Good News About the Up and Coming Vaccine; Considered a Hottie by Computer Guru; Some Guy I Never Met is After Me But He was Rebuffed; Panacea, Rebuff Defined; Great Laughs From Borowitz; Unpacking Hastened by The Helpfulness of I-Got-Junk, An Unbelievable Discovery Made While Unpacking; Photographs of Passport Me and King Saud of Saudi Arabia

The absolutely good news is that the vaccine is soon to begin distribution. this is by no means a panacea but at least the beginning of a long process. A panacea is a a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases. Its synonyms are cure-all, cure for all ills, universal remedy, sovereign remedy, heal-all, nostrum, elixir, wonder drug, perfect solution, magic formula, magic bullet; cure It is not a magic bullet, no immediate hopes or expectations but a glimmer of hope – there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. But do let us hope (and pray) that the news of the vaccine doesn’t make the careless people even more treacherously careless. It just might, those that run around in denial, bare faced, with no face masks, Moreover, careless, foolish people may not get the vaccine when it does arrive,’reasoning’ thinking that they did not get the coronavirus as yet, they will never get it, so why bother? So all those of us who keep safe will be locked away for more months. I do detest being cruel, however, should the mortality rate be greater society would be better off. The careless, uninformed and misinformed would die off – life would be calmer, more predictable, the individuals better educated. I guess that is too much to hope for.

Funny news from the home front. I sent computer guru glamorous photo of yesterday with the subject line: Good looking, huh?
He: Wow yes indeedy such a hottie!
Me: And I was forty-five at the time. Although in some circles I am considered to be a hottie at the ripe old age of seventy-seven. I shall attach my passport picture taken two years ago – rather amazing for a passport picture as they are usually most unattractive. I suppose other evidence of my hotness is proven by an email received yesterday from a male admirer.
He: Hi Alexis. How are you doing ?
Where are you now ,want to be with you
There was a quick and snappy response from yours truly.
Me: I am doing very, very well!! I am living in Marin County which is next door to San Francisco. But I have become a Muslim and cannot be with a man unless we are married and he must be of the Islamic faith. I am very happy in my new found faith. The best to you. If you want to keep up with me read my daily blogs Thousands of people across the world do so, Alexis
This same guy sent me an email in August, 2020.
He: I want to marry you baby , you know how much I love you. Baby what is the airport close to you, I want to book my flight . I will show the itinerary when am done . I miss you so much in my life.
He: We really need to talk baby
Me: NO we do not! Trust me! You are not now, nor have you ever been, a person in my life. Alexis
That rebuff worked for awhile, as it is, after all December. What is a rebuff? A great word: an abrupt or ungracious rejection of an offer, request, or friendly gesture. It has utterly charming synonyms: snub, slight, repulse, cut; refusal, spurning, repudiation, repulsion, cold-shouldering, discouragement; brush-off, knock-back, put-down, kick in the teeth, slap in the face, smack in the face, smack in the eye. So why does this guy deserve repulsion, a smack in the eye, a spurning, a kick in the teeth? It is because, I think, I dimly recall, that he is a catfish, an Instagram scammer whom I have never met. Never in my whole long life as a person. He must have gotten my email address and when desperate trolls for other ‘mates’. I guess his new sources have dried up or not worked out. Needless to say, some women are desperate and would hungrily respond. Not me. But I was gracious and told him the truth – I have become a Muslim and could not have a relationship with him – not that I would anyway, by the way. I did not include his name, you see, I am kind.

But here is hilarious Andy Borowitz, striking again on September 12, 2020. “In a sign that he is not ready to give up his legal challenge to the 2020 election, Donald J. Trump has ordered the United States Space Force to discover other planets that have courts.With his legal options on this planet dwindling, Trump is placing all of his hopes on identifying another planet that might have intergalactic jurisdiction over Earth.” The title of this gem is Trump Orders Space Force to Discover Other Planets With Courts” it continues: “On the heels of his Space Force announcement, astronomers expressed deep skepticism that a planet with a functioning legal system could be located before the Electoral College casts its votes on Monday. But, in a sentiment shared by many Republicans, Senator Kelly Loeffler, of Georgia, said that she “totally supports” Trump’s decision to seek justice on another planet. “Let’s let the process play out,” she said.”

If only the entire media just made fun of Trump in this manner we would not be burdened with the creep but instead the lazy reporters and writers take him seriously. Not like Andy who further reported that Trump attempted to fire his most recent Supreme Court appointee. A furious Donald J. Trump attempted to fire the Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, sources report. According to the sources, Trump was so irate about the Supreme Court’s dismissal of his election challenge on Tuesday that he phoned Barrett directly to inform her that she was “history.” Borowitz continued: “I hired you to get a job done, and you didn’t get it done,” Trump angrily informed Barrett. “You’re out of here.”Sources say that Barrett had the unenviable task of informing Trump that Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life and therefore cannot be fired, a revelation that left Trump “flabbergasted.”“If I can’t fire anybody I want, maybe I don’t want to be President anymore,” he reportedly muttered.”

But back to my life. Yesterday was a HUGE unpacking day, ably assisted by Care Giver. We worked at it for hours and hours – but, at some point, it proved most difficult, opening boxes filled with memories. I finally stopped.
Me: This is ridiculous – putting these memories back in a storage facility to be sorted out when I have more strength. I am calling I-Got_Junk and have them haul on this stuff away. There is no sense looking back at broken relationships and memories of people who did not deserve me in the first place.
CG: You are so right, Alexis. I was thinking that but felt unable to tell you.
Me: Besides, it is consistent with the faith. I am to leave the past behind and look forward to a new life in the faith and the Afterlife.
CG: Yes Alexis, Yes.

So I called I-Got-Junk, they efficiently arrived in record time and all the boxes are gone, all the scrapbooks, books and memorandum of a prior life. Some things have remained and there was the strangest discovery, made minutes before the able men arrived. It was a Life magazine from May 31, 1943, costing 10 cents. I must have collected it, thinking it was two days from my birth and wondering what as going on at the time. You shall faint when you see the cover – much less read the article that continues for pages and pages and pages. The title is “Life Visits Arabia” and is the very, very first inside look at Saudi Arabia featuring King Suad, who was 63 at the time. To say the very least it was a far different Saudi Arabia then, before the discovery of oil. But for me, the real treasure is an article on Mecca It has apparently drastically changed since them as well. Not read the article as yet but shall share information when I do. It is my dream, actually a requirement, that I visit Mecca in my lifetime, if I can afford it. I can afford it, thanks to the retirement income received from the County of Marin, where I worked most of my life.

Two photographs accompany this blog. One, the cover of the Life Magazine. The other my passport picture. You can probably tell the difference, I look nothing like King Saud. Hahahaha.

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