August 10, 2021, the Best Day of My Life; Printer from Best Buy; Color Coordination a Priority; George Rescues Alexis from the Clutches of JP Morgan; A Triumphant Ride, Resembling Cleopatra on her Voyage Down the Nile; The Only Difference Between a Rut and a Grave

August 10, 2021 had to be the best day ever – in my entire life as a person. It began with coffee and breakfast on my patio overlooking the swimming pool, jacuzzi and trimmed palm trees thanks to the efforts of GEM (Genius Efficient Manager). Chatted with residents as they walked their dogs, went to the gym, walked to work, swam or sank into the jacuzzi.

At nine along came AAA – we laughed and planned our day. She has multiple talents, one is a make up artist – so she grabbed the brushes and the bottles and I emerged perfect – to be hidden, these days, by a face mask. But as you shall see from the photos, it was color coordinated, as usual. We went to the Leasing Office where she met G.E.M., Angel and Freddie. She was impressed by all – particularly G.E.M. who was looking quite spectacular in a handsome suit, totally color coordinated. He has forced me to become more responsible. This a conversation from the day before.
Me: Since you have said we are a team, I had best get it together and become better dressed and color coordinated in order to keep up with you. How am I doing today?
He: You are doing very well, Alexis
Me: Thanks! Red toe nails, red sandals, red face mask, red glasses. Navy blue jacket, navy blue pants and navy blue purse.
He: Yes I can see.
Me: I bet your toe nails to not match your shoes.
He: (declined to answer)

Then it was off to Best Buy to purchase a printer. I have at least one or two at this point. One left in London, one non functioning in my apartment, and one missing but I had it in Vancouver. Oh well – the price keeps going down and we were able to walk out of there for around one hundred dollars.

Then she dropped me off at West America Bank in San Rafael, where I met George, my new financial planner. He is a joy, he is wonderful, he is helpful, he is smart, he meets with me unlike the JP Morgan guys provided through Chase Bank who were none of these things. I have been used and abused by those guys, their inattention was appalling – apparently JP Morgan is known for the ineptitude of its advisors. This was my second meeting with George – we were able to wrestle my investments from JP Morgan and placed in his able hands. The feeling, prevalent over the last seven years of utter frustration immediately vanished. I put my money with JP Morgan so that I would not have to worry about money – but their inattention coupled with my changing life plans have left me in a state of limbo which has now been removed, I am in the safe hands of a man whose mission in life is to help others and he has helped me. It is also interesting to note that Instagram announced that there is a class action against Chase Bank for discrimination – I joined forces as I was discriminated against by that bank. An intended financial advisor said that he could not work with me – he gave no reason. It was because I told him in a non threatening manner that I was a Muslim. He was gay. Gay men are not fond of Muslims because they misinterpret and do not understand the prohibition against homosexuality. It is possible for homosexuals to go to Paradise on Judgment Day, as long as they have not been sexually active. The ban exists for a rational reason – perhaps more rational 1400 years ago but its logic continues to prevail. It makes no matter to me personally if a man is gay or straight because I cannot go to bed with anyone unless I am married to him – and it is highly unlikely that a gay man is going to want to marry me. Although, in my life, one never knows. But why would I marry in order to have a sexual relationship and end up with a gay husband? This makes no sense whatsoever.

But I do digress and the best is yet to come. Arrangements had been made through Lexus of Marin with a wonderful man, strangely called Junior. Junior arrived, George opened the door of the Lexus SUV and off we sped to the nearby Lexus dealership. I picked the second car I was shown – It is a thing of beauty and shall be a joy forever (or at least three years). Junior once owned the very same car and loved it. Hours later he drove me back to Corte Madera because it was traffic time I had not driven in about six years. We did do a “test drive” – I drove to Peacock Gap to view the home shared with husband #3, then sold as a consequence of the divorce. Not been in the neighborhood for perhaps twelve years. Although there is new development, where Andy’s is located – the rest remained the same. I drove about in my Lexus, my dream car – so proud of myself. I returned to Marin the Victor – most of the people there most probably remained in their rut. There is that wonderful saying: The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole and how long you plan to stay in it. If you’re in a rut right now, the answer to getting out is taking action. Set new goals, write them down, and take action. It is a quote from Ellen Glasgow: The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.

I got out of the rut – bravely applying to graduate school, got accepted, obtained a student visa so that I could live in London for two and a half years. Loved it, tried to remain there but it proved impossible. Not being a victim, hired an immigration attorney, resumed my Canadian citizenship which would have provided much more flexibility. Left London for Vancouver, planning to catch the train across Canada, get a visitor’s visa and return to London for months on end. But those plans were fortuitously thwarted. Fortuitous is an adjective meaning happening by accident or chance rather than design. Its synonyms are: unexpected, unanticipated, unpredictable, unforeseen, unlooked-for, serendipitous, casual, incidental, coincidental, haphazard, random, accidental, inadvertent, unintentional, unintended, unplanned, unpremeditated. Remained in Vancouver for two years, returning to live in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. The lock down turned San Francisco into a living hell, the move back to Marin County was, and is, sheer heaven. I have returned in glory – much like Cleopatra in her finest hour. This voyage, in my Lexus, felt the same as Cleopatra’s sailing down the Nile to be honored by the populace and greeted by Antony, her lover. There is no Antony for me – just my Lexus with Junior at my side, congratulating me on my renewed driving skills. The process, which included obtaining insurance (and goodness knows what else), took about five hours. But Junior and I and the entire staff at Lexus of Marin had a fine time! Junior is not exactly a used car salesman – graduating from UC Berkeley in 2008 with a degree in linguistics and political science. He attended on scholarships, did not have to pay a fortune for his spectacular education. He is most protective of me – or perhaps the car, which he loves. This is the conversation as we drove from San Rafael to Corte Madera
He: I love driving this car. It is so powerful, taking this car around curves is a sheer delight.
Me: If you and I become friends I will never know it if is me you like or weather you just like driving my car.
He: Well, perhaps both.

He says that I should take it easy and go on short trips until I feel more confident. No freeways for a while. I was intending to go to the Marin Farmer’s Market today. Yesterday sat in the car but went nowhere, attempting to turn on the radio at least. But was unable to do so, left him a voice mail.
He: I got your voicemail. Hope you were able to turn the radio on. Hope you are able to take your Lexus to the Farmer’s Market soon.
Me: I did not get the radio on, But I can drive without a radio. I can hum.
Me: Farmer’s Market tomorrow. Perhaps a traffic alert should be issued. Hahaha Everyone here is most excited with my Lexus. I force them to be excited.
He: Everyone better get out of your way. And I am glad, it’s a beautiful car.
Me: The most beautiful in the universe! Lucky me!!!

But have decided to take it easy and keep my driving extremely local. Perhaps go to the Corte Madera library which is now open. Stroll around Town Center and perhaps go to the Village.

So everything is perfect. Phoenix Rises From the Ashes yet again.

Photograph is of Alexis and her Lexus. The envelope is the lease. Please note the color coordination of that day as well. Watch out G.E.M.

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