I Am Suddenly Reminded of a Certain Saying Concerning the Roundness of the Earth; Conversation Beginning with the Make of a Car and Ending with Pink Shoes; Haunted by the California Franchise Tax Board; Probably Not Capable of Doing Ramadan Fasting Again; Photograph of a Chinese Clay Warrior Souvenir

The reason God made the world round is so we cannot see too far ahead. Does that not describe my fate?? Here I am – ready, able and willing to see the world, to travel again – remember I was going to Qatar??? So along came my left knee and I am stuck again. I cannot recall the length of my recuperative period from right knee replacement it was not that long, come to think of it. Two and a half months? Maybe less. I will have to check my blog. I celebrated my recovery by going to London and that was the trip wherein I met the Sultan, aka The Crown Prince of Dubai, aka Fazza. I recall the first week in November. I exercised with Brian, my personal trainer from London in the spa in the hotel. Yeah! Oh well, maybe AAA and I shall travel to London – perhaps go Icelandic Air – I did love the stop over in Iceland. Do not think I will go Air Emeritus and go via Dubai – but who knows? Perhaps get a preview of Expo 2020 which ended up to be Expo 2021 – 2022. And maybe the MRI will be good news – not awfully likely but remember the round world analogy?

So just looked up the quote on Google and discovered it was written by Karen Blixen. “Perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road.” From Out of Africa. How do I somehow know these things. Not clearly know but somehow suspect – then Google it and there it is. I so enjoy doing this and others do as well – how else can anyone explain my readership?

So just when I think everything is under control and my life is simple and rather ordinary, something strange happens. Responded to a Story on Instagram., a car was being driven at night down a road in a city.
Me: Is that a Lexus? Car I mean??
She: Yes.
Me: How funny because I am Alexis. I am laughing.
She: (Several laughing emojis).
Me: We all are laughing. I was going to buy a Lexis but did not. I think my driving days are over.
She: Oh good.
Then a photo arrived via Instagram. Two feet, encased in pink shoes.
Me: I love those shoes! I want a pair!
She: Sure! I will buy you a pair. But what is ur size?
Me: Nine, I have big feet. But how will I get them?
She: I will mail them to you. Just give me your address.

So I guess I am going to get pink shoes. I just had to tell AAA, so I texted her.
Me: You are not going to believe this but I am getting a pair of pink shoes sent by a Princess.
She: OMG Are they cute?
Me: Yes!! Those rubber ones with holes. But pink shoes from a Princess???
She: LOL! Hope they come quick!
Me” Yeah, the suspense is killing me. Hahahaha

So it would be a perfectly normal life. Getting a pink pair of shoes from a young woman who could be the age of a grandchild. But this is a Princess, from a faraway land whom I met in London. A subsequent trip, not the one where I met the Crown Prince of Dubai, but at the same really rather ordinary, hotel. This is not a normal life, this life of mine. Just when I think it is normal than something happens.

It is not as if bad things do not happen to me. For example the California Franchise Tax Board sent me a notice informing me that I did not pay California State taxes in 2017 and best I pay up. Yeah!! In the same mail was a notice that they received my response from their accusation that I owed them in 2018. Excuse me, you idiots!!! I was not living in the State of California in either 2017 or 2018. Harassment!! I will calmly respond again but part of me wants to just ignore it. Then they bring an enforcement action but I was a lawyer and know that the burden of proof will be on them to prove that I was living in California in 2017 and they cannot. Some stupid machine must spit these things out.

Was going to do flower arranging today but it is cold and there is an awful wind a blowing. I still am suffering from absolutely no energy at all. Begin to do something that requires getting out of bed but then about ten minutes into the project, get breathless and tired and it is back to bed. I plan to have the following conversation with WW when she arrives to assist me.
Me: Next year, when Ramadan rolls around, please, please tell me that I said in 2021 that I would never do it again. I learned a great deal, but am not capable of this at my age. My doctor said it was Ok to do it but the repercussions are so severe and they have not lessened.
She: I wondered if it was a good idea at the time.
Me: Well I did check it out knowing that old people are not required to fast during Ramadan. But no one can take away the self esteem and self confidence achieved by doing something most difficult. Also, the usual conditions of Ramadan not available to me as I am not part of a Muslim family or mosque. I am a solitary Muslim which is a new way of practicing the faith, from what I can tell.

Then other mail that could lead to normalcy. A notice from MCERA, Marin County Employee’s Retirement Association, announcing that an election for representatives will be held next month. That would be normal and would be admirable. I have the necessary experience and admire greatly the functioning of the fund, which ensures my way of life. But it would require a commitment of years – so perhaps not. Shall discuss the matter with Wise Man. This is an imaginary conversation.
Me: So do you think I should run for election? The meetings are perhaps once a month but there is a lot of homework, keeping up with investment portfolios etc.
He: Well, as I say and have said to you Alexis, when contemplating marriage etc. – you need your independence. It is a basic requirement for your happiness.
Me: You are so correct, as usual. Then there is another factor.
He: What is that?
Me: I am also supposed to avoid dysfunctional people. There may be some that I would have to associate with.
He: True. But get the information. Check it out.
Me: Ok, I will.

The photograph is one taken and placed on Instagram with the following caption. At times the banality of Instagram is irritating, so I am just trying to introduce a bit of intellectual content.
Me: Chinese souvenir purchased in in 2004. It is a clay warrior. Prediction on TV that US and China will be in a major war by 2034. Significance of piece grows. I was in China on a school tour Dominican University. Gained credit for my Master’ Degree in Humanities.

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