Beginning With Humour But Ending In The Description of a Day of Hell: Falling on Head Resulting in Hospital Emergency Room Experience During Which Texting with Doha Took Place; Hibernation Seems The Only Answer to Lockdown; Remonstrate Defined; Photographs of Bracelet; Swans and Eye Covering

Andy Borowtiz has done it again, turning a dreadful situation into an absurd one. So Trump’s funny colouring becomes a subject of scorn. In yet another rebuke to the disgraced President, the nation’s major manufacturers of spray tan have cut ties with Donald J. Trump.
In a statement by the National Association of Spray Tan Manufacturers, the corporations that have reliably supplied Trump with his unique orange coating said that they would no longer do so. With this move, the colour of Trump’s head once he leaves office faces an uncertain future, experts say.The statement by the spray-tan corporations was stark in its repudiation of their most loyal customer.“Since the election, Donald J. Trump’s face has emitted a series of dangerous and malevolent lies,” the statement read. “We no longer want our product sprayed on the surface of that face.”

I am desperately looking for humour to rescue me from a day of hell and its aftermaths. Attempting to live what appears to be a normal life in these times is impossible. A physical therapy appointment with the goal of treating the pain of sciatica had to be one of the worst experiences imaginable. An hour-long appointment of strenuous exercises had to be preformed with a face mask in place. It was impossible to breathe, to get enough oxygen into my lungs. It was not treatment, it was sheer torture. Practically crawled to Care Giver’s car for the trip back home and lunch. Then an untimely (as far as I was concerned) text from the office of the apartment complex informing all residents that face masks MUST be worn in the great out of doors. The day before a strenuous walk around the courtyard was completed mask free walking past two women during yoga – normalcy in action. A response and a telephone call was in order questioning the source of such restrictions. Also a telephone call to my physician’s office for clarification. I do everything to keep myself and others safe but restrictions must be based on science not on rumours and panic. So did get to the bottom of it all but such frustration. Marin regulations state that face masks must be worn outside one’s house. It is a clear cut case of lazy language which is interpreted by people with no understanding of the transmission of the disease and in the most restrictive and cautious manner. Blaming or becoming angry with these people is futile, it is not their fault – they are just doing their job as they see it. Tried to make a difference, calling the County of Marin suggesting that the Health Officer needed some assistance in the drafting of policies that affects the lives of so many. All of my efforts were in vain.

About an hour later I fell in my apartment – crashed actually. Hitting my head, huge bump also injuring my left knee. Did what any intelligent person who takes care of one’s help would do – called 911 was transported to Marin General Hospital Emergency Room where of x-rays, blood tests and procedures were performed. Staff were all so competent and helpful, in some ways it was a joy to be around them. Nothing broken, no real cause known. Care Giver called, arrived and drove me home, I was tucked into bed, with water nearby. Slept until six a.m., did nothing but lick my wounds and nap. Called to make a follow up appointment with my PCP learning that the Marin County vaccine program is utterly disorganized and the office will not be getting the vaccine for distraction. So the dream of this nightmare being over some day has been dashed. I guess a six month hibernation is in order, getting resigned to the idea.

But there are some bright spots. It is unbelievable, (buy true) text conversation took place with a family in Doha – a young woman and her family were worried about me and wished they could be with me in my hour of need. Most sincere and actually most unlikely as I am an old lady born in Saskatchewan.

The morning held its delights as well. A former gentleman caller” from the UK with . theatrical expertise was asked which Shakespearian heroine I most resembled. A profound and humorous answer was received.

He: Hello Alexis after ignoring the obvious, lady macbeth, either regan or perdita ( the lost one) She lived her life thinking she was one person and found out she was another.

Me: Profound as usual! Thanks for you insight! particularly about the woman finding out she was another person. Me an ardent Muslim seems a bit strange. All my professionals happy with it. You do have a special knack of seeing through me – scary. Glad you are in the UK and me in the crazy USA. I am safe. Hahaha. Ayla (my Muslim name).

He loved/loves dogs, I do not, and this was one of our many differences. My mood slowly improved during the day and I later fired back another email response.

Me: Sense of humour returning. If I were Lady MacBeth I would not be wringing my hands saying: “Out damed spot, I would be remonstrating a dog! A.

Remonstrate is a verb to make a forcefully reproachful protest. Used in a sentence: She turned angrily to remonstrate with Tommy. Synonyms: complain vociferously about, protest against, lodge a protest against, argue against, take a stand against, oppose strongly, take exception to, take issue with, make a fuss about, challenge, raise objections to, express disapproval of, express disagreement with, speak out against; deplore, condemn, denounce, criticize kick up a fuss.

This conversation with Computer Guru Chris, commenting upon the Duck Christmas ornament featured in the January 10, 2021 blog.

Me: Sexy guys isn’t he?

He: Very fetching!

Me: Thought you would find him appealing!! How could I not take him home? 90% off SO good looking looking and you know how I love glitter! Alexis

Photographs are three. One of the nifty new bracelet gifted by Marin General Hospital. Another swans upon my wall, photos taken at two different times and two different places. The smaller black and white taken in 1970 at the Palace of Fine Arts. The black swans place and time not remembered. The airline eye covering purchased for the London-Dubai trip. Nowadays no airline travel contemplated nor the whole idea of sleeping with strangers but it is a funny addition to the bathroom wall.

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  1. Always interesting to see your take on life Alexis. Sorry to hear of your sciatica and fall. I suspect there is a correlation as sciatica often throws one off balance – well at least that’s been my experience. I also glad to hear you have taken up residence in Marin once again.

    I did manage to get vaccinated a week ago. The process seemed organized to start though that opinion fell apart rather quickly. The sign-up Questionnaire process allowed people to partially register and show up for an appointment they we actually not eligible for thus very long lines. Ultimately they were denied for lack of credentials. I guess reading and following simple rules are not these seditious cretins best attributes. I not sure what is hard to understand with the memo says in bold type “Do not share the registration links” and two forms of credentials are required.

    Anyway I enjoy you daily thoughts! Terry.

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