New Yorker Wisdom Straight From Abul Gawande Who is Incredibly Accomplished; Marin County Back on Lock Down; No Freedom In the Near Future; If Everyone Did What They Were Told We Would Not Be In the Mess We Are Now; Welcome to the Neighbourhood; Explore the Neighbourhood; More Doctors and Degrees Than Ex-Husbands; Carded At the Age of Seventy-seven; Photos of Alya in Head Scarf and Alexis’Red Toes.

David Remnick, the editor of the New Yorker begins his article with the following sentence – “Atul Gawande is incredibly accomplished.” Now that is a sentence that says it all, particularly about this man. The title of this epistle is Atul Gawande on Coronavirus Vaccines and Prospects for Ending the Pandemic. It was of so much comfort to read that Gawande is a member of Biden’s advisory board. Gawande suggests the development of the vaccine promises “grant things down the line, a return to relative normalcy a few months from now.” But in the meantime there will be terrible rates of illness and death and a contentious rollout of the of the vaccine in this “deeply divided society.” Gawande asserts that the thing that “went wrong can be boiled down to the difficulty of pulling together – that the most important thing in public heath is communications. And that was totally lacking and even now there is not one voice about the “seriousness of what we are up against and what measures are to solve it.”

Gawande lays the responsibility at the feet of the President and he continues to, in a word (mine) screw up by not cooperating, in any real way, with the transition team. Gawande agrees with Fucci that Thanksgiving brought new horrors – despite advice that people not travel and limit festivities – huge numbers of people did so. Even Super Safe Alexis knows people who did, I am not having any personal contact with them for weeks.

He said something chilling. “I am hopeful that we can get it under control here , but, to get eradication, to go back to global travel like before, you would have to get the whole world vaccinated.” And that would take years.” If we are well vaccinated here,, we will feel comfortable over lifting our restrictions on travel in the United States. And we will feel free to travel many places around the world….This is also going to need to be about enabling global vaccination.”

Well, it was a bit of shocker to learn that Marin County is back to total shut down. I will be able to get my mani and pedi as it shall occur the day before the shut down, and get my blow dry as it is also scheduled just prior to the shut down. After my initial incredible consternation, I began to rest somewhat easy. I now live in a community of wonderful people who walk by my patio and we chat with our face masks in place. Constant “Welcome to the neighbourhood!” are received with gratitude.

My cousin summarized the situation beautifully. “So sorry to hear that you are not getting the “freedom” you were looking forward to…just remember it will be different from what it was before…maybe it won’t last too long. If everyone did as they were told to during these circumstances life could have been much better my now.”

That is so, so true and that includes Gavin the Governor, the Mayor of San Francisco who also went to French Laundry for a party and subsequently “apologized”. More about her later. The San Jose Mayor also apologized for his Thanksgiving dinner. That is not leadership you idiots, your apologizes do not count and makes the irresponsible in our midst feel self-justified.

My cousin had a suggestion for me. “ Get our and explore the neighbourhood…wall a few blocks the next & the next…helps to stop boredom etc….and the exercise will not do any harm either.”

So, as a Canadian would say: “There you go!” I shall do it. I have three doctor appointments next week so I will be able to be out and about. Different doctors, as I say:
Me: I have more doctors than ex-husbands.
Alter Ego: And more Uni degrees that ex-husbands as well.
Me: True! But I can stop going to school as I am not planning to take on Number Four.
Alter Ego: You say that now!!
Me: Yes I do. But travel has been curtailed and there is a shortage of Muslim men in Marin.

I do laugh! My sense of humour is what saves me and always has. It saves me from despair and desolation, unhappiness and most anxiety. It is my VERY favourite trait.

Now no one will believe this but I went Andy’s Market yesterday and bought myself a very small bottle of red wine to pair with my pizza. The wonderful woman asked me for my Identification which I dutifully handed over and she placed in the computer, showing that my birthdate was 1943. Now, admittedly there was a face mask in place and a head scarf, but still !!!!! We just giggled and giggled and giggled.
Me: Well, when I was asked for my ID at the age of 40, I was most impressed with my youthfulness. But now I am 77.
She: But you have so much energy and act so young!
Me: I think you did it as a joke but it makes me love you more!

We had a long chat afterward about the courage of living in a land, not really your own. She comes from the South of the USA, me from the North. There must be a Guinness World Record for the oldest person that was asked for their ID when buying liquor. I am going to get it, I am sure. I am so laughing!!!

Two photographs – me after by Kim blow dry – soon blow dries going away because of the stupid new shut foes. Then a photograph of my pedicure, also completed under the gun. Muslim law dictates that women(and men must be modest, women to wear. head scarves but it says nothing in the Quaran about pedicured toes. Well, probably because pedicures were unknown in Mohammed’s time, therefore,I am remaining observant. No man will see my toes (face to face so, to speak) but there is no prohibition against blog exposure. (No blogs in Mohammed’s time either). After today no pedi or manis for months. Who knows when agai, n but a great day today, defying all odds.

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