Guess Where I Am; The Mighty Move; Steve the Mover and Crew; Spelling My Name Wrong; No Jacuzzi Yet; A Slow, Slow Process; Marin Normalcy; Mani and Pedi; Being Lovable: More About Rocking Horse

Guess where I am? In bed, of course – I always write from bed. But this is a different bed but fear not!, It is not stranger’s bed but my very own bed, rescued from a storage facility in Marin where it had been imprisoned for six and a half years. It is a gorgeous bed, purchased in Santa Fe, New Mexico eons ago and shipped to Marin County. It is a four poster bed made of pine so high off the floorhat I must take a flying leap to get on it. A photograph will be included when it is properly dressed in all of its finery.

One can discern that the move has been completed (in part as the stuff in San Francisco has yet to be transported from the Evil City to this Safe Haven. The movers were nothing short of magnificent, ably putting this bed together which was no easy task. We (the owner of the company and three trusty and able assistants had so much fun, laughing and joking the whole time. One of them climbed on my hobby horse and started rocking – a photograph was taken and will be included. So efficient where they!! It was daunting.
Me: I never knew I had so much stuff! Where and when did I accumulate all of this???
Steve (the owner); If I had a nickel for every time someone said that??
Me: You would never have to work again the rest of your life!!!
They: General Laughter.
The mover’s name is Steven, he can be reached at 415-686-2144 . He was recommended by Dan at Ross Valley Storage, Dan the Man has guarded my possessions all of these years, he has done a great job.

But back in time to the days prior to the move to Marin. Accurately foretelling that there would not be a time or a place to blog, I did something rate, I blogged ahead sending misses off to Chris, my London computer guru. I bragged about my efficiency, he wrote back.
He: We are both very impressed with your efficiency but you spelled your name wrong.
Me: Nobody is perfect! Hahahaha

Just typing this made me laugh out loud. Moving day began with a visit to Quest to complete blood work for my thorough physical which will take place in about ten days. I was a bit snarly to say the least as there was a requirement that no eating or drinking should take place twelve hours before the blood letting. Then to pick up the keys and an introduction to the fabulous facilities, knew how great it was but there are even more benefits.
Me: You have a jacuzzi right outside my door. I love jacuzzis and they are very good for my knees.
Manager: But it is closed because of the pandemic. It will open when it is over.
Me: Oh great – in about twenty years I guess.
Manager: Well people said that they would go in one by one but I know people.
Me; Me too. You made a correct decision.

A recent conversation with my clever cousin.
She: You are right, this is not going to be suddenly over. It will be a very, very slow process.
Me: You are so right! You are so clever and share your wisdom.

It is not unlovable in Marin. Normalcy in its many forms has returned, Here is an example. I have an appointment for a pedicure and a manicure on Monday. It shall be a treat as my poor nails have been neglected for approximate ten months and they are a mess, with all of the hand washing that must take place in order to remain safe. I do not have nails, I have stubs.

A subsequent blog shall detail my new daily habits – it is sheer luxury – again it feels as if I were Royalty – Queen Elizabeth the First, the Virgin Queen. Which I am – a virgin again upon my conversion to the faith, moreover, my muslim name Ayala means Queen.
My fame within the complex is already spreading, thanks to my big mouth. I have accumulated fans, even though this is only my third day of occupancy. This conversation was relayed to me by the Able Manager.
He: You mover just left. He picked up his equipment.
Me; Thank you so much for allowing him admittance. He is such a great guy, he and his crew were the very best.
He: Yes! I told him that we loved you already. He told me that he and is entire crew think that you are totally lovable.

I say this, not necessarily to brag or to toot my own horn, but for other reasons. If a person treats those around them, particularly those in the service industry, as an equal and with respect, good comes from it. Everyone is happier, jobs are made easier and enjoyable. If only surly, grouchy people could learn from this, then the world would be a happier place but there is not much hope for that. Somehow people derive some sense of superiority treating hard workers with disdain. All they get out of it is poor service. I marvel at the courtesy and efficiency with which I am treated. An employee at the Trump International Hotel in Vancouver said three years ago.
She: Alexis, you are not prejudiced at all.
Me: Actually, I am not but how did you know?
She: It is because you treat everyone equally. The multibillionaire owner and myself, a maid, get the same treatment. I have observed you for weeks.
Me: Oh my goodness, thank you! It is true – you work hard, he works hard. You are both deserving of respect. These days I do not work hard as I am retired – but believe me, in my working days, I worked hard.

The one photo is the mover on my rocking hobby horse. For some reason the rocking horse was purchased in Santa Fe at the same time as the four poster bed. Goodness knows why as I did not have children and was not planning on having any. But it has brought me so much joy and is a Treasured piece of furniture – well not as much as the bed as the bed is much more functional. I do not rock back and forth on the rocking horse every night nor do I use it to write from.

More details on the joy of this place in days to follow. There are two bedroom apartments available at the present time. A while ago a young man was considering moving to this country, staying with or near me and going to school. He did say he had his father’s permission. But nothing came of it. Not sure why, but I am fine with it. Either way.

The other two pictures are me, taken after Kim’s blow dry. As usual we laughed like fools. It was so delightful. Wednesday morning, woke up and walked the block and a half to the hair salon. Now that is heaven.

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