A New and Revised About Me; Enclave Defined; Blab Defined; A Wondrous Gift; I Am Jean-Paul Langlois Favorite Patron, You Should Be Impressed; Thoughts of My Early Days of Writing for the University of Alberta Gateway Newspaper; Photographs of the Precious Painting and Framed Article Written by Lexy Dryburgh

So this blog contains a heading About Me which details a history of the blog and describes my present living situation. There was the suspicion that it was dated, that things had changed but had not perused the section for some time. When finally read it, I about fainted as everything had changed. So what did I do – well rewrote it of course, and sent it off to Chris to be posted. I wrote:
Me: Here is a revised About Me. Let me know when it is posted and I will refer to it in the blog.
He: I already gone done and did it lovey x
Me: Your timing could not be better!!!!! I am about to write the blog. Got up this morning and went for a walk – it is a lovely day here. Then made fantastic coffee – apparently allowed if no milk it it. These rules are enough to drive one mad. Now about to write – from bed of course. Thinking of getting a chaise lounge for my patio and then could write from outside. But nothing until the end of Ramadan. Ramadan has served one function – I am content to be here and not travel for a long while. But the real source of peace and happiness is that the Middle East has lost its glitter. Cultural differences too vast. I belong here – not there. So I shall now get down to blog writing. Lots of love to you both. Alexis

The ‘old’ About Me had me living in San Francisco in Hayes Valley – glorifying its location, the proximity to restaurants, to museums, to the symphony etc. etc. It was clearly pre pandemic days – the place turned into living hell. Craziness abounded, the only people on the streets were those walking their dogs with crazed expressions behind the masks. I never went out of my tiny apartment except for appointments in Marin and once a week groceries. But I was SO safe, did not even take my garbage out except if venturing in the hallway for another purpose. All of that ended on December 1, 2020 – when I moved to Marin to this glorious enclave. Now there is a perfect word enclave – its meaning “a portion of territory within or surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct.” I thought of the word when walking about the courtyard, walking around the pool, the fire pit, the palm trees. The inhabitants are culturally distinct, in that almost all are kind, unpretentious, grateful for their surroundings. This is quite distinct from ‘greater Marin’ – where pretentiousness and a sense of entitlement prevails. That I do know as I lived and worked in Marin from 1973-2014. But anyway, enough of that negativity and off to a positive spin. Oh, by the way, I met an interesting man by the pool the other day. I have specialized in far off guys for quite some time, who knows, this guy is close at hand??? We laughed, and to some extent, traded stories about where the bodies are buried in Marin.. Although he said he would keep confidential material confidential. I know where they are buried because of my work in County Counsel’f Office, so I can blab. Blab such a good word: reveal secrets by indiscreet talk. Used in a sentence. She blabbed to the press to reveal the whole story. Its synonyms are fun: talk, give the game/show away. open one’s mouth, tell; informal let the cat out of the bag, spill the beans. So I can let the cat our of the bag and spill the beans; but this moral man will not.

Faithful readers will know that I have reappeared on Instagram. I received the greatest of all gifts from Instagram. My favorite artist in the whole world is Jean-Paul Langlois. He instagrammed that his favorite Patron in the Whole Word was Alexis McTwit. Yes, indeed, , my Instagram name is Alexis McTwit. You cannot imagine my joy, my ecstasy! We have kept in touch through Instagram. I met this enormously talent artist while living in Vancouver. He lectured about his work at the Vancouver Art Gallery Art Rental and Sales. He spoke of his inspiration and his creative process. At that time, I rented a painting that spoke to me – subsequently purchased it. It hangs upon the wall in my apartment which is located in the enclave. Of course a photograph will be attached to this blog so that you can see what I am talking about. The grain elevator that says Alberta Where Pool has special meaning as I lived in Alberta from the age of 12 until leaving for San Francisco at the age of 24. Graduated from the University of Alberta, the commencement ceremonies were held on my twenty-first birthday – May 29, 1964. I began my writing ‘career’ at the University newspaper; The Gateway under the name of Lexy Dryburgh. (Yes Lexy, that rhymes with Sexy, whereas Alexis rhymes with Sexless) Hmmmmm. Actually not been accused of that for quite a number of years but that is my current status as an unmarried Muslim woman. The other photograph attached to this blog is a framed article from back in those times. It too adorns the wall of my apartment in the enclave. My writing career lay dormant for years and years and years – until the inception of this blog and my book on the Tate Britain which were magically intertwined.

Oops I am starting to get hungry and there is eight hours between me and food week seven and a half but who is counting. Hahahah This is a short blog because of the hunger pangs, Do not complain – you get what you pay for and you get this for nothing.

Jean-Paul Langlois is a Metis – the mirror that graces the wall underneath the painting is also by a Metis, if I correctly recall who made it and gifted me with it. We are not in contact with one another at the present moment. Jean-Paul has extensive internet presence, Google him – you could perhaps buy his art online or become a patron. However, just keep in mind that I am his favorite – not you.

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