Canadian Political Scene Eviscerated by Able Al Jazzers Writer.Based in Toronto; Eviscerated Defined; Canadians Complacent, Defined and Illustrated; Other Canadian Political Parties Treated with Disdain; UAE Leader the Antithesis to Justin; Some Problems with Each Grain of Sand; Photos of Alexis In the Dubai Desert with Sand

First of all we should define eviscerate, there are different versions or definitions, this one is most applicable: to deprive (something) of its essential content. The applicable synonyms might be: disembowel, gut, remove the innards from, draw, dress;, exonerate, paunch.

Al Jazeera, a Qatar owned network featured an Opinion piece written by Andrew Mitrovica, based in Toronto. It was sandwiched between a myriads of ads, Al Jazeera must be making money from this venture although they have reporters situated in all corners of the globe. But onward with the extremely well written and at times rather funny opinion piece which skewers not only Justin but also other Canadian (so-called0 political leaders as well. “The days of Justin Trudeau’s “sunny ways” may be over. The jejune Canadian prime minister’s cocky gambit to call an unnecessary election in the midst of a stubborn pandemic has proven to be a strategic miscalculation of blunt, historic proportions. The writing is zippy and fun.” Trudeau had one aim: win a majority. He failed. Last night’s sharp rebuke is the second time in less than two years that many Canadians have, in effect, told him that his youthful, inconsequential sheen has lost much of its allure. As such, they were disinclined to grant him the broad mandate he was, no doubt, confident he would secure.So, today, the Canadian Parliament mirrors, almost to a seat, the Parliament that was dissolved a touch over a month ago to satiate Trudeau’s irresistible yearning for the elusive prize of a majority.”

The article continues in this style: “Trudeau’s defining hypocrisy is that he claimed to represent a departure from the old, tired modus operandi. He was the embodiment of a new kind of politics that put country over party, people over power, modesty over hubris. It was a slick, hollow mirage. Trudeau was motivated by the petty impulses he insisted his “sunny ways” were meant to reject. Canadians may, on occasion, be somewhat complacent peoples, but they are not blind.”

I do so love that; “Canadians can be somewhat complacent but they are not blind. Complacent is such a fabulous word, its synonyms are very descriptive of Canadians: smug, self-satisfied, pleased with oneself, proud of oneself, self-approving, self-congratulatory, self-admiring, self-regarding; gloating, triumphant, proud; pleased, gratified, satisfied, content, contented; careless, slack, lax, lazy. I do love the North American vulgar slang shit-eating. The antonym is humble. I do humbly admit that I am a Canadian. But I left in 1967, returned briefly in 2017 but came back to the USA, This country does indeed have its own political problems.

The affection that Canadians feel, for Trudeau is “to put it charitably, lukewarm.” This too: “It will be a sad but, frankly, fitting denouement to Trudeau’s facile, undistinguished career.” Facile and undistinguished, what a great way to describe a career, well his anyway. To fully appreciate this, do let us define facile. Again a perfect word with the following synonyms: simplistic. superficial, oversimple, oversimplified, schematic, black and white; shallow, pat, glib, slick, jejune, naive; dime-store, bubblegum. Antonym: profound. Do you know love it? One can say that Trudeau has a bubblegum, dime-store, shallow career.

The other parties are handled with equal disdain. “The pretend socialist party of Canada, the New Democratic Party (NDP), returns, yet again, as the “conscience of parliament”. It is a trite pantomime. The NDP is a party of cliché. Led by Jagmeet Singh, it lacks the will to reclaim – honestly and openly – its fast evaporating socialist roots in order to appear more “reasonable”.Singh and the NDP are facing the proverbial Rubicon: continue being nice and palatable or finally share, in an intelligent and unabashed way, the radical solutions necessary to address the entrenched, systemic injustices and inequalities that blight the lives of scores of Canadians.”

Then Mitrovica gives it to the Green Party. Annamie Paul, the Green Party head, should recognise the inevitable. She needs to go mercifully away and allow a once-promising environmental movement to regain the ingenuity and enterprise she has deserted out of a selfish and corrosive stubbornness.”

I have overlooked the Conservatives, goodness knows they are easy to overlook and will continue to be.

Andrew Mitrovica concludes: “The intelligentsia insisted this election was about nothing. That is not true. It was clarifying.Trudeau and the age of colourful socks and sophomoric antics is, hopefully, over soon. Canada needs to get serious to meet the challenges of these serious times.” Will Canada get serious? My prediction is thus: Not bloody likely.

We all know the mess that USA politics are in now and always will be despite the heroic President Biden.. Is it any wonder that I am considering residency in another country – one not ruled by a democracy. Listen to these stirring words from the leader of the country I hope to call home. .
The UAE is called the leader of the future
Every person who lives in this country
Loves every grain of sand in it.
And we adore the UAE
The UAE has progressed through our love and collaboration.
The UAE is not a worldwide country
But it is a world within a country.

The video on Instagram contains beautiful and heroic images, the beginning shot is the world’s tallest building shrouded in clouds. The leader is speaking Arabic but there is an English translation overlaying the video. I do love the Arabic language although I do not now, or will I ever understand a word of it. It is so musical, so pleasing to my ears.

I left a public comment (again).
Me: I formerly left a public comment but I do not see it at the moment. It went something like this, f I came to live in the country I I might have a problem loving each and every grain of sand. I think that is what I said but but I did write on my blog that he is an inspirational leader.

That is true except I wrote living instead of LOVING . How could you live each and every grain of sand wrote. But realistically how could you love each and every grain of sand. I have been there, went on an excursion into the desert. A photograph of the vehicle and me on the tour will be pictured. I am math challenged, there is no way I could count each grain of sand, much less love each grain of sand. As you can see I am most honest. It is one of my best traits.

This man is an inspirational leader in all reality. He has enacted far reaching legislation in every field and here is the absolutely great news! There are absolutely NO Republicans in Dubai – nary a one. Nor is there a Trudeau, nor the NDP, nor the Green Party. It is impossible to enumerate all of the sweeping reforms the Ruler of Dubai has proposed and immediately initiated in the last six months. He makes Biden look lazy – but, of course, the Ruler of Dubai has no Republicans to get in his way. He has assembled competent men and women to lead governmental agencies – those chosen include his sons. The announcements arrive almost each and every day. Quite honestly I need a rest with all of this planning to go to Dubai. But everything is getting worked out due to the wonder of the staff at Air Emeritus. Everything is in order – reservations made, etickets printed, limousine to pick me up ordered arriving at a suitable time. The staff member of today told me that even with my three vaccinations a Covid test within 72 hours is necessary. Phew! Did to know that, will get one but they hurt, jab something up your nose. But it only takes a minute. Clothes picked out, new sunglasses ordered from See, Saw, Seen in San Francisco the maker of many of my glasses. Packing has begun early. I guess the big suitcase is going with me along with the carry-on with wheels. Plan is to wear western clothes on plane but pack a plain back abaya to wear upon arrival. Suitable head gear, probably a scarf for departure although not very good at tying – perhaps someone can help me.

Tomorrow brings another appointment at my wondrous PCP just down the street. Hopefully the large bandage can be replaced by something water proof so that it is possible to thoroughly participate in water aerobics. My arm healed well. Hahaha to you Officer Mendes of the Central Marin Police Department. He is a bad apple, perhaps, but my attempts to correct this matter informally punishing him as an individual were thwarted. Now the whole Central Marin Police Department is tarnished shall be blamed for what happened to me. Oh well, I tried.

More good news to follow. The Marin JCC jacuzzi man got in touch, his father had died which explained his slow in response. You shall hear more about him and his amazing project tomorrow (or the next day) complete with his web site.

I am tired, it has been a long day. Two omens appeared whiledriving to Marin JCC for water aerobics. An Elvis Presley song called Devil in Disguise (which had meaning relating to the horrors I endured and just before exiting the N. San Pedro Road exit – there was a rainbow. Honestly, I saw it. Rather unusual because there was fog but no rain. I completed a flower arrangement while conversing with G.E.M. and Girlfriend (same person). He was unloading chairs and tables that have been so needed by the pool. Just in time for me to leave. Is that fair?? They are blue, it adds needed color. You will get a photo when I get around to it – in the meantime look at those from Dubai 2020 – not Exp0 2020 which was delayed because of Covid but Dubai 2020 when I was there the last time.

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