New Hilarity from Andy Borowitz; News From The Sun, A UK Publication; Trajectory and Accursed Defined; The Lack of Structure Occasioned by the Pandemic; Helpful Suggestions For Coping With the Lack of Structure; A Revision to the About Me Portion of the Blog

This again is an absolute winner from the computer of Andy: WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an attempt to demonstrate that he is in better physical condition than President-elect Joe Biden, Donald J. Trump spent part of Monday morning playing fetch with Mike Pence on the White House lawn.
The press corps was invited to the event, at which Trump, seated on a golf cart, hurled tennis ball after tennis ball at his Vice-President, who obediently retrieved them. At one point in the demonstration, Pence paused to praise his boss’s “amazing stamina.” Then the winner went on: “Mr. President, I always knew that your mental acuity was beyond compare, but I must say that your physical strength and endurance are nothing short of miraculous,” Pence went on: “I can’t hear you with that tennis ball in your mouth,” Trump replied.After half an hour of fetching, Pence became winded and was replaced by Senator Lindsey Graham.”

But onto International Matters. These words from a November 12, 2020 article from the UK publication:, “Life looks pretty good for Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai Crown Prince… otherwise known as Fazza.” Well, suppose life does not pretty good if one is into meaningless gestures, lots of wasted money and daring exploits that serve no purpose at all. Well except to raise your endorphin levels, there must be easier mechanisms because some day the parachute may not open. OOPs. Wonder what thoughts will cross their minds as the downward trajectory is assured. Trajectory: the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces. Its synonyms are: course, route, path, track, line, orbit, flight, flight path, ambit, direction, bearing, orientation, way, tack, approach. How strange the use of synonyms; So the Sultan and his friends jump – parachutes do not open and they are on a flight path, a direction, a way, a tack, and approach to death. Not for the honourable cause of defending their country but for some accursed reason. Accursed synonyms are: under a curse, damned, doomed, condemned, ill-fated, ill-omened, jinxed, wretched, blighted; Antonym: blessed. What is the blighted, will-omened, retched reason they under take such actions? No Idea, do not think they they know either. The article is boring and superficial. But here are some ‘highlights” But there is more: And Fazza, who has more than 10million Instagram followers, loves posting photos with iconic names such as Pinatubo, and Group 1 champion Ghaiyyath. His feed is full of photos of himself feeding horses and mucking out in the stables.” EXCUSE ME??? No one has 10 million Instagram viewers and what would you want with them anyway. Who could keep up? It would have to be a one way street where he just enjoys the attention. Who wants attention from that many women (or men)? The this:

He loves taking to the road too, even navigating the streets of London in a Tesla with a starting price of just under £75,000 and top speed of 200mph” Not sure but positive that 200 mph exceeds the speed limit on the streets of London, where I lived for two and half years until my visa expired.

But back to practical matters, our individual and collective ways of coping with the coronavirus. CPI, in an email (of a few weeks ago) spoke as follows:
Me; But you and I (and your husband) do not suffer in the same manner as others because we have retirement income, therefore and do not have to worry about $$$.
She: True, but we now suffer from a lack of structure
Me: That is brilliant. We relied on institutions like libraries and museums and theatre but now nothing as all are closed. We do not have to work (which enables structure) but just a void to take its place.

But then clever Alexis devised a solution to the problem. Every day I make a list of things that must be done, and then, with great delight cross out the things accomplished. The list starts with “Make a List” so immediately there is the joy of completion. “Then take baby aspirin” “Take medication” – all things that must be done, take only seconds, but again, the tingly feeling of satisfaction. Of course, there are difficult tasks which take effort, an example would be “Write blog”. But such tasks are made easier with the feeling of accomplishment under one’s belt . It is working for me. So these words of advice are for you – but you get what you pay for. Hahaha.

This will be a short blog because it is moving day. It is off to Marin for me. My cousin, a major fixture in my life for the past six years sagely said:
She: It is where you belong.
Me: Thank you so much for that! These intervening years have brought many possibilities, even greater changes than the ones I made. Although upon leaving for London said I would never return, there I shall go. Things and times do change = particularly with this pandemic which is a major impetus to the move.

Yesterday was a day o revision – revised the About Me section of this blog and it shall be presented tomorrow or later. So if you have not read the one the is patently posted – do it now. Much remains the same but the new one is the new me. It was an interesting time of reflection – some events and people so important at the time, proved not to be. The intense preoccupation with the Middle East being one. That lasted in many forms for approximately one year but it has dissipated. The other life altering event is my embracing the Muslim faith. I reached out to an old friend (our friendship formed when I was 19). He asked my why I had taken this course of action. In about one paragraph I supplied him with a logical and feasible answer. I shall find it and it shall become a portion of an upcoming blog.

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