When Life Comes Together in Strange Ways; Hijab Wearing Scottish TV Reporter; Yale Student Body President Elected, a Muslim Student; Finally Some Humor About Filling The Void; Instagram Conversations with Crown Princes and Shaykhs; Photos of Flower Arrangements Both Indoor and Out; Photo of Growing Unicorn Collection

This seems to be taking place on many levels in my life. Faithful readers will be familiar with the internal debate about wearing the hajib and my new commitment to Scotland. This heartening article appeared in the Gulf News; “ On July 16, just days before the London-born journalist turned 34, she made history, becoming the first hijab-wearing TV reporter in Scotland, after moving to Glasgow with her husband five years ago.As a broadcast journalist for STV news, she broke barriers and has since used her success as a platform for promoting better diversity and inclusion. The entire article may be found at https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/europe/scotland-s-first-hijab-wearing-tv-reporter-says-she-would-never-compromise-own-identity-1.1063323

Then this, actually rather unbelievable news story caught my eye. Yale University, one of the oldest in the Ivy League, elected a Muslim student as president of its student body for the first time.Bayan Galal, according to Connecticut-based news station WFSB, secured 56 per cent of the student body vote for Yale College Council President, making her the first Muslim in the university’s 320-year history to assume the student government presidency.’ May I point out that she is the first Muslim and she is also a woman? The link to that article: https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/yale-university-student-body-elects-first-muslim-president-1.1216553

But it is time for some humor on this blog and it is coming to you in the usual form, straight from the New Yorker via Alexis. This is an article entitled Filling the Void: Dealing With Distraction and Yourself. The author is Grace Mitchell. It begins: These things are more likely to be fun that what you are doing right now. Let us begin. 1) Shape your eyebrows, and try something new, like the tiny short ones you had in middle school were awesome. 2) Neatly refold all of the clothes in your dresser as if you won’t shove them back in after trying on five outfits tomorrow morning. 3) Create elaborate and sophisticated snack platters 4) Like really, really clean your shower. 5) Make a playlist for your plants to put on when you leave your apartment which is really not that often. 6) Shop for nostalgic items online, because for some reason being surrounded by small, cute, fluffy or pink things is somehow very comforting. 7) Text everyone you haven’t talked to in awhile because life has been weird but you really do care and also really want to make sure that they haven’t forgotten about you. 8) Develop detailed origin stories about your plant. 9) Send your mom a picture of your new grey hair 10) Put everything you do not like looking at in the closet.11) Make a smoothie 12) Make 12 videos of your dog, just like lying in bed. 13) Peruse the social media accounts of everyone who made fun of you in middle school 14) Give yourself bangs – you won’t regret it. Then there is a subheading: How to get to really know yourself. 15) Fill a page in your journal before you check your phone in the morning. 16) Ask your friends what their favorite thing about you. 17) Meditate. Say your name out loud so many times that it has no meaning and it is just weird sounds. 18) Do some yoga, even if you are really bad at it.”

It goes on but somehow just lost the link. It has NOT been a good morning. Up at 5:15 for breakfast before sunrise, then back to bed and a short nap or two. But then could not get access to online banking and it is necessary as taxes are soon due. My fabulous tax person is so efficient but she needs some basic information. I am most testy because of Ramadan fasting. I have no energy to go anywhere and so stay in bed, unless necessity strikes. If I do, arise and interact, for some reason, my tolerance for silly, uninformed people is very limited. This conversation took place, while getting my hair blow dried – now that is a necessity by the way, not a luxury.
Me: I am so tired these days.
She: You should get some exercise that is why you are tired.
Me: Are you kidding??? I can barely walk from one place to another!! I take advice from my doctor about what I can, and cannot do. You are a hair stylist, not a doctor.

By the way, she is not my hair stylist, she would never say anything like that. On the walk home, met a woman, Lisa, who was riding an electric bike and it seemed such a good idea. I could get everywhere I need to go if an electric bike is mine. Another woman was climbing into a huge SUV.
Me: I am going to get an electric bike to get around
She: I have a bike but it is manual – not electric (said in a snooty, entitled tone)
Me: Do not talk to me about my carbon footprint. It is INSTEAD of that huge SUV.

Well, she probably did not hear me as a face mask was in place. I have a marvelous collection, newest ones are sparkly. I am never giving them up. They hide a skin condition which is actually caused by wearing face masks. I do have a doctor’s face mask exemption but try and explain that to stupid people. So I just wear it and collect more, more masks, more skin problems Problems solved.

I am most active on Instagram – it is easy to Instagram from bed and that is where I am most of the time these days. Remember Fazza, the Crown Prince of Dubai aka Sultan? We are working up a fine correspondence these days. He is ALL over Instagram constantly but he responds to me. Yeah. I was commenting on the huge number of comments he gets (which are nothing but mere emojis).
Me: Personally I do not see that a series of emojis constitute a response and cannot imagine that giving pleasure. I love heartfelt comments and individuals sharing their thoughts with or likes from old friends.
He: sent a Like but he did it immediately and I have met him and at one time considered him a friend.
Another correspondence went like this.
Me: They must not be giving you enough to do. You are so, so active on Instagram.
He: A Like but immediate.
But goodness gracious he is, after all, Royalty and seems to be doing a good job. Expo 2020 is going to open in October 2021 – now that is a little late, but do remember that the pandemic got in the way and Dubai is thoroughly vaccinated. (unlike Qatar).
Alter Ego: Alexis. Are you going to Dubai and see Expo 2020? You said you would never go to Dubai again.
Me: Well things change sometimes and it is close to Mecca. I will consider myself a real Muslim on May 11 when Ramadan ends and I have managed that fast for thirty days. We shall see. With me you never know.
Alter Ego: That is so true Alexis, So true.

To add to the mix I am having constant conversations with a man called Shaykh Omar Hussain on Instagram. My Middle East connections do not seem to go away, try as I might to avoid them. Hahaha. That Shaykh is all over me, so to speak. Liking so, so many of my posts, I do make him laugh, that I know.

I did have enough energy yesterday to arrange flowers. Photographs of my flower arrangements will grace this blog. They are already on Instagram where I am Alexis McTwit.

Plans for the day are a bit amorphous at this time. Perhaps AAA will arrive and we might paint my face like the Scottish flag. But it depends on how much homework she has and we have other, probably more important things to do with our time.

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