The Markers of Craziness; This is No Joke. Look What I Received in My Inbox; Blockade Against Qatar Finally Lifted So Muslims in Qatar Can Now Again Visit Mecca; Me Too But Not Safe Due to Virus; Photograph of Me Looking Happy with Quran and Computer on Tummy

I have occasionally been asked if I was crazy. The following is one of the most precious questionnaires which took place by telephone ,some months ago.
He: Granny, Can I ask you a question?
Me: Well you can ask me a question, does not mean that I am going to answer it, depends on the question.
He: Granny, are you crazy?
Me: (laughing) No I am not crazy and can have a psychiatrist sign a statement to that effect. You think that I am crazy because I am different than anyone you have ever met.
He: You are right Granny! You are different than ANYONE I ever met before. .

By the way, he was not my real grandson and I have not heard from him in three or four months. Do not know why the alienation but do think in many ways I shed my uniqueness when I became a Muslim – then began resembling the Muslim women that he knew. But who knows?

But here is another marker of craziness, which I admit to. I have, at this moment in time, fourteen (14) face masks – all of different colors, some of different shapes. This madness exists for two reasons: 1) It appears that we are going to be wearing them forever, so might as well try to make it fun and think of them as jewels and; 2) When I get into something, I really get into something. Another example of by obsessiveness is the fourteen pair of eye glasses with unique frames (14) and also, do let us admit, blogging practically every day. There are other examples, but modesty prevents the telling. Alexis McBride, modest? Upon occasion, rarely but it does happen.

I did promise, and I do keep my promises,, that a number of unusual things have taken place and I would tell about them at my leisure. Well, I guess it is leisure time and now is the time and the place to tell them.

I am the (not-so) proud recipient of Alaska Frequent Flier Miles, have a few of those ‘gifts’but, not that many. This miraculously appeared in my Inbox, a couple of days ago : “Fly with Oneworld Alliance member Qatar Airways and earn Alaska miles…from Doha via and any of their 11 USA getaways including Seattle starting January 29 and their newly launched West Coast nonstop from SFO. “ My goodness, gracious, great balls of fire – I can go nonstop from SFO to Doha which was once one of my fondest dreams. But am I doing it? I tell folks (who care about me) about this offer.
They: Are you going Alexis? (Aka Alya) (Aka Bebee)
Me: No!!! Are you kidding?? It is not safe to travel these days.
They: Thank goodness, you are making me so happy! I was afraid for you!
Me: Yes! Remember when Marie Antoinette said: “Let them eat cake!” (Which by the way, she never said .) I say to those in Qatar: You come here! I am not going there. I have the virus under control here.
Everyone knows, well those who know me well: “I am TUFF” I am not going to risk my life for some promised palace stay – no way. I quite enjoy my apartment and the weather is better. (I hate heat, not hot in Marin at this time of year.)

There are a number of interesting coincidences stemming from the land of Qatar. I do recognize them, and wonder, but there is no way to know what is going on. They shall be shared, but not at this moment. As previously mentioned I make a list of things to be done, crossing off my accomplishments. It always begins: 1. Make List. I can immediately cross that one off. Hahaha.
My list of today included fourteen items and all have studiously been completed. One item was: Go for a walk. I did it and did seven laps around the courtyard, was trying for eight but did get too tired.

I continue in joy at the capitulation of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain to the wisdom and peacefulness of Qatar. Learned minutes ago that, even the UAE, gave up and abdicated its wrongful position. Suppose I may say more about my strange alliance with Qatar but suffice this to say. Yesterday, texted a young woman, a ‘contact’ in Qatar.
Me: Hope you are great.! So glad that you can go to Mecca again because of the efforts of the Emir..
She: Yeaaaah! I am so happy!
Me: So glad you can go to Mecca. I can as well and to Qatar (soon a direct flight from SFO) however not safe because of the virus. I am keeping safe here, being most observant to the faith and keeping safe.
Me: Awful time here in the US but thanks to the Emir things are well in your country. I do respect him. If you see him please tell him. Ayla

The photograph was taken a few days ago when my Pakistani Muslim family came to visit, the mother and daughter had been in Pakistan for two and a half months. They brought many wonderful gifts – including the head dress worn (incorrectly) upon my head. But look at the joy expressed on my face and the strange juxtaposition of the Quran and the computer on my tummy. .

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