Starting Off With Humor and a Sense of Being Grounded But Then Becoming Most Serious and Historical: The Proclamation That Should Have Been Heeded in 1943; Thousands and Thousands of Lives and and Suffering Would Have Been Avoided; Photograph of the Translation and One of Camels

This is going to be an extremely serious blog but it is not going to start out that way. In life there must be a mixture, variety in order to make life interesting and bearable, otherwise it is difficult to mount the courage to go on – in a world filled with such evil, aggression and power hungry mongrels and monsters. This is my formula – ‘use’ Instagram in a positive way communicating with people met while traveling, occasional very close old friends along with new ones met on Instagram whom I shall meet one day – hopefully. My responses are readily forthcoming and we often exchange in dialogues, respond more frequently than I post, I seldom using emojis which I find silly and non communicative. I use Instagram to improve my photography skills,. These enhanced abilities to be used this summer and as I recuperate. Look at the images, analyze the techniques, then glowingly comment to the photographer. They appreciate it, I appreciate it – a win/win situation. Naturally there are fools and supercilious people misusing Instagram but just block them and good content is restored. Ads can be hidden, if everyone did that, ads would vanish. Blog readers know that it is impossible to communicate with me there, Instagram is not a solitary pursuit. Logic? If I communicated with my blog public there would be a danger of veering overwhelmed and/or writing to please people. This way I am safe. I KNOW people read by occasionally getting statistics from my blog master – but that’s the only way.

Woke up this morning, went to Instagram and this caught my eye, posted by an “unknown”. “ The difference between a good day and a bad day is (not your attitude) . It is a lot more complex than some sanctimonious quote on the internet” Loved it, wrote”
Me: Thank you for that! Thank you! I so love that word sanctimonious and does describe that attitude. .
The definition of sanctimonious: making a show of being morally superior to other people. Synonyms: self-righteous, holier-than-thou, pious, pietistic, moralizing, unctuous, smug, superior, priggish, mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, insincere, for form’s sake, goody-goody, There was a woman so holier-than-thou, unctuous, smug, priggish and mealy-mouthed. Politely mentioned that offering advice to people you did not know wasn’t such a good idea. She got very priggish but before she was unfollowed discovered she was an Immigration Lawyer from Vancouver. Would you not know??? (I was a lawyer, possible to make a joke about lawyers.

Another Story this am involved a man who worked for Air Canada, helped me out of a jam about four yeas ago. He reconnected after my absence from Instagram. There was a photo of his daughter.
Me: Decidedly cute, lovely little girl and so happy!
He: Well of course because her daddy is so awesome.
Me: Well, of course!!! What else could it have come from? Her mother????

But this so completely different. A young woman, met in London, \ posted a Story with a building unrecognizable by me, I questioned, thinking it was Qarar. .
She: No it is Mecca. (Then explaining Mecca. When meeting her over a year ago I was as not a Muslim. It is difficult to integrate my personality with that of other Muslim women she knows)
We conversed, at the end she preciously wrote.
She: I love the way you believe in faith.
Me: I am so touched that you said that. It is so new as have been an atheist almost all my life. But being a Muslim is so natural and so meaningful for me.

This is the translation found in the LIFE magazine of May 31, 1943. It will break your heart – if only he has been listened to thousands and thousands would still be alive, families would not be disrupted and all would be well.

Interview of His Majesty the King, Read March 21, 1943

Q. What is His Majesty’s Opinion about the Palestine problem?
I have withheld my opinion concerning the Palestine problem from the Arabs in order to avoid placing them in an embarrassing position with the Allies. But because you are one of our friends, I wish to acquaint you with my opinion so that it can be made known to the friendly American people so that they may understand the truth of the matter.
First, I know of nothing that justifies the Jewish claim in Palestine. Centuries before the advent of Mohammed, Palestine belonged to the Jews. But the Romans prevailed over them, killed some and dispersed the rest. No trace of their rule remained. Then the Arabs ceased Palestine from the Romans, more than 1300 years ago, and it has remained ever since in the possession of the Muslims. This shows that the Jews have no right to their claim, since all the countries of the world saw a succession of different peoples that conquered them. Those countries became their undisputed homelands. Were we to follow the Jewish theory, it would become necessary for many peoples of the world, including those of Palestine, to move out of the lands wherein they settled.
Secondly, I am not afraid of the Jews or of the possibility of their even having a state or power either in the land of the Arabs or elsewhere. This is in accordance with what God has revealed onto us through his prophet in his holy book. Thus I hold the demands of the Jews upon this land an error; first because it constitutes an injustice against the Arabs, and the Muslims in general; and secondly because it causes dissensions and disturbances between the Muslims and their friends, the Allies; and in this I fail to see anything good. Furthermore, if the Jews are impelled to seek a place a place to live, then Europe and America as well as other lands are larger and more fertile than Palestine, and more suitable for their welfare and interests. This would constitute justice and there is no need to involve the Allies and the Muslims in a problem void of good.
As to the native Jewish population in Palestine I suggest that the Arabs agree with their friends, the Allies to safeguard the interest of the Jews, provided the Jews commit no action that might lead to strife and dissension, which would not be in the general interest and provided the Jews give a guarantee, endorsed by the Allies, that they would not strive to buy Arab property and would refrain from using their great financial gain for that purpose. Such efforts would only bring to the people of Palestine loss and injury and poverty and decay to their doors. Such efforts would inevitably lead to more trouble.
On the other hand Arabs would recognize the rights of the Jews and would guarantee to safeguard them.
Q. What does Your Majesty think of Arab unity.
A. There are no difference among the Arabs and I believe that, with Allied aid, they will be united after the war.

AAA did arrive and read the tiny translated print which was pounded onto the computer in a speedy fashion. A photograph of page 77 of May 31, 1943 Life Magazine is included but it is difficult to read – therefore, this typed version. These words MUST be read and digested. There is also a photograph from page 74 of camels. This is the caption. “The camel really rules Arabia. Its hair makes the Arab’s robes, its milk is his food, its dung is his fuel and its back is his transport. It eats camel’s thorn, costs $15-$150 and loves its work.” Well, those were the good old days in Saudi Arabia, that is all I have to say. For now anyway.

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