Waking Up Wistfully; A New Wonder Woman (Not Me); The Queen of Disaster Entices Again; Wistful, Far-Fetched and Panache Defined; Charming Response from One Cousin; Travel Plans; Photo of Japanese Lady and Me in Pig-tails

Upon first awakening I am not in a good mood, not today, not any morning. I guess my mood could be described as wistful which is defined as having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing. It is a feeling of nostalgia, yearning, longing; plaintive, regretful, rueful, melancholy, mournful, elegiac; pensive, reflective, contemplative.

There is no reason for me to feel elegiac, melancholic or rueful; much less plaintive or regretful. Now there is no man in my life at the present time but this delightful interchange took place with a young woman from Qatar day before yesterday evening.
She: Remember what I told you. You are the Queen of Disaster and all men want u.
Me: I loved the Youtube of Queen of Disaster, It is most energetic and well….sexy
She: All men love u, even Sheik Tamin. Tamin Prince of Qatar.
Me: Really???????
She: Ofc
Me: But he is the Emir not the Prince, correct?
She: Yes, he is the Emir. Sorry

Now that might sound a bit far-fetched (unlikely and unconvincing; implausible) Or even improbable, dubious, doubtful, incredible, unbelievable, unthinkable; contrived, fanciful, unrealistic, ridiculous, absurd, preposterous; informal hard to swallow, fishy. It may sound fishy and hard to swallow, but I do say in my own defense that this young woman does know him, as a matter of fact is related to him. She also knows (and is related to) other men who have met me. Yes, in London. So it does sound preposterous but just might be true. I do admit that I have never met the Emir, but he does know of me. Honest!

But back to my morning mood. I usually pray to Allah, Muslim women do not go to the mosque for prayer (five times a day). Women can pray from anywhere. It is much easier to be a Muslim woman than to be a Muslim man. The West has the role of women in the Islamic faith all wrong, don’t know why but it is mostly the media. The media gets most things wrong – not the New Yorker magazine and not Al Jazeera – the network originated and is owned by the ‘government of Qatar headed by Sheik Tamin. Yes, indeed! Verify that should you choose.

Speaking of the New Yorker, there was a fascinating article appearing today written by Jill LaPore,. It was actually a review of a new movie “Wonder Woman 1984” It is really rather priceless LoPore writes: “Wonder Woman 1984” features the stunning Israeli actress Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess, glamorous and grief stricken, and as her alter ego, Diana Prince, inexplicably dressed like Katherine Hepburn. The article continued in its funny and fascinating way: “Wonder Woman, endowed by Aphrodite with eternal life, never ages, so Jenkins had a lot of choices for her antagonist.” Has Alexis McBride been endowed by Aphrodite with eternal life because she does not seem to age? She sort of anti-ages, most unusual. .The story’s sentences are also most amusing: “Wonder Woman has a new outfit: head-to-toe gold metal, with angel wings. She looks like a hood ornament from a nineteen-thirties Buick.” Would you not love to look like a hood ornament from a Buick? Such style, such panache? The definition of panache is flamboyant confidence of style or manner. Used in a sentence: she entertained Palm Springs society with great panache. Its synonyms are: flamboyance, confidence, self-assurance, style, flair, elan, dash, verve, zest, spirit, brio, éclat, vivacity, gusto, liveliness, vitality, energy; informal pizzazz, oomph, zip, zing. What oomph, zip and zing to aspire to be a hood ornament from a Buick! Cheetah is an enemy of Wonder Woman. “She’s eaten away with envy. “You’ve always had everything, while people like me have had nothing,” she tells Diana. “I want to be No. 1 . . . an apex predator,” she says. Is that not true of all jealous women? They say that they have nothing and the hard-working achieving Wonder Woman always had everything. Cheetah, my dear, she worked for it – try working for something instead of being consumed in jealousy, but she won’t as it is far easier to assume the role of victim and feel sorry for herself. Jealousy is a vicious, horrible, self-destructive trait. The history of Wonder Woman is revealed: “Wonder Woman was created by the Harvard-trained lawyer and psychologist William Moulton Marston; his wife, the lawyer and editor Elizabeth Holloway; and the psychologist and Family Circle staff writer Olive Byrne. It’s a story I chronicled in my 2014 book, “The Secret History of Wonder Woman.” The three lived together as a family and raised four children. In 1940, All-American Comics, hired Marston as a member of their advisory board. “Marston created the Cheetah during a dispute with his editors. He was forever binding Wonder Woman in chains; he said that this was because her inevitable escape served as a metaphor for women’s emancipation. But he also defended the chains on psychological grounds: “Women enjoy submission, being bound,” he wrote to his editor, M. C. Gaines. Gaines more or less accepted this explanation, but All-American’s sole female editor, Dorothy Roubicek, found it pretty troubling. The lengthly article goes on, and on and on. It concludes in the following fashion: “Wonder Woman 1984”—a film released in 2020, the hundredth anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment—is the story of a dowdy, submissive girl who’s undone by her envy of a prettier, more popular girl. The lesson that they’re both meant to learn is to renounce wanting anything at all. The battle, I guess, goes on and on.” Read the article yourself, should you choose, here is the link: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/does-wonder-woman-1984-hide-its-heros-true-superpowers?utm_source=onsite-share&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=onsite-share&utm_brand=the-new-yorker

Increasingly links are being provided with encouragement to read the real thing and obtain more knowledge. Perhaps i am getting lazy or perhaps asking more from my followers, not sure which.
I received a delightful response from one of my cousins, the oldest member of the Niece’s Nexus. She was most charming and gracious.
She: Merry Christmas and happy new year, sorry I didn’t get this off earlier but life just seems to go in slow motion these days and now we’re back in lockdown again it will be more so, I don’t lead your exciting life and couldn’t dream of it. Good luck to you! Not much happening in my world just trying to stay healthy and out of trouble and so far have managed todo so but spending time dreaming and planning where I can go next when this is over and normal returns whatever that might be. Good luck to you and your exciting life and have a great 2021. I always tell myself I’m going to be better at communicating but maybe this year. Your delinquent cousin.
Me: So wonderful to hear from you! My travel plans are bit amorphous at the moment but will include a trip to the Middle East – to Mecca and then an invitation to stay in a palace (actually two invitations, two different palaces) of a neighboring country.
But Home Sweet Home is looking sweeter with each passing day with finding and hanging pictures of the past. Attached to this blog is a Japanese lady and a photograph of five year old (about) Alexis. You can probably distinguish between the two of them.

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