Beginning with Humor Relating to King Saud’s Sex Life; Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am Explored and Quoted by Billie Holiday; But Back to the Mess and Horror Created by Israel; Cease Fire Abjectly Meaningless and Not to Be Trusted: Al Jazeera Opinion Piece, Why Netanyha Thinks America Is Stupid; Qatar Please Bomb Israel; Secret of My Success; Photos of My Glove with Stickers Showing Fame

I would not say that I am obsess with the sex life of King Saud in 1943 but have been doing some thinking. Totally convinced that he would not be a good lover. He would be a “Wham Band, Thank You Ma’am” kind of guy. He did not have the time to be a slow and thorough lover – he was into quantity not quality. I previously thought about contemporary Middle East Rulers with multiple wives, same thing with them as I once hysterically said to a friend:
Me: When you think about it – he is no different than a bull who must impregnate as many cows as possible.
He: Alexis, you are so funny – comparing Royalty to a bull.
Me: Well each of the wives want to bear a son who will take over, become the Crown Prince and then take over. The woman do not particularly want him or to pleasure him – just his sperm.

I was once extremely daring, not on a face to face conversation but by text. The individual posted a particularly sensual picture of himself.
Me: You look most sensual in that picture. But I have found that handsome men do not make good lovers. I have also found that rich men do not make good lovers. You are both. Hmmmmm.
Well, no response from him and, as far as I know, he not making any plans to visit me and prove me wrong. Hahaha. But, of course, I have become a Muslim woman and cannot have sex with any man who is not my husband, and he must be a Muslim.

Just in case you were wondering: The informal phrase wham, bam, thank you ma’am refers to sexual intercourse conducted quickly and without tenderness. Apparently The earliest occurrence known of is in the 1948 play Mister Roberts, where a sailor character says “Well there goes the liberty. That was sure a wham-bam-thank-you ma’am. This from Billie Holiday speaking of her days working as a prostitute. “With my regular white customers, it was a cinch. They had wives and kids to go home to. When they came to see me it was wham, bang, they gave me the money and were gone. I made all the loot I needed. But Negroes would keep you up all the damn night, handing you that stuff about ‘Is it good, baby?’ and ‘Don’t you want to be my old lady?’” Now that is funny, you do have to admit, but it is back to the conflictual Middle East.

A cease fire is in place but it is not hopeful, or even an accomplishment in my eyes. It just means that Israel got away with their arrogance and aggression yet again. Nothing is going to change – that country is incapable of diplomacy. Some encouraging news from Al Jazeera “The United States has traditionally been Israel’s most important ally, but American politicians and the public are increasingly challenging Washington’s longstanding and unquestioned loyalty. Progressive Democrats pressured President Joe Biden to demand a ceasefire on Gaza, and they want weapons sales to Israel to stop”

I do love the title of an opinion article in Al Jazeera written by Marwan Bishara. Why Netanyha Thinks America is Stupid: Israel Sadism Meets American Cynicism In Palestine. Bishara makes a powerful, reasoned argument – no wonder the Asshole, the Devil Incarnate is convinced that America is stupid.

“The United States has provided Israel with the military means and diplomatic cover it needs to defeat Hamas in Gaza, while devastating the livelihood of more than two million Palestinians, in what qualify as war crimes.The Biden administration has covered for Israel at the United Nations and lied about it. Its denial of having obstructed a mere statement by the UN Security Council (UNSC) calling for a ceasefire, makes it look foolish, disingenuous and weak.Washington has stood alone among the members of the council in its opposition to consensus on a ceasefire, not once, not twice, but three times in the past few days.
The White House spokesperson insisted that the US is pursuing an “effective” approach of “quiet, intensive, diplomacy”, but as it turns out, President Joe Biden has been merely buying Israel time to get on with “finishing the job”.
According to a New York Times report, the US president told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he might not be able to deter growing international and domestic pressure for much longer, with the mounting death and destruction caused by days of pounding Gaza.
When Biden finally asked Netanyahu to start winding down the war, the arrogant Israeli premier rebuffed him, insisting instead on taking his time to realise his objectives in the war, come what may. Israel has concluded from the previous three Gaza offensives that it could no longer accept a “strategic tie” with Hamas; that its military victory must be quick, real and resounding; that Palestinians and other regional nemeses must learn that they cannot achieve by force what they failed to achieve through diplomacy; and that Israel will do what it must to win, regardless of how long or how much the world whines.
On that basis, Israel is making an example of Gaza, sadistically destroying its administrative, municipal and economic infrastructure, including electricity, water and sewerage systems, setting it back years if not decades.
The images from Gaza speak louder than words.
Netanyahu is making Gaza suffer in a cynical ploy to satisfy his vengeful ultra-nationalist base and continue to maintain his grip on power.
If he loses his premiership, he is likely to end up in jail, like his predecessor Ehud Olmert, on any one of the three serious charges he now faces in court – fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes.
But, lo and behold, as soon as the escalation got under way, his opponents failed to form a government, and as the escalation worsened, his chances to remain in office improved dramatically, with smaller right-wing parties like Yamina rallying behind him.
One has to wonder if any of this is in the US national interest.
The short answer is no, none of it. Nada. Zilch.
Indeed, the ensuing grave humanitarian crisis and the deepening hatred for Israel and its enablers in the region and beyond is damaging to US credibility and national interest.
This is especially true when the Biden administration claims to put human rights at the centre of its foreign policy, while its spoiled brat of a client takes advantage of its sympathy and support to commit war crimes.
Even the much-touted war on the Islamist movement, Hamas, is not in the US best interest, not when it destabilises the region, and not when the alternative is a negotiated settlement that could achieve peace and security – peace for Israel and security for the Palestinians – based on freedom and justice.”

Strong words! Well no wonder! Israel did after all bomb the offices of Al Jazeera. Qatar owns and operates Al Jazeera and is so powerful – its arms on display at an enormous parade on December 18, 2020. Frightening the armaments and money and power in the hands of Qatar. If I were Qatar I would just bomb Israel.
Qatar: We are going to bomb you back so you see how it feels!
Israel: Oops you are not America who is playing the diplomatic game with us again.
Qatar: No! And Allah would approve. You Israel have been warned by a Messenger sent by Allah! That must precede destruction as promised in the Qur’an.

It is naive to think that there will be any diplomatic solution with Israel at the at the table – it has been proven time and time and time again. The Qur’an spoke of this 1400 years ago and it shall be explained in a subsequent blog.

Earlier in the day posted a video and reel showing stickers on my blog illustrating readers in countries across the world where this blog is read. It is rather amazing but this is what I say when questioned.
They: Why do think your blog is so popular?
Me: Well I draw people in with my humor particularly in this day and age. But humor alone is superficial. People say give me something serious, something meaningful.
They: Well yes. Being funny all of the time is trivial.
Me: Yes! So then I get serious and do scads of research and become so serious. Then people say: “Please bring back funny!”
They: Then what???
Me: I do! But the cycle goes on. It is like a roller coaster.
They: I can see that.
Me: It is addictive, look at my numbers. Look at people who come back again and again. Unheard of in blog land.’

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