Sedition Is the Word of the Day; Also Ignorance and Erudite Defined; Trump Gone Too Far But Just Needed a Sassy Wife Who Would Provide a Solution; 25 Amendment; Canadian Farmers Armed with Shovels and Pitch Forks(?); Who Does Not Love You(?); Corresponding With a Fruitopan

To say the very least January 6, 2021 was a most confusing and disturbing day in these Excited States of America. President-Elect Biden, perfectly summarized the events of the day: “This is not dissent—it’s disorder, it’s chaos. It borders on sedition and must end now.” What is sedition? It is defined as conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. It is powerful synonyms: rabble-rousers, conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. It has powerful synonyms: rabble-rousing, , incitement to rebel, subversion, troublemaking, provocation; rebellion, insurrection, mutiny, insurgence, civil disorder. The ignorant shallow-brained obtuse fools and the ignorant shallow-brained buffoon who led them to insurrection, insurgence, civil disorder and rioting do not know the meaning of sedition and never shall! They shall swarm about in ignorance for the rest of their natural born days. Ignorance is just another word for incomprehension, non-awareness, unconsciousness, inexperience, innocence; unfamiliarity with, lack of enlightenment about, lack of knowledge about, lack of information about; cluelessness; and nescience.

What shall happen at this point in time? Perhaps Trump has gone too far, although that does seem rather impossible in these troubled times. There has been talk of involving the 25th Amendment. What is that you ask? Everybody says: Get your ass out of here you incompetent, unworthy, crazy fool. Will it happen? Do not ask me as I am not gifted with a crystal ball nor can I force the future, but I doubt it. Seems like a lot of work for just a few days and are we not used to his craziness after all these times. I did say in disgust during a conversation with a learned Canadian friend.
Me: Someone should just assassinate Trump.
He: Knowing your country. It would be Biden that should be fearing assassination.
Me: Alas and alack, you are so right!
I do not have a gun, do not know how to use one, would probably miss and shoot off my foot – so I am not volunteering. Besides, that man is not worth going to jail (or the noose for). I have said for years that what Trump needed was a sassy wife and this would be the dialogue.
He: I think I will go and incite some rabble-rousers this morning.
She: That is a rather silly thing to be doing!
He: Well, what should I do instead?
She: Well, we could go to bed and indulge in kinky sex.
He: That does sound like a very good idea.
So the crisis would be averted. However, I would hate to be that woman. I have heard of making sacrifices for one’s country – but not to that extent. Hahaha! I am not volunteering for that position either. Besides that, I am a dual citizen of both the USA and Canada. Now Trudeau may have his foibles and may have let down his country in many ways but he would never be off committing sedition. I think he would have a difficult time finding rabble-rousers in Canada – might be wrong as lived away from Canada for many years (except for two years recently) but do not see it. Farmers from Saskatchewan armed with shovels and pitch forks? Do not see that happening!! .

January 6, 2021 began well. Heart warming news from Georgia – the winner proudly declaring that his eighty-two year old mother had once picked cotton, then went on to vote for her youngest son to assume a seat in the United States Senate, Now that, was most uplifting and encouraging. Then Care Giver arrived and it was off to the bum doctor (as I call the proctologist). He is an experienced, able, talented man who has already worked wonders with one offensive hemorrhoid and the second one will be a goner in about ten days. My Primary Care Physician referred me, the two have known one another for years and years, commencing their practices in Marin at about the same time.
Me: I just love my PCP, he has been my doctor for years and years and I do not know where I would be without him. I just love him.
He: Yes, he is a fine doctor and I, too, have known him for years.
Me: I have a secret, my PCP loves me
He: Who doesn’t love you?

Honest to goodness, that conversation took place. Then it was off to Target where I purchased a vacuum cleaner (on sale), toilet paper and other necessary items. Home to hear of the Washington fiasco, learn some most startling news. Called Care Giver, a cousin and dear Canadian friend about the startling news which related to me, not Trump. I reassured them all.
Me: Do not worry, I ain’t going nowhere!

Today Wise Man shall set me straight on several matters, but I am feeling centred and upbeat.
We shall see later.

I am exchanging emails with an old friend from Vancouver, who is so funny, Met him about two years ago, (I guess) and we have been out of touch for years. Here is some of our exchange.
Me Wonderful to hear from you and glad to hear that you are in the Arm of a Salmon. Rather like Jonah in the tummy of a whale. 🤪 hahaha Loved loved loved you Alliteration. Alliterate Alexis (aka Ayla)
He: No bible reference please.
Me: Not biblical I have become a Muslim, It is from the Quran
Hel I am a frutopian , I worship sensuous fruit elixirs coursing, trickling, dropping and tainting my throat, curling, lapping , loving my tongue and singing and tingling my tummy.
Me; Sounds delicious! Is there an afterlife?
He: What…. and repeat this in any iteration….. how horrid.

This man is a writer, authored a children’s book. I am sure his vocabulary includes sedition, not at all like those Trump Rabble Rousers. By the way, Salmon Arm is located in British Columbia, Canada where the erudite author lives. Erudite is the opposite of ignorant scholarly, well educated, knowledgeable, well read, widely read, well versed, well informed, lettered, cultured, cultivated, civilized, intellectual; intelligent, clever, academic, literary, bookish, highbrow, studious, sage, wise, sagacious, discerning, donnish, cerebral, enlightened, illuminated, sophisticated, pedantic; esoteric, obscure, recondite; brainy, genius; ANTO

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