Yesterday A Most Unusual Day To Say The Very Least; Look at Me Now; Suicide Rate Amongst Ex Boyfriends Soars; Reactions of Some to My Muslim Attire; Trevor Noah, a Newly Discovered Find With Muslim Very Funny Man; Reactions to My Appearance; Photograph of Alexis McBride (aka Ayla) in Muslim Garb

So yesterday was set aside as a day to fast. My knowledge of the Islamic faith comes from the Internet (basically) as somehow an English speaking Islamic scholar cannot be found in the Bay Area. I would, of course, pay him for his services. At this moment not worrying about it. Anyway Googled fasting and Ramadan to discover that fasting (other than during Ramadan is encouraged but not mandatory and that Mohammed ordained that one should not fast on Fridays, Mondays and Thursdays are the preferred days. So what did I do? I quickly went to the refrigerator and made myself breakfast (a bagel with creamed cheese and lox). Found the whole experience rather amusing, actually – texted PDIHS
Me: One is not supposed to fast on Fridays. You people tell me nothing, Thank goodness or the Internet!
In response he sent me an emoji (I think). It was really rather sweet, most sweet, as a matter of fact.
But here we go again. I got my hijab two days ago. But then did Internet search and found out that the long black dress is actually an adage. This religion can be most confusing sometimes. Did some research, actually this is from Wikipedia, the lazy person’s guide to research. If I am lazy, you are lazier getting from me not even Wikipedia.

“Muslim women do not necessarily view the hijab as an oppressive garment that is forced upon them. Syima Aslam, a Muslim businesswoman from England, feels a special place for the hijab in her heart and feels that it directly connects her to Islam. Although she garners some disdain and disapproval of her choice to wear the hijab from some business partners, she stands firmly by her choice to don the hijab.Another young woman, Rowaida Abdelaziz, explains that the hijab is something that she has decided to wear herself and she “does not wear it because [she] is submissive”. Sarah Hekmati says that the hijab gives her a sense of freedom and that she likes the idea that a man should know a woman through her intellectual prowess rather than her looks.”
I definitely agree with Sarah – I want a man to love me because of my intellectual prowess rather than my looks. Actually a man once said to me.
He: It is not the sex that I love, it is your brain, your intellect.
Me: Wow, thanks. I really must be smart because I am most good in bed.
He: Agreed! But it is you mind that I most adore.
Now that was in the ‘good old days” – before I became a Muslim.
I did send PDIHS a text.
Me; Sending a picture of me in Muslim garb to ex boyfriends. Suicide rate will soar. Hahahaha.
Will put on blog in a couple of days.
He: No response.
I have sent the picture to people. Here are some of the responses.
Me: The Muslim Lady by AAA
Kim: Wow Beautiful
Me: How can you tell? I am pretty much hidden. Hahahaha
Kim: You look great.
Me: I feel great due to your help and support and humor.

Also sent a picture to my cousin and received the most precious response.

Me: Me as Muslim
She: Don’t know what to say. If you are happy that is all that counts.
Me: What a wonderful and loving response. I am most and it makes sense that I am, in a very strange way.
Cousin sent back an emoji.

I do admit that I am not that fond of emojis. When I first moved to Canada from London Dinham (the extremely handsome funny man from London) would send me emojis.
Me: I do not understand emojis and that is what you keep sending me! Why cannot you just send an emai?.
He: It is because I have big fat fingers and it is difficult for me to send emails from my phone.
Me: Ok Ok. What else is big and fat???
He: My feet!
As you can see he was (and I guess is) very funny. No more contact from him, his email address is non operative. Oh well. He is Muslim – not aware of that when I was in London, learned so when I was in Canada. It was surprising as he is black, from Jamaica but then learned that many Muslims live in Jamaica, their ancestors Ethiopians. Do wonder what he would think about me becoming a Muslim. I guess I have not seen him in five years as did not see him on any of my return London trips. Bu,t goodness gracious, was he funny. We were the funniest couple in the whole world.

I did sent the photograph of me in my Muslim garb to an ex boyfriend.
Me: I said to PDIHS that when I sent this picture to my ex boyfriends the suicide rate would soar. I do rather enjoy my hijab. Alexis
No response from him as yet. But it is sure to be amusing.

This is rather fascinating. When Youtubeing Ramadan and fasting I came across this hilariously funny Trevor Noah Youtube. It was an accidental find and led to others, about Canada. Muslim Man is SO funny, hilariously funny. I was living in Canada in 2018 and guess this is the reason that this hilarious series was missed. There will be more to follow. You will love it, you will laugh. Here is the link I hope. Not working so find it yourself, it is Trump Changes His Tune on Celebrating Ramadan. Muslim Man in Hasan Minjab, so, so, so funny. .

So I donned my black hijab and, rather accidentally, went out in public, showing AAA where my parking space was as had retrieved the key from another individual. But not clear, as the sign was gone so we went into the office, where a wonderful employee greeted us.
Me: I feel so self conscious as not worn this ever before.
She: Well, I do love it. You look great but I am partial to black.

AAA left and with bravery walked around the courtyard twice most quietly and calmly, not reaching out to others. A man, who might have been a pilot initiated a conversation.
He: Hello
Me: Hello
Nodded my head (rather regally actually). Then along came a couple with three dogs, one dog barked crazily at me.
Me: I must have frightened your dog.
He: Do not worry! You did not frighten him.
Me: Well I would if he got to know me.

But it was said in a calm and reasoned voice. Picked up my mail and went home. The mail contained a notice from MCERA – the retirement system. COLA’s are received on an annual basis – they are usually 4%. This year 1.5% – but I am happy. Getting a raise every year for not working is an absolute joy. The economy will improve due to the efforts of President Biden, my hero. Money never been a big issue for me, which is why super rich men admire me so much.
I have no unfulfilled needs – my small apartment perfect for me and I have SO many clothes and shoes and purses, accumulated over the years.

My black hijab so very comfortable and cool and smooth to the skin. It is rather like a shirt waste long dress with a collar. This is amazing. Qatar men wear long white robes in a pattern distinctive from other Arab countries. It is the exact same style as my hija, except theirs are white. I did not order mine from the Internet, Personal Driver’s daughter did and it was to have been a different style with buttons on the side. But I am most, oh so happy actually, with mine. It does seem most unusual however as the similarity to Qatar clothes so touching.

I felt most protected and safe as I walked about the courtyard. I will wear it more, do believe. American Muslim women do not wear this dress, I have heard. They are missing something. More of my adventures will follow. .

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