Pig-Tailed Me and Japanese Lady in Bathroom; People Rely On Me to Be Cheerful But Fear I Am Losing Joy; Shoal and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Defined; Qatar National Day Nothing Short of Amazing and Compelling; Conversation with Alter Ego; Wisdom and Truths Found in a Book on Islam; Boon-Companions Needed By Kings Decided in 1086; My Qualifications Match Those Needed in a Boon-Companion.

I neglect to mention that pig-tailed me and Japanese lady are in the bathroom, it does lend an aura of poignancy to the situation. I did just recall that my pig-tailed photo had to be hand colored as color film was not available in those far away days. The craftsmanship is excellent, my parents must have paid a fortune for it – perhaps they loved me after all. Hmmmmm.

Well, tis unfortunately true, lots, many many people rely on me to be cheerful. But unfortunately fear I am loosing it my optimism, my hope, perhaps my sense of humour. I have had it!! First of all tired of the total mismanagement of the coronavirus with no real end in sight. The pandemic clouds everything, people in power will have to say that they were wrong, home shelter did not work, go back to work. What is the likelihood of that happening? Slim to none. Then, closer to home, tired of inconsistent and erratic communications with others, no consistent and reliable giving to me, making any effort to meet my needs, just taking. If you want to be my friend, to be close to me, keep in bloody touch with me, not drift in and out of touch. Do not continually ask me the address of my blog, to somehow pretend that you do not read it already. And you know who you are!! Commit yourself to continuing contact on some level, or go away. Now admittedly, it has been most difficult these days with the damn virus but some of the people can overcome the shoals of contamination. Shoal is a a hidden danger or difficulty. Used in a sentence, she alone could safely guide them through Hollywood’s treacherous shoals. How can one person overcome the shoals of this pandemic? Lots of money can definitely help and some of my inconsistent ‘admirers’ have lots and lots of money. Honest. Put your money where your mouth is, a fascinating phrase. What does it mean? To give or spend money or take some action in order to do or support something that one has been talking about. Used in a sentence: It’s time for the mayor to put his money where his mouth is and increase funding for schools. It came from England. Con men in markets in the 17th/18th century had toads. They told people that they had great medicinal value, Somehow that is where that phrase came from.

But herein doth lie the difficulty. Upon my appearance in anything remotely resembling a public, a certain degree of animation overcomes. . Joking and laughter comes so naturally that it cannot be contained. Nowadays, actual flirtation has disappeared from my repertoire (due the Muslim faith) but joking and humour and laugher remain intact. Well, perhaps some of this is due to the enforced (and meaningless) isolation from others. But also writing cheers me, for unknown reasons so I do have the feelings of neglect, betrayal, being cast aside, being ignored for a lesser person or interest BUT I do bounce back. Also then something interests (or sometimes fascinates me). Yesterday, in the midst of a funk, I came upon a YouTube quite accidentally – of the December 18, 2020 Qatar National Day, which went on for an entire hour. Never in my whole life as a person have I ever seen such a spectacle of military might. Seen newsreels of Hitler’s Nazi Germany with the soldiers lock step prancing and multiple tanks and armaments, saw newsreels of Russians parading around their formidable square, watched television squares of Chinese might and power at the square adjacent to the Forbidden City with Mao looking on but never, ever anything like that day in Qatar. Soldiers from different regiments with different uniforms and different marches began the spectacle – it seemed never ending, there were civilians in vests, and face masks waving small Qatar flags. Tanks formed the outside circle rumbling ominously, then our attention was drawn to the water where battleships roamed, big sturdy formidable ones. There were parachutes and sky divers making leaving their colorful markings. there was two enormous banners adorned with the Emir’s handsome likeliness. Last, but not least, a regiment of camels – seemed like hundreds of them being ridden by proud and handsome men. But, strangely, the Emir played a very minor role, sitting quietly, reviewing the spectacle, his hands clasped. He worse sunglasses and a mask but it was clearly him as he was clad a gold sheer coat worn over his Arab attire. There was no procession, of either his arrival or departure. At the conclusion male members of the Royal Family Members of the Royal family strode waving to the masses gathered in the stadium and bleachers. One Prince led the entourage, very Regal and royal, clearly in command – not recognizable exactly because of face mask. It was possible for me to recognize some members of the family that I had met in London, almost a year ago. This familiarity made it almost unnerving, with my humble origins and all. Sometime later saw a Celebration of Qatar National Day held in 2011 – there is no comparison whatsoever been then and now.

Then I became chagrined, distressed., discontent.
Me: Why is this? What is a man who promoted peace in the Middle East doing advertising the power of his armaments and his might??
Alter Ego: One does not negotiate peace from a position of weakness, particularly in the Middle East.
Me: You have a very good point there. If I was Israel, if I was Saudi Arabia, If I were the United Arab Emeritus I would be shaking in my boots and thinking: “Maybe I should start acting nice!”
Alter Ego: Exactly! One has to be nice at times, but not all the time. One must show strength at appropriate moments.
Me: So true – I am super nice and polite most of the time but do not mess with me. The lawyer in me comes out and I can be overpowering – it comes as a surprise and my foes are not prepared People have been brought to their knees. Then i turn my back on them and walk off.

After this conversation with myself, I picked up my book on Islam and flipped through it landing on From the Book of Government, or Manners of the King. It was written by Nizamal-Muik who lived from 1018-1092 operating from Turkey, Syria and Iran. A renewed and respected patron and had the ears of the powerful. “In 1086-87 Malikashah ordered Nixmal al-Mulk and others to write a treatise for him setting forth the nature and meaning of kingship and proper rule…(p.314). These are the wisdoms”A king cannot do without suitable boon-companions, with whom he can enjoy complete freedom and intimacy. The constant society of nobles and generals tend to diminish the king’s majesty and dignity because they become too arrogant. As a general rule people who are elected on any official capacity should not be admitted as boon-boon-companions, nor those in public office because by virtue of the liberty they enjoy in the king’s company, they will indulge in high-handed practices and will oppress the people. Officers should always be in a state of fear of the kind while boon-companions need to be familiar. The officer tends to oppress the peasantry; but if a boon companion is not familiar the king will not find any pleasure or relaxation in his company. Boon-Companions should have a fixed time for their appearance, after the kind has given audience and the nobles have retired, then comes the time for their turn.” The several advantages in having a boon-boon-companion are listed. Then comes their qualifications: “they should be well-bred, accomplished and of cheerful faced. He should have pure faith, be able to keep secrets and wear good clothes. He must possess an ample fund of stories and strange tales both amusing and serious, and be able to tell them well. He must always be a good talker. “ (pgs 316-317)

My goodness, it seems I an ideally suited to be a boon-companion. All needed now is a King. Oh, come to think of it I do know a King, the Emir of Qatar is a King.

The book provides more thoughts on the qualifications and demeanor of boon-companions which shall be mentioned in a later blog. Pictured is the book containing these wisdoms.

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