Just When I Am About to Leave This Country Things Start to Get Better; Drop in the Bucket Explained with its Biblical References; The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions: Explained and Examples Given; More Reading from New York Times Reveals One More Problem With Democracies; The Strange Saga of Being a Role Model to a Princess; Photograph of an Old Business Card

Well, would you not know? Just when I am about to leave this country things begin to approve. It appears there may be some hope on the horizon.. This is what I mean, this from the New York Times. A $1 trillion infrastructure bill is heading to President Biden’s desk to be signed into law. With nearly $600 billion in new federal aid to improve highways, bridges, dams, public transit, rail, ports, airports, water quality and broadband over 10 years, the legislation is a once-in-a-generation chance to overhaul the nation’s public works system.”

But there are many positive and upbeat defenses to this announcement and you shall get to read some of them.

It is a drop in the bucket, a mere drop in the bucket. Now what does that expression mean and where does it come from? A very small quantity, especially one that is too small. This given as an example, These contributions are just a drop in the bucket; the new church wing will cost thousands more.” These are its origins: The phrase a drop in the bucket has been in use since the 1300s, and is derived from a passage in the Bible found in Isaiah 40:15: “Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance.” Here is another usage: What we were paid for our work was a drop in the bucket compared to what the company earned.” Now that sentence is entirely consistent with economic distributorship in the USA.
Then there is this logic. The UAE does not have to be rebuilding their infrastructure because, by and large, they have a great infrastructure. Now, I do say, by and large because Dubai has terrible traffic delays and traffic jams. The Ruler of Dubai boasts of the country’s innovative space program but residents are constantly being delayed by traffic. It is a nightmare, it truly is. I have been stuck in many during my short stay in Dubai. there. However, there are no such problems in Abu Dhabi – none. The contrast between the two cities is amazing. They have different rulers. One more progressive than the other. I have decided to go with the good guy. Hahaha
This phrase suddenly came to mind – the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Wikipedia tells us this: The road to hell is paved with good intentions is an idiom or proverb. It is about the difference between what someone intends to do and what they actually do. In other words, the road to failure is made easier by good intention. Where does this come from? In the mid-12th century, Bernard of Clairvaux wrote, “L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs” (hell is full of good wishes and desires). [The sentence has been repeated many times in other languages and contexts. In 1775, Samuel Johnson commented on “the unhappy failure of pious resolves” when he is reported saying, “Sir, hell is paved with good intentions.” I do find all of this fascinating – words, where they come from, the usage. Well, you must too, otherwise you would not be reading this blog. And if you do not – quit reading the blog – see if I care. First of all, I won’t know and do not hear your negative comments, if you make them. Chris protects me from you, nothing is forwarded. Not just the bad comments but also the good reviews as well, I guess. But I prefer my independence – not needing to please a certain group of people by speaking of a particular topic etc. etc. etc. the Ruler of Dubai may want to make his country (city state actually) the most powerful and the most advanced – a good intention, however, he is neglecting his people, the citizens and fellow originators of the land with his rather grandiose schemes. How do I know this? All kinds and sorts of people talk to me everywhere in the world – including Dubai. One man was particularly eloquent, and he was an Emirati – the elite, who make up 12% of the population – the rest are ex pats. He said there was nothing in his country for him – that it is the “jackals and hyenas’ that profit from riches of his country, not him. He was referring to the rich corporations and upscale workers who are paid a fortune – tax free, I do believe. It enriches the Royal Family, said he, but not necessarily others who have called Dubai their home for centuries. I cannot comment on the veracity of this statement but this man was utterly believable – he and his family were employed by the police, working for the government, not rich by any means. . He was, of course, a Muslim but we did share wine together one afternoon in the JW Marriott. I am not sure if he had the wine exemption or if he was rebelling against Allah. But, in all fairness to the Ruler of Dubai, perhaps he does not know of the dissatisfaction of some of his people. There is not the same ‘freedom of the press’ in Middle East countries, so dissent is perhaps not heard by their leaders. I do not see Al Jazeera filling that void – not in the English on line version anyway. There is very little reportage on other Middle East countries. I am not sure where I will get me news of the region – we shall see.

I read further from the New York Times and see this: “ Despite signs that the economy is improving and the virus is waning, many Americans seem stuck in a pandemic hangover of pessimism This malaise helped fuel a backlash against Democrats at the polls last week,” Are voters in America utterly and thoroughly misinformed? The virus has been around and has been so virulent because of Republicans – so Americans take it out on Democrats? Excuse me, this country is a two party system – you voted in the people that caused you the grief, who extended and continue to make the pandemic not a thing of the past but a thing of the present and possibly the future. I am a lone vote. I cannot stem this tide of ignorance.

This has become entirely too serious. Oops. It has been a fine morning for me. Here in the USA we fell back – got an extra hour of sleep. There is much discussion about the wisdom of the time change but as I am leaving this place it will not be discussed. I made myself a delicious breakfast – scrambled eggs with lox and onions. Preformed my morning prayers, thanking Allah for his many blessings and guidance. Then back to bed to write, listening to classical music from Apple Music.

What will the day bring? Some boredom as I continue to pack and sort. But then sheer relief when several young women shall descend upon me. They regard me as their role model, I am flattered beyond belief. This designation is not altogether new. This from a text message in April of 2021. it strangely seems so long ago, although only about seven months have past.
Me: A young girl told me yesterday that I am a role model!! I am so proud of myself. Much love Granny.
She: Yeah, you a role model.
Me: I weep when you say that!! Not tears of sorrow but ones of joy. Cannot wait to talk to you.
Me: It is so difficult when you do not have children and wonder what you will leave behind when you die. I did leave something – when you said that I realized I fad.
Me: How precious to me. And it is strangely bette and more beautiful that you are who you are. And I will pay my own air fare to see you. After Ramadan and I have received vaccines.
She: yeaeeah see you soon.
Me: We shall, I cannot wait. I do NEED Ramadan and the peace it will give me. All praise to Allah. Please share with your vast family.
She: Inshallah
Me: Yes! I know what it means in English.

Did I see this young woman after Ramadan? No for various reasons, including the fact that her country inexplicably had a huge surge of Covid – also an inexplicably low rate of vaccination. Inexplicable as it is such a wealthy country.

Who was this young woman? From which country? She is a Princess of the Royal Family of Qatar/ We have not seen each other in recent months but there is good news. We recently spoke on the phone and who knows? Qatar is a very short flight when I am residing in the UAE.

In the meantime I have my USA young women coming over this afternoon. I must get to more writing and research, packing and getting dressed etc.

The photograph is of an old business card found when sorting through my papers. I told you all that I had a job and did work – this proves it.

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