The Death of a Colleague, Aramburu Brings Back Memories and Mention ‘Good’ People Also Responding on Legacy; The Need for Blog Anonymity Described and Illustrated: Calcification Described; Carnage Described and Illustrated: On-Dimensional Character Described and Illustrated: Off for Mani and Pedi; Photo of Younger Alexis and Face Painted Like Canadian Flag Alexis

Recently I reconnected with MCARE which stands for Marin County Association of Retired Employees. It is a voluntary association in which I once played an active part, interviewing retirees for the newsletter, later becoming the editor. But it was off to London and Vancouver, terminated my membership (a mere $2) a month and had no need for the socialization it offered.. But at some point realized that it would not be possible for me know when my former colleagues passed (so to speak) – which is a polite word for died. So filled out a form, paid my $2 a month and now I am on top of it, so to speak. Therefore, was able to learn of the passing of Albert Aramburu. There was a link provided to his obituary, so off to Legacy went I and, of course had to leave my words, which shall be repeated in this blog. “ He was an absolutely great guy! I worked with him during my days at County Counsel’s Office. His sense of humor was infectious and he did not take himself seriously but was, as a result, tremendously effective in all his dealings. He did not suffer fools lightly but would gently humiliate them and put them in their place. Indeed a talent! Lost touch with him over the years – now it will not take place, excepts perhaps in Paradise.” Many tributes to this man who faithfully served government throughout his lifetime (unlike Donald Trump but similar to President Biden). Many others, with whom I have lost contact, also expressed sentiments and it was good to see that so many good people were alive and well. Perhaps some might Google me, find this blog which immediately pops up. But guys you cannot reach me through this blog – but am reachable by Instagram – Alexis McTwit (for some indescribable and unremembered reason. It does look like I am reachable but, at the inception of the blog Computer Guru Chris and I determined that I should be safe from negativity and criticism and thus be free to express my thoughts on all matters. I have never regretted that decision. However, it does mean that I am also sheltered from positive throughs and contacts. All I can say is this – my statistics speak for themselves. Why would people read me if they do not like and cherish my opinion?
Alter Ego: Perhaps they have nothing better to do with their time.
Me: Perhaps that is true. But did they get a wake up call when the blog took an extremely confrontational stance on Israel and the atrocious carnage of Indigenous children in Canadian Residential Schools and Prime Minister Trudeau.
Alter Ego: That is true but why did you need anonymity to take on these issues?
Me: Well, to use Justin Trudeau as an example. I had a friend (actually one who had endured for years, a friend ever since I was 19). He, of course, had access to my email and I would read his and did value his opinion at one point in time. He was an avid Trudeau fan, criticized my viewpoint on the matter. He went as far as accusing me of not forming my own opinion but instead relying on my older friend CPI. He said my criticism of Trudeau diminished me., and made other negative suggestions.
Alter Ego: So what did you do?
Me: I stopped communicating with him. He was causing me pain and not being at all helpful. At one point we had discussed that he had not betrayed me – instead we had merely outgrown one another. That was my suggestion, something read in a book found in the Vancouver Public Library and hence now irretrievable.
Did write about it on my blog but as there are so many it is irretrievable. At the time he graciously admitted it was true. But that did not last.
Alter Ego: Do you miss him?
Me: Well I do miss the old supportive Bruce but I moved on. He calcified in my opinion.

So it is time for a word search. Calcify is not easily translated but does mean hardened. In other words, he became set in his ways, hardened against new thoughts and ideas. Another word is carnage, describing the atrocities in Canadian Residential Schools. Carnage’s definition is the killing of a large number of people. Its synonyms are: slaughter, massacre, mass murder, mass destruction, butchery, bloodbath, indiscriminate bloodshed, bloodletting, annihilation, destruction, decimation, havoc; holocaust, pogrom, ethnic cleansing. It is a perfect word as it was mass murder, mass destruction, butcher, bloodbath, but most profoundly ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing that took place in Canada, not just in Rwanda.

Yesterday was Indigenous Day in Canada – it is celebrated, but in a pale manner, It should be celebrated instead of Canada Day this year in honor of the dead Indigenous children. But I have no say in the matter.

It is such a contrast to Canada Day 2017. I had returned (triumphantly) to the land of my birth – had been gone for fifty years. It was a joyous occasion for all – I lived in Vancouver, walked with Cecilia who served as photographer of the day. Walked from the Trump International Hotel and Tower where I was their first long term guest (believe that or not). I had painted my face like the Canadian flag and was resplendent in all things white and red. 83 people, hugged me, were pictured with me and all said:”Welcome Home”.

Have things ever changed in these past five years. There is a strong movement in British Columbia to banish the celebration of Canada Day this year in honor of the dead. It is unknown where that will go in the Country of Denial. But if celebrated it will be nothing like 2017. The owner fo the Trump Hotel was not, of course, Trump but a Malaysian Joo Kim Tiah multibillionaire. The Trump Hotel is closed, its posh doors shut down, its lobby and public spaces deserted. It was once turned into a homeless shelter, I heard but this not confirmed. Joo Kim Tiah declared bankruptcy and the parent Malaysian empire taken over. This means, unfortunately that Alix Residences in Malaysia will not be completed. It was announced in its planning stages in August of 2019 – clearly named for me as the slogan was Brazenly Authentic and who is Brazenly Authentic but Alexis McBride.

What has happened to me? I left Canada, in some degree of sadness, in 2019 and slowly inched myself “home”. Home is Marin County, an incredibly wealthy rich enclave that was my home from 1973-2014 when I left to find adventure, ethic diversity, cultural opportunities and the theatre,. But I laughingly say” “I got played out!” I now appreciate the tranquility of home, the safety, the fact that almost all are vaccinated. I have a friend who administered the vaccine in the Canal Area of San Rafael, where most of the Latino population live. The Latino population in Marin turned out in droves to receive the vaccine which means that the service people here are vaccinated. It is one of the safest places to be in the world as a result. Paradoxically so is Dubai. What is Alexis’ connection to Dubai? My goodness that is a whole other story – and one that is evolving in interesting ways. I suddenly remember the expression stuck in the mud, and do, of course look it up. What does it mean? It is a noun “stick in the mud (plural sticks in the mud or stick in the muds) (idiomatic, derogatory) A person unwilling to participate in activities; a curmudgeon or party pooper.” Now that is NOT Alexis McBride. The expression apparently originated in the early 1700s. The idea behind is clear, alluding to a vehicle (at the time, a horse drawn carriage) whose wheels were stuck in the mud. … In order to emphasize the fact that a stick in the mud is a curmudgeon, the phrase is something stated old stick in the mud.” But put more generally, it is one who is slow, old-fashioned, unprogressive, an old fogey. That is definitely not me. Proof positive? I became a Muslim on October 20, 2020 – there is nothing slow, old-fashioned, unprogressive or old fogey about that!

But I have not become a one-dimensional character. It is off for a mani and a pedi, made possible by Holly, at a Place for Nails, within walking distance even with my knee. I will text a new friend, Marcia, to see if I can make an appointment for her. That is another utterly unbelievable story – to be told later on this blog. Nowhere else I am sure – I do have exclusive rights to my own stories. Marcia has many talents but she is not a writer.

By the way, The definition of one-dimensional is having only one main quality or concern, which can result in a shallow or superficial person or thing. Again, not Alexis McBride (aka Alya, my Muslim name which means Queen).

The photograph is me in my younger days. A man on Instagram has pictured himself many times when he was younger. I commented: “You were definitely very good looking when you were younger. I guess I was too.” But he has not seen a picture of me when I was younger. Now he has, just in case I shall put it on Instagram as well. Better safe than sorry.
Alter Ego: Oh, no. Not another expression?!?!
Me: Yes but no time to pursue as it is off for the mani and pedi.

There is also a photograph of my face and clothing pictured on Canada Day 2017.

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