It Appears That I Think Like a Sheikh; Human Scorpions Attack Again; Supernatural Defined and Illustrated; Clothes By a store called Excellence in Town Center; Funny Joke About Me Being Short; Eulogize Defined; Moving Trucks All Over the Place; Photograph of Me in Excellence Clothes and Framed Picture

Rather accidentally I found a statement contained in a book that was authored by the Ruler of Dubai, as I call him as his real name is difficult to spell (and to pronounce for that matter.) This is what he wrote in a book published in 2019. I do not have the book but this excerpt is from an article from the Guardian:
“It is said that human scorpions dwell on the earth in the form of gossipers and conspirators, who trouble souls, destroy relationships and subvert the spirit of communities and teams,” he wrote. “Sleeping with desert scorpions is sometimes easier than living with the human ones.”

I could not agree more and I am surrounded by human scorpions that have subverted the community in which I live at the present time. But not just Tam Ridge but also the Central Marin Police Department conveniently located in a new building about six blocks from here. It is frightening. Last evening there was a knock on my door, Foolishly I opened the door and assembled there were about six officers from that feared Police Department. I took one look at them and quickly slammed the door and locked it. I guess they went away. I was formerly a person who trusted law enforcement, actually represented them when I worked as an attorney for the County of Marin. But after the treatment I received by not only Officer Mendes but also his superior. I see one of their spiffy SUV’s and I tremble in fear. I do so want to get out of here and will do so in two days. So it is most ironic and unbelievable that I should happen upon this quote, particularly since I am going to Dubai. It is almost supernatural which is (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. It has the greatest synonyms: paranormal, psychic, magic, magical, occult, mystic, mystical, miraculous, superhuman, supernormal, hypernormal, extramundane; inexplicable, uncanny, unaccountable, unbelievable,, weird, mysterious, arcane. ANTONYMS natural, normal. It is rather arcane, miraculous and extraordinary that I should think of the word supernatural – just popped into my head.

Prior to the knock on the door I was having a fantastic day. As yesterday’s blog attests I awoke to emails from Air Emeritus, most reassuring and soothing. As I said, it felt like I was being treated like a Queen. Then a telephone call from Sara of Excellence telling me that my alterations had been completed. So off I went to her store, appropriately called Excellence and picked up a skirt and a dress that she had volunteered to repair. I do so love the clothes she assembled. I wore a jacket purchased there last week, her assistant took a photograph and you will get to see it as the photograph will be attached to this blog. The jewelry around my neck is also from the store, It is a perfect match to the outfit. Sara and her assistant chose that photograph as they said it made me look tall (which I am not). I told them this true and funny story. I was walking out of the British Museum with an incredibly sexy, handsome man, the following conversation took place.
He: (looking down at me) You are short!
Me: I know. I was five foot three but I lost an inch.
He: I hope I do not loose an inch.

He was, of course, referring to his member, a polite word for penis. We were hysterically funny together. Once, in the presence of Japanese tourists on May 29, 2018 he unexpectedly said as I was leaving the restaurant to have my photo taken by Hannah Laycock.
He: You are cutting off my balls.
Me: How could I? You do not have any!

I still laugh when I think about that. The photograph is exceptional – the framed photo will be also attached to this blog.

But back to the Ruler of Dubai and his book. The Guardian was doing a book review almost, Here is another quote.
“Alongside this sanitised story of success against the odds, the UAE vice-president devotes three chapters of his most recent book to another Latifa: his mother. She is idealised as his “first love”, “my heart and soul”, “the most wonderful, supportive, softest, kindest and most extraordinary person in my life”. Her death in 1983 devastated him.”

The UAE vice president’s daughter was interviewed last week. She is a truly amazing woman. She spoke of her grandmother in the same glowing terms as her father did. She said that her grandmother was a role model for her, eulogizing her as well. What is eulogize? “Go into raptures about/over, wax lyrical about, sing the praises of, praise to the skies, heap praise on, rhapsodize about/over, rave about/over, enthuse about/over, gush about/over, throw bouquets at, express delight over, acclaim, extol; go wild about, be mad about, go on about ballyhoo.
My favorites have to be ballyhoo, praise to the skies, and was lyrical about.

I think:
Me: What was I doing in 1983?
Alter Ego: Graduating from law school
Me: Yes indeed. The Ruler must have been in his early thirties when his mother died as he is six years younger than I am.

But learning of that woman, that grandmother, explains a great deal. The inexplicable is perhaps not inexplicable after all. More about that later.

Back to yesterday. I was able to make a deposit at the bank, pay two credit cards, buy some great underwear, pick up some medication. Drove back to the apartment which I am living in rent free. There was a moving truck. Someone else is moving out of here because they raised the rent on her. This is the craziest place – it is emptying out. I laughingly said:
Me: Everyone seems to be moving out of her. I am thinking that the new owners might have plans to use the place as a nuclear test site.

There are new owners, there was an inspection just the other day. Swarms of people descended to inspect the property. A notice was placed on the door of apartments here. I sent an email to the General Manager of the place:
Me: By the way – the notice that you tardily put on people’s doors was not adequate or done properly. You guys do not do anything properly. Can you people read? Or you are just not accustomed to people fighting back.

But back again to yesterday. Three young women approached me by the pool, they live here. I cannot remember exactly what they said but it was beautiful. They said they read my blog every day, that I am their role model, that they admire everything I do. Honest they did. I was blown away, so flattered. I was walking on air. Walking on air means being very happy. Example sentences are: “I am so happy in my new job that I feel like I am walking on air. I heard that you are going to Italy on holiday next month. You must be walking on air. She was feeling like walking on air after hearing the news of her passing the exams.”

But then what happened? The knock on the door by the police. The human scorpions attacked again but this time I slammed the door on them They did not get me. In a way Allah protected me. It was instinctive, I learned from my mistake. The mistake was recent, when I opened the door and went on the patio to speak to Officer Mendes and other police officers. And then there was the time in San Francisco when an attempt was made on my life. I did eventually blog about it. I will find it and reprint it. That time Allah did save me, there is no doubt in my mind. Otherwise it is impossible to explain.

But I shall close and get to packing. I have decided what to wear on the airplane, Deciding what to wear is essential for women – not men I do not think.

So photo of Excellence clothes and jewelry and a framed me with the quote from Albert Camus that is so telling and is the story of my life. In the Midst of Winter I Found There Was, Within Me, An Invincible Summer. I now know what the Invincible Summer is – it is Allah.

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