Move to Marin Meets With Approval; Exodus and Scrumptious Defined; Somerset Where A Man Dressed As a Wizard Can Be Seen in a Fist Fight With Someone Dressed as a Vagina; Dietary Restrictions Found in the Islamic Faith and Why They Make Sense; Modesty Is the Best Policy When Choosing A Mate

Wise Man joined the ranks of those who have approved (actually lauded) my move to Marin.
He: That is such a good idea, Alexis. I am proud of you! That is just where you belong and need to be. You have joined the exodus.
eExodus is defined as a mass departure of people. Its synonyms are: withdrawal, evacuation, leaving, exit; migration, emigration, hegira, diaspora; flight, escape, retreat, fleeing; (African informal) chicken run. Obviously my two favourite are chicken run and hegira. So I am making a chicken run out of San Francisco – it is appropriate because I am chicken preferring the safety and security of Marin County over the chaos and uncertainty that characterizes this City. Bravery is one think but stupidity is another. I can readily admit that I was wrong but, prior to the pandemic, it was a great place to live and Hayes Valley with its theatres, restaurants, symphony, ballet and museums was ideal. But all of that is shut down, has been for months. Things open up a little and then shut down again due to the irrational behaviour of the Mayor of San Francisco, the Health Officer and Gavin the Governor.

There is a great grocery store on the premises of the complex where I shall reside.
Me: Guess what! Good news I leased an apartment here.
He: That is great. We will get to see you every day!
Honest to Goodness that conversation took place. The prepared food is nothing short of scrumptious. Love that word and love the synonyms: delicious, gorgeous, tasty, good, mouth-watering, appetizing, inviting, palatable, delectable, delightful, succulent, rich, sweet, choice, dainty, savoury, flavoursome, flavourful, piquant, luscious, toothsome; delish, scrummy, yummy, yum-yum; finger-licking, nummy. My two favourites are yum-yum and finger-licking.

I am not the only one leaving, exiting, escaping. Computer Guru Chris and his wife are leaving London to live in Somerset.
Me: I am really happy for you guys, tired but happy. However, I do not know anything about Somerset.
He: Ha I’m thirty years behind you and feel like a lazy old man at least half the time ! You’re doing ok 👌 Somerset is lovely and spacious and green, famous for cider and pasties, and Glastonbury itself apart from usually hosting the worlds biggest and most famous music festival is an odd mix of yokels, hippies and pagans. A comedian here said it’s the only place in England where it’s not unbelievable to have seen a man dressed as a wizard in a full on fist fight with someone dressed as a vagina
Me: That is SO funny. I cannot wait to come and visit when this thing is finally over. If it ever will be. Too bad about Boris shutting you guys down again. I guess the ‘logic’ behind it all is that they are stamping down the virus before the Christmas travel and vacation time so that the family gatherings will not turn into COVID comings and goings. In this silly city there has not been much opening up to close down. Marin is practically normal so it will be an escape to sanity.

We shall now turn to the topic of food. Wise Man and Alexis were discussing religions in our last meeting.
He: The dietary restrictions in some faiths is really a public health measure.
Me; My goodness, you are so right! It is most true in the Islamic faith. There are many dietary restrictions in the faith but they all make ultimate sense.

This from the Quran. “Forbidden for food for you are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been invoked a name which is other than the Name of Allah; that which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by being gored to death; that which has been partly eaten by a wild animal unless you are able to slaughter it in due form; that which is sacrificed on stone altars. Forbidden; is the division of meat by raffling with arrows, that is impiety…But if any is forced by hunger, with no inclination to transgression, Allah is indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

This is indeed a recipe for public health measures. It is also fascinating as there was a woman, a veterinarian, who was Autistic. Her cause became the humane slaughter of beef, saying that the fear of death caused the animals to excrete a hormone that was harmful for human consumption. At this moment, I am unable to recall her name. Her well-publicized cause took place approximately ten yeas ago – I cannot be forced to remember EVERYTHING. Need I remind you all when the Quran was written???

How does this affect me – an observant Muslim? Personal Driver purchases meat and chicken for me from a Hillel Market. The good news is that there are Hillel turkeys so that I can have Thanksgiving – I do love Thanksgiving and turkeys. Praise be to Allah. The meat and poultry at the Market is much more expensive than at other markets – but, in life, you do not get something for nothing. Hahahaha.

Today is a lazy IN day, thinking of starting to get packed for my move at the end of the month. Going to pack clothes in suitcases, out of season clothes and clothes that show too much of me. There are not too many of those as I always have been a modest dresser. I prefer men to love my brains – not my breasts, or rear end. It has, in many ways, worked for me. I advice it for young women. One does not want to attract a man who is crazy only for your breasts or rear end. The fact of the matter is this – they shall sag and then he will be off chasing after a perky pair. But one’s brain is enchanted with age, particularly if exercised. End of advice – you get what you pay for. Hahahah

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