two women by the JW Marriot pool in London this morning. We were discussing the topic and their leader Boris. They were reflecting the desire to be able to choose their leader rather than have it imposed upon them through the system where the parties choose their leader without direct impact from the electorate. I did not remind them of Trump – trying bravely to forget them man, the folly of the electorate and of the Electoral College which aided and abetted that diabolical four years. Diabolical, is an adjective, has two meanings both can describe Trump:
characteristic of the Devil, or so evil as to be suggestive of the Devil: or 2)
the British informal version meaning disgracefully bad or unpleasant.

The synonyms of the first definition sing: diabolic, fiendish, satanic, Mephistophelian, demonic, demoniacal, hellish, infernal, evil, wicked, ungodly, unholy

The second definition of the word produces a welter of definitions. dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful, disgraceful, shameful, lamentable, deplorable, appalling, atrocious; inferior, substandard, mediocre, unsatisfactory, inadequate, second-rate, third-rate, shoddy, inept, bungling, hopeless; informal crummy, dire, dismal, godawful, shocking, abysmal, bum, rotten, pathetic, woeful, pitiful, lousy, useless, the pits; British informal duff, rubbish, ropy, chronic, a load of pants, poxy; crap, crappy, shitty, chickenshit, hellacious; egregious. Calling Trump Mephistophelian, bungling, rubbish, hellacious and chickenshit is such fun. But Trump gets people into trouble. this is suddenly becoming about him not about the trouble with democracy. I must get back on track. Now that has become a diversion – looked that up to find that it means.
Moreover: did find seven strategies to help put you back on track. !) Schedule your habits into your life. 2) Stick to your schedule, even in small ways 3) Have someone who expects something of you 4) Focus on what you can work with 5) Just because its not optimal, doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial.

I shall now focus on what I can work with, which is my rather antiquated knowledge of political science. Democracies were rather slow in coming on the scene, when all began (each and everyone as I can recall, there was an educated and informed electorate. That is sadly not the truth today in the United States of America. Ignorance abounds resulting in knee jerk reactions to almost everybody and everything. There is no unity whatsoever just endless conflict. No one (except for President Biden) has the good of the country as their guiding light. It is always their own narrow cause and the retention of power. This is getting depressing so I am going to shift gears.

This morning has been an experimental one – usually I write from bed but this morning tried to write from the pool. It did not work for several reasons.
Too many handsome young men performing various housekeeping and life saving tasks at pool caused too many distractions. I was drawn into conversations with them.
Children arrived on the scene – their justifiable enthusiasm was most distracting . It did make me grateful that I did not have children – writing and kids are difficult to partner.
Two women, girlfriends, were ‘joined at the hip’ each doing what the other one was doing and constantly looking for each other’s approval. I pondered on their existence – worked together, vacationed together and effectively screened all others from their partnership. Spend too much time thinking that I was so grateful not to be so hemmed in.
Gave up retreating to my room but on way met an interesting couple who had been together for five years. Chatted, most interesting. We discussed my conversion to the faith from atheism. He very interested and told me of an American atheist woman of fame who argued that Americans should become atheists – must look her up – it sounds fascinating.

I shall soon be under the leadership of a man I find most fascinating. Last night began ‘following’ him – becoming a ‘fan’ on Instagram. Was a ‘fan’ of the Ruler of Dubai on Instagram. Learned a great deal about him and his leadership. May write about that at another time but a brief synopsis: Impressed with his proposed reforms but not particularly of his person nor his ability to effectively implement, nor prioritize his aims and goals. I do hope that this does not get me in trouble in any way – speaking out like this.

The photograph was posted on Instagram with the following caption: “Me with a handsome young man looking most Muslim. We went to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi to discover that the Woman’s Prayer Room is now open. It was closed because of Covid. All praise to Allah.” So far I have thirteen responses – my first most interesting: teehaalthani (From Qatar).

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