Loosing My Penchant For Blogging; Possible Reasons Why; Penchant and Phenomena Defined; Six Reasons For Possible Lack of Enthusiasm Explored; Dumped Two Scamming Scum From My Existence: Two Funny Cartoons and My New Unicorn Popper

Well I have lost my uncontrollable urge to blog. In days of old my day was incomplete until the blog was written and sent off to Chris, my computer guru who lives in the UK. Writing it centered me, a day of silence would be a day of anxiety. But no more. I spoke to Wise Man yesterday about this phenomenon:
He: Well how does it feel? Loosing this urge?
Me: It feels Ok. Didn’t think I would ever be able to give up my daily habit but it feels effortless not to blog, not the other way around.
He: What do you think that you are going to do about it in the long run?
Me: I do not know. Just play it by ear, I guess.

Let us define a few words. Penchant is a perfect word, I have to admit. Its meaning: a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something. Its synonyms are: fondness, preference, taste, relish, appetite, partiality, soft spot, love, passion, desire, fancy, whim, weakness, inclination, bent, bias, proclivity, predilection, predisposition, affinity. So one could say that I had a proclivity, a predilection and a predisposition to write a blog every day.

But I am losing my appetite, my fancy and my soft spot for spending my mornings in bed with my computer on my up cropped legs. Phenomena is also a perfect word: a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question. Do not know why I have lost this addiction to daily blogging, so its cause or explanation is in question.

There is never just one WHY, people look for explanations for almost everything, thinking if they discover the one WHY everything will change. Nope, it does not work that way. Here are some factors which could be responsible.
The blogging which began on May 17,2021 and ended on May 26, 2021 during which time I examined and criticizes Israel and its supporters for the horrors in Palestine took its toll. I was exhausted and it is disappointing to see that it looks like nothing at all seems to have come of it. The cease fire which is sure to be temporary, only fit in with the asshole’s plans. Do not have the inclination to keep tabs on the situation any further. Did what I could, at some cost to my frame of mind but there is no sense beating a dead horse. My expose took a a great deal of time, researching, getting a historical perspective and pondering the banality of evil. Perhaps my energies could have been better spent closer to home.

Speaking of close to home, I was able to improve the already ideal circumstances under which I live. I spoke to the Regional Manager and he has effected, within days, so many positive changes. His name is Justin and I do not mean Justin Trudeau, the lack luster Prime Minister of Canada mentioned in the blog of May 25, 2021. The mail room is tidy and functioning, the fire pit glows during the evening hours, the jacuzzi is now operating after months and months of non functioning. Now this is SO funny. Three men in suits were hurriedly passing by: Me: The jacuzzi is working, the jacuzzi is working and it is all because of me and Justin. One Man: I am Justin! Me: I love you Justin! You can imagine how rewarding that conversation was – it did beat solitary blogging and the jacuzzi is now working and I could get in, which would help my left knee but instead I am writing.

I am a member of a wonderful family, for the first time in my whole life and it does take work, being part of a family – I am finding. Now it is good work and there are ample rewards particularly with this Pham Fantastic Family, but a certain amount of effort is required. Interestingly, none of them read the blog, I do not think It is OK with me, they have no time as they lead such busy and productive lives.

I am beginning to live a normal life, the simple life mentioned in the June 1, 2021 blog. I am having a couple to dinner this evening, recently met them, they live within this complex. Tomorrow Prince Andrew is coming for brunch, well not THE Prince Andrew of the Windsors and he is not really a prince but that is his nickname. Then later AAA is stopping by, perhaps for dinner.

To some extent Instagram has become more important as it captures the moment and I am in total command of entries. No sending it off to the UK and not really being in charge. Chris is great, super and all that, but there is an eight hour time difference so it is usually not instantaneous.

Other things keep cropping up. This morning woke up at seven but after some essentials went back to bed and fell asleep again. Arose at 9 to find the gardeners were trimming the greenery. Asked for the cuttings and turned them into ‘plants’ and flower arrangements. Did an Instagram video of the results of my labors showing my newest unicorn acquisition. I have this wonderful neighbor whose little girl is turning one today. A truly darling child, we often exchange blow kisses. Her mother did a trade with me, at her initiation. She got my Baby Girl balloon, and my We Believe In Unicorns balloon for this amazing functional unicorn. It shall be pictured, it was pictured in the Instagram video. It is a Unicorn Popper, it shoots a foam ball up to twenty feet. Yes, it does indeed! I cannot wait to shoot my first Popper but cannot because I am writing this blog. It is for “Ages 4 +. Well I am definitely 4+ (although poor at math it would be 4 + 74)

Two cartoons from The New Yorker also shall accompany this blog. One shows a couple wherein she is saying: “I’m starting to think this is a marriage that should have been an email.” Now that is funny and is definitely true of my three marriages – so it does make me laugh. The other equally amazing, about kicking someone’s ass. I have recently dumped two scummy scam that were littering my life. Do NOT follow Omair Hussein as previously recommended. He is blocked and permanently from my life. Also the guy that said he was Fazza – was not, of course. He ended up asking for money for an orphanage, received this response.
Me: I do not think so!!!
Then blocked him immediately saying that his so-called business account on What’sApp was a scam. Just remember DNEFWMMcB – which means do not mess with me.

Not going to take the time to edit this. I have better things to do with my time.

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