Well, Alexis’ Life is Exciting, That is For Sure; Comfort From Grandson; He Calls Me Madam, Defined; Two Contrasting Conversations with Teenage Girls Received on Flight from Dubai to San Francisco; Preference for One Conversation Revealed; The Genesis of Women’s Restrictive Clothing Rules

There is a great deal of turmoil in my life at the present moment, that is for sure. But comfort comes from Grandson, this is a text exchange between the two of us.
Me: I have to admit that I miss you Grandson. But the good news is that Allah is guiding me and helping me and all things that have to be done here are being done with the help of so many good people. All praise to Allah.
He: My best wishes with you. And prays in Sha Allah. Everything will come good Madam
Me: It gladdened by heart to get your message. Will keep you up to date on my progress and plans.

He calls me Madam which I find most amusing. I associate the word with a woman who runs a place of prostitution. I am sure he does not think that I do that for a living, he knows I am retired from the County of Marin. The word was put in Dictionary and it was learned that it is Middle English: from Old French ma dame ‘my lady’. It is a noun with three distinct meanings: It is used to address or refer to a woman in a polite or respectful way: For example; Can I help you madam.
It is also used to address a woman at the start of a formal or business letter: Dear Madam.
It is also used before a title to address or refer to a female holder of that position. Madam President.
It also refers to a woman who runs a brothel.

But here is some cheerful news from days ago. It happened on the flight between Dubai and San Francisco. It is being reported with the permission of the young woman who sent me a message through Instagram. It was one of the most beautiful exchanges I have ever received. Teras well in my eyes, they are not tears of sorrow but tears of joy. At about 11 o’clock my phone rang, tried to answer but was unsuccessful. Then came this text message.
She: Hi Alexis. My friends are really big fans. Can we call?
Then a great deal of unsuccessful video chats were initiated.
She: Can u hear us on call?
Me: No I did not.
She: Are you on the plane?
Me: I am.
She: My friends are huge fans of your!s They wanted to say that you are a really good influence and they love you a lot. (Several emojis)
Me: How great! I love fans. Makes me feel so good!!
She: I’m glad. How was Dubai?
Me: It was great in so many ways. Loved the hotel. Made lots of friends.
She: Fun
Me: And a really handsome man or two.
She: Did you fall in love?
Me: Sort of. And I made a really good Friend – also handsome
She: Cool. How much longer on your flight?
Me: Where are you now?
She: At a friend’s house.
Me: About three hours. Had an argument with a Princess of Qatar. How strange that. On What’s App.
She: What was the argument about?
Me: She telling me that I was not a Muslim.
She: Oh that’s not good. Why did she think that?
Me: Who knows? I think because I have a glass of wine occasionally.
She: Ohhh
Me: But the new guy does not mind and he is a Muslim
She: Hahaha How old were you when you had your first kiss?.
Me: About 17. Had a boyfriend whose name was Rod. Why.
She: How do I get a boyfriend?
Me: Why do you want one?
She: It sounds like fun.
Me: Just talk to guys. It works for me. I am funny. It helps.
She: ok thank you. Can you call?
Me: I think so.
She: You are insanely hilarious.
Then I tried. I am technologically challenged.
She: I think you are on mute.
More efforts were made by me, leading to this
She: Its not working.
Me: I do not think it works on a plane.

Then she sent a voice message which I managed to hear

She: Hi Alexis, I love you!
She: Can you send a voice message?
Me: (did it) I love you back. This is so weird!
Me: I think I just did. Didn’t I do a voice message.
She: Yes you did! I just wanted to say that you bring joy and I love your videos and I read your blogs. I just wanted to say thank you.
Me: OMG thank you. New guy send voice messages. He has a great voice.
She: Wow
Me: It makes me feel really good because I spend a lot of time doing it. I do not hear from people, mostly on purpose, So it makes me feel really good to hear you say that.

I took a selfie saying:
Me: Me as a Muslim
She: Wow

Later texted her.
Me: I survived trip home. Having a mani and a pedi after having blood taken.
She: That’s fun. I hope you had the best time in Dubai
Me: I had the very best of times. Guys falling all over me. Hahaha

Then later.
Me: Great. Can I use some of the things you said about me on the blog. I can and will keep you anonymous.
She: Of course. I love reading your blogs. It will be an honor.
Me: Great as it will be an honor for me – the things you said!

Later this conversation.
Me: My apartment has been demolished as the movers came and took almost everything. But do you and your friends want to come by sometime this Weekend?

So we worked out a time.
Me: I am so happy that I get to see you before I leave. So very happy!!!
She: Me too.

I shall let you know our final get together goes.

Upon reflection marvel that I had two text conversations with two very opposite teenage girls. Which one do I prefer? It should be clear. I pity the Qatar Princess, lonely, isolated, desperate clinging to someone she has barely met but lacking any knowledge of how a friendship or any relationship operates. Incredibly rich, attractive, well-dressed but hollow inside. She is not to be blamed – no one spoke to her of the faith – she knows only of its trappings. My mandate from the first meeting in December of 2019 (before I became a Muslim) was to wear a headscarf, not drink and not swear. CPI said at the time:
She: Did she tell you what the reward would be for such behavior. Did she tell you why it was important?
Me: Come to think of it – she did not.

In retrospect it occurs that someone told her to tell me that – probably her father or a senior member of the family. Why? Muslim Royal Men have shown a need to control women I have observed over time. Women’s strict clothing restrictions in some Muslim countries have as their genesis dictates by Muslim rulers – not Mohammed nor the Qur’an. But it can be only superficial. I have it on good authority that some (of course not all) high ranking Saudi young women wear short mini skirts under their abayas, with no underwear underneath. They shed their conservative clothes and party hardy, particularly when they are in modern, non Muslim countries. The definition of genesis is: the origin or mode of formation of something. Its synonyms are: origin, source, root, beginning, commencement, start, outset. The origin, commencement, and outset of extremely restrictive clothing came from the dictates of Royal Muslim Ruler.

But in some Muslim countries, for example, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, a conservative abaya is worn as a coat over Western clothes. I recently purchased such a garment from a clothing store in the Grand Mosque. It is a thing of sheer beauty – the softest of fabrics, subtle beading. If you are really lucky you shall see a photograph of me in this stately attire. I know – when my young fans come to visit I shall have them take a photo of me in all my splendor.

I think I arranged to get a ticket to go back to Dubai. I texted Grandson with the information.
He: Welcome back.
Me: I am not there yet silly.
He: Advance.
Me: You are so sweet! You are getting ahead of yourself. Please tell me the meaning of dyne, my Islamic scholar.
No answer yet but one shall be forthcoming, that is for sure.

Photograph was taken some time ago, showing my right and left hands with their rings. The left has the huge fake ring and a Haight Ashbury ring to keep it in place. The right hand another more tasteful fake ring and then slim band with wee, tiny diamonds. They are real is my mother’s wedding ring. There is a sad and poignant story behind that.

Upcoming blog will reveal what happened to our Helga.

I was so dreading the trip back here with many substantiated fears – some of which came absolutely true. More of that from safety. But such helpfulness by so many. The wonderful movers, the gardner that blew off the accumulation of leaves on the deck, great conversations with the woman from Excellence and my favorite framer, got my bank problems all corrected, met with my financial advisor with great success. One more big concern to be faced today.

I still have jet lag but so does new guy. We are partners in crime I say – he in Dubai and me here.

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